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hello[music]hello hello[music][applause][music]suhaida Make Shio from ST Indonesiaand I use tiktok for students, it really helps a lot to the Welsh band folder,it’s really insistent because I knowthere’s a lot of tiktok the one that was used, sowe really used it from thewenes fashion puzzle, it was very, very helpful.

The*12organizer at the beginning, it was May 5,2021, the size was very connected, right, wewanted to be the typesbrand from the start.

a brand that is attached to theIndonesian people, yes, because wireless bands areincreasing So that the goodness of SNI JesusMoonlight franchising Hi,how can we grow withvarious partners who havejoined us, it’s for Extended Nowbecause bnwt goes up So even during thepandemic many want thelast vestita we have been in various*12Sherly only 20 branches now wecan grove 50 in eight monthssince tiktok and finally our marketing team hasreceived a lot of this because the exposureis in terms of our waste, bro.

But still on our side,when we open more XP, we needmore people because we request the typesof resources we add to our warehousebuild so itgrows, the process is all, give allour elements to grow.

Hi from the warehouse, keep ordering*12benning agency’s that we collaborate with, we can also recruit from there.

Advertisingemployee recruitment fromwhat level, alsowith management, continues to be single-levelWe also entered the popweb, so fromall directions we developed and that’s alot of positives.

It’s true that we bruisedhestek tektok because it doesn’t matterbecause it’s humorous, e-commerce Timor is comedy.

Then*12we were according to his stylewhat the hell is that dark we-we’vepaid him like that but madam the way he isright with Angle, he is with his seat, he iswith all of him, because for the Vios cave,it can’t be a Hotel.

Yes, we have to bevery soft, namely because Ribery is remembered,we want to follow it, right, we haverejected extraordinary technology.

HusainHusain saw said,yes,Fredly,*12target this year and it’s a cheat before it’stime,we’ll also see some peoplewho, I said earlier,lost their jobs and so on,finally made iced tea, choosetheir investment too, well, my systemis out of order.

Investment scienceshould still have kefirtauhid and the rest, sir, with usopening many branches, of course we alsoneedemployees who have more viral*12[Music]

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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