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I finally understood how tomake money on instagramI’ve been on instagram for a few years now and I must admitthat I hadn’t yet understood thisgame application to earn a feweuros here and there I was coming to generate let’ssay a few thousand eurosbut it was not on a regular basisand I had not finally understood thepower of this social networkI have been spending between 20 and 30 minutes aday on it for several months now and I finally understoodwhat the power of this network was and*12video I will give you my opinion onhow to make money withinstagramI will base myself on my experience isalso the experience frommany friends who have very big instagram accountswe will meet right after the introbut above all do not hesitate tolike this video is to subscribechemistry like princeton so as not to missany of our next vi deos you’re ready we’ll meet right afterthe agreement*12none of these parties so how dowe make money on instagram andthere I’m sure you all have thestereotype of the bimbo or thevery muscular man who is at the beach veryoften in dubai in front of aluxury car and who shows his photos by makingproduct placementsand know that this is only atiny part of instagram indeedthere is everything who is an influencer tomake money on instagram youcan be an influencer in*12community who will share contentso he is a content creator he willunite people around his communityand he’s simply going to sellvisibility to brands so imaginesomeone like Nabil to her tounite people around her contentwhether it’s good or not good that’s not thepoint people follow and leave fromthere big brands will pay fordisplay their products tonabila’s fans so nabila how is thissomeone who just doesn’t get his money*12these influencers how do theydo is good very often it’ssubstantive work it’s a lot ofpositions it’s a beautiful plastic we’renot going to lie to each other it’s people who areoften very beautiful for menand women or at least who likeor people who have doneeither reality TV who are celebritiesall these things become aninfluencer from scratch and haveone million two million subscribersin the French-speaking market without having*12things it’s possible but it’s verycomplicated and therefore before reaching thisnumber of subscribers you should know thathere you are really going to row so that’s a way to make moneyon instagram another way for theseinfluencers is to have their ownnabila brand to a j mark I think of thecosmetics she puts forward theyearn money and they willfinally happen to her audienceso it works too but itstill implies having*12number of prospects third wayto make money on instagramknow if you are going to usethe influence of these influencers tosell your own products imaginethat I create a brand of watches sohere we are going to say that this watch thereit’s mine when it’s notthe case but I’m going to show it to nabilathen I’m going to tell her here is the citymade me a story on your instagram whereyou say that my watch is greatit’s there better that you make a*12want to do and I’m going to sellwatchesso that’s another way tomake money now for mein all its ways there’s nothing thatcan be donein the long term then in the firstcase being influencers and doingproduct placementsdoesn’t interest me and on top of that I don’t have what it takes on instagramto do it in the second casepromoting my own brand*12complicated with the small audienceI have on instagramI have seventy-five thousand people thethird case pay to promote myproducts with influencersit works but it’s a one shot thatmeans it’s going have to do them andmake them do them tomake moneyand I suggest youmake money with the 4th way and that’swhere I’m really proud of what I’vedone on instagram since I managed to*12necessarily showing my head andusing a system that is still nottoo answered so look at this this is myinstagram account somillionaire spirit seventy five thousandsubscribers now how do igenerate money nt on instagramin fact it’s simple Irealized that it’s in my business orin everything I do that toearn money everything goes through aroutine a routine on facebook aroutine on youtube a routine on*12I really had trouble finding itthis routinethis regularity is what willbring you long-term audience long-term visibility and thereforesaleshere are the fourth ways to earnthe money on instagram that I would liketo offer youis to make accounts neither withcontent at what is it isquite simply a system where you willuse instagram accounts put*12not yours and generated 1.

6 traffic forexample on my instagram account Ipost entrepreneurial quotes soevery day I will postquotes with a background first of allwhat you are going to do is choose atheme atic sport entrepreneurshipfitness all these things and you willpost photos related tothe themeso me, for example, Ido entrepreneurship and motivation Ispend motivational posts every day*12that with the right hashtags I willsimply have visibility withthe right peopleso by posting regularlyfor a year and a half well I have more than75000 followers so the account at a year and ahalf I get them back andabout a year agobut here are seventy five thousandfollowers it’s because I postedevery day the same for the stories Iput two stories per day minimum and Iput a real every two days*12looks like what tic toc is doing but oninstagram so howam I going to make money thanks to itsfirst thing I’m going to do I’m going togetmy audience’s emails so by its peoplein the story I’m going to get people togive me their emails and thendo email marketingsecond thing I’m going to put a linkin my bio so in my instagram bioI’m going to have a link that redirects tomy services that it also allows me to*12third thing to earn moneywell I can offernotoriety product placements that is to saythat influencers want more peoplethey will make a post in my story orin my fidh and give me moneyI realized that with such anaccount I could charge between 200euros and 250 euros per post and on topof that every time I want toretrieve emails and well I generatebetween 300 and 400 emails per operationso by swype up it has to be*12since 300 to 400 laughs emails I earnabout 2 euros peremail per month in my business so here you cando the calculations make it possible to generatea lot of money what I would liketo tell you through this video isthat I understood one thing on instagramis that regularity advocates above all,that is to say that if you are regularif you post good contentinstagram will put you forwardsimply because you post youpost you post I*12I posted the more instagram pushed myaccount forward and gave usmore and more visibility of followers andtherefore of money and so if you want tostart a story nested on instagramtell yourself one thing it won’ttake you six months it might nottake you a yearit may take you longer thanthat but all the little actions thatyou are going to put in place youallow yourself to create this biginstagram account this big instagram account they*12euros per month that is to say thatonly this instagram account could beenough for me to sub come to my needs andit’s still wonderful sincenow it takes me 30 minutes aday so obviously I delegateda little bit I delegate the visuals Idelegate the quotes I evensometimes delegate the stories but it’s a greatincome liabilitieson top of that since it’s aniche tale i can resell ithe’s not brenda in my image i do*12sell and so that really allows menot to be too present on theaccount is to be ableto delegate it so this fourth wayof earning money for me isextraordinary since you cando it on allthemes each time people love tofollow beautiful images he loves to followquotes and so it will allow youto createand a business without necessarily showingyour head on the other hand the other side of the*12be regular work ofteninvest a little money in youraccount i nstagrambut I assure you that in thelong term instagram will give it back to you and will give it back to you alotso here if you wantvisibility if you justwant to have a business race andinstagram be regular postcontentinteract with your followers and therewill have no problem in your stories*12posts asking questions instinct glike facebook loves interaction themore interaction people stayon the app the more people stayon the app the more instagramearn money from adsso never forget that you willsucceed in keeping your audienceon your posts or in your stories the morevisibility you will have and therefore the moremoney you will earn[Music]

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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