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8 halal business idea that you canlaunch today wyatt in wasquehalfacing the famous comoros while waiting forballack everyone helloeveryone I hope you are wellso today we meet in mylittle car I make you a littlevideo precisely to introduce you to eighthalal businesses that you can launchtoday so it will be in the yearsto come 2021 2022 2023or even more so today Iwanted to talk to you about his businesses and*12small introduction to this video forthe brothers and sisters who are preciselywho are closed, okay there are a lotof brothers and sisters today who arevery closed to the idea ofactivity on the internet today it istrue that today on the internetthere are a lot of bad things butwe can find a lot of goodthings for us, okay, and the objectiveis to look into these good things in orderto be able to take advantage of this sopportunities for agreements why*12just create a little by little businessfor the sale of muscle perfumeshere is where books or quitesimply open a small a smallsnack and sell sandwiches whylimit yourself to that why not seethings bigger why not behambli ambitious okay you have to beambitious you have to you have to seethings bigger precisely becauseif you can for example sellperfumes instead of selling them in yourcity and in your region rather sales*12e many more customers throuhout France why limit yourself simplto selling perfumes by wordto selling perfumes by wordf mouth in your cityf mouth in your cityn your neighborhood or whateer why limit yourself to that sohere it was it was a littleintroduction that seems veryimportant to me because precisely I receive alot of messages from p people whotell me yes the internet there is evil and everything*12many bad things but there aremanygood things iliad there are peoplewho make videos that give youvalue that you are precisely to beable to know how to create anonline businessthat can be a great good for youso don’t see that the bad see thegood don’t worry about wes westfrom where to tell you yeah no but I’mnot going to do it’s not possible on the internetif if it’s if it’s not in*12why not get startedso stop blocking yourself you have toyou have tobe there has to be there has to be a happymedium in everything okay solean on the good what brings yougood and don’t focuson the bad things it’sobvious we’re not going to do badthings on the internet we’re not going to launchthings that are against we are not going to launcha business which have which are incontradiction with our our our*12obvious okay so I wanted todo a little introductionso suddenly I also want to tell youto stay until the end of the videobecause at the end of the video I’m goingto give you a little tip that willallow you to have an idea oftivity you’re doing on the interet because you may be watchng this video but you don’t you don’t know exactly what activitiesand you don’t know where to startso at the end of the video I will*12allow you to have an idea oftivity you can start now sthe first business thatthe first business thatwanted to talk to you it’s one ofthe best known businesses on the internetit’s what works the most it’s whatgenerates the most moneycc it’s an essential businesslaunched today precisely becauseyou can win a lot be alotof money and it’s very interesting youcan easily launch your activity*12first business I wanted to talk aboutis e-commercetoday the icomos withbusinesses we can generate a lotmoney so I’m giving an example of thesale of perfumesif you today have a smallbusiness you sell perfumes or yousell products you sell olive oil itdoesn’t matter why not launch ane-site commerce you create your site you takeyour web host for domain namesand you obviously optimize your site you*12natural referencing so that youcan have visits therefore traffictraffic on your site and you will be able togenerate what I wish you goodsales so why not createan e-commerce sitetoday the shops it works well inparticular there have been a lot of questionsthat have been asked about drop shippingel ahramwe know very well I I’m not going to look intothe subject to avoid the debate in thecomments, but the solution in*12buy large quantities of thegoods, okay, you keep this stock, whether inFrance or in Asia, and you sell yourproducts like that this merchandisebelongs to youshe you sell what belongs to youokay and like that there is noproblem so on her iceit’s totally crazy she you canlaunch your body your e-commerce siteand you sell your products I don’t knowphone roosters productsin home decoration it doesn’t*12can launch you can sellproducts in all types of activitiesany type of product any typethematic niche or whatever soe-commerceis very lucrative also anotherway of doing e-commerce so wetalked about dropshipping in a totallyalleles hockey way and also I wanted totalk to you j justtwo amazons amazon and ticketstoday amazon fbi will allow youto take advantage of the notoriety that amazon has*12have you will be able to sell in arather easy way precisely because youwill benefit from the traffic that amazon hastodaytoday amazon isone of the biggeste-commerce platforms in the world and you are goingto create an account on amazon isproud and you will be able tosell your products directly on amazon and thispost the disadvantage of amazon isthat you will depend on amazon, that isto say that tomorrow if you leave the*12big business running, well yourbusiness can stop for the day thenext day because precisely youdepend on a platform you dependon a company yousimply depend on amazonsbut here I wanted to seizeyou we share it with you in thisvideo because that it’s a business thatworks very well a lot of peoplegenerate a lot of money withamazonia ticketsso why don’t you agree so that*12then I’m going to talk to you abouta another sector of activity that isvery interesting is all aboutblogging content creation so howdoes it work blogging is actually adrinking blog monetizing a blog to beable to make money with ablog well you’re not going talk about therain and the blue of the good weather bywriting blog articles itworked in the years 2006 2007but there today if you want tomonetize a blog you will have to talk*12peoplethat people need okay, that isto say that in fact you are going to talkabout a theme that people arelooking for on the internet okay if forexample today give youtips and advice on how tohave less stress having spent u nobetter night because it has a lotthere are a lot of people who havetrouble sleeping at nightif you give advice tipson that well you will solve*12problem okay so you will bring asolutionand if you write blog articleson this subject you can have a lot ofvisitors in this themeanother example is today forexample you are you like you liketo cook pastry andwhy not make a blog in thistheme in the kitchen the pastryis in fact what will allow you tomonetize your blogthere are different ways you can*12fact you will promote forexample kitchen utensils productsand you’re going to get a percentage onthe sale of each product okaybecause we’ve come to a pointwhen you have five thousand hits amonth or ten thousand hits a monthsyou will understand that if youmake affiliation on a product and that evenif you earn only 5 euros imagine yourselfon 5000 visits you may havefive hundred thousand people who buythis product and well you can monetize*12earn money with a blog ittakes time on average it takes a year becauseit takes time for the site to bereferenced in natural referencing andso basically the time to write a lotof articles blogsyou have to know how to optimizeblog articles especially with the meta descriptionthe title the number of words to put ina blog article so there its ownis so high people whoknow the field will understandwhat I’m talking about but it’s a very*12make money with a blog it takestime okay it takes time butonce your site your blog is optimizedand it is well referenced at the level ofnatural referencingyou can monetize your blog over 5years 10 years or even 15 yearsI am thinking in particular of specialists inthe field who is called olivier rolland heis a guy who is really well versed inthe field in everything that is blog himhe explains in fact a blog is likea property that is to say*12website and your blog you canearn money on this 10 years 15 yearsit’s to say that the blog still brings youpeople and therefore potentially brings youback customers so the blogis super interestingthat’s why I’m telling you about it it’sreally a business that is veryinteresting especially also in the samegaming would say in the same categoryanything content creationcontent creators so me myyoutube channel i create content i create*12try to bring valuei try to you to give advicein the field of entrepreneurshipso I createcontent okay so todaycreating content can also be away to earnmoney okay so content creators hiit is this business which is also veryvery interesting so the thirdbusiness now that I want totalk to you about is the fact of sellingdigital products to get*12today is a business in abusiness model that is very lucrativeyou can earn a lot of moneythere are a lot of trees there are a lot ofpeople of entrepreneurs who getinto this field because they haveknowledge to sell but there areeven some who don’t even have the knowledgeto tell you they selltraining on how to maintain hisgarden and he will found and makeexorbitant sums of money there just withtraining with an ebook a training*12how to grow carrotshow to grow tomatoes hispart is funny when i tell you thislike that but its true there arepeople who are selling training andmaking money off product infotoday though you haveknowledge I don’t know if for exampleif for example you arean interior designer okay you arean interior designer and today there is aproblem that people we know forexample do not know how to decorate*12if you today you propose asolution which isa training which precisely allows you toknow how to decorate your housewell how to arrange your house well how tooptimize your house in a refinedway here is design all youwant well you can sell thistraining and you can generate moneyso you can do that in this area if,for example, specialists inall things dietetics agreein nutrition and you want to help*12for people who are obesefor people who havediabetes problems or whatever you want to help themwith their diet you cansell training in this areaand what is reallyinteresting in this business modelcompared to others to other activitiessuch as e-commerce or thedigital marketing agency has good informationpr narnia allows you togenerate money automatically becauseonce you have launched business you*12doing anything I’ll give you aconcrete example yesterday I sold one of myforms training okay I’mselling training for for to create yourdigital marketing agency by the way ifyou want to know more on this businessmodelI am writing a conference which istotally free you couldregister just below the videoyou put your email address your first name andyou will participate in a 30minute conference s and was totally offered*12I created a training coursethat allows me to createmy digital marketing agency yesterday I wasnot working I was not in myworking hoursI I received a notification thatI had a new student who joined mytraining and suddenly I sold Isold for about a little over 400euros okay and that automaticallyis to say that I wasn’t workingI wasn’t working and I had asale and it’s interesting because in*12you create an ebook you may bebreaking your head for a month or so twomonths created a training butonce you have training is created well youcan sell automaticallyonce you have training and putonline students who want toparticipate prospects who want to become a studentof your training they will buy yvonsaskthey will return their coordinates arebank cards and they will sell quitesimply they will quite simply buy*12sell without necessarily workingobviously you will have already worked beforethat is to say you will have worked ontrainingbut when you make sales youcan very well be on vacation you canvery well go in the middle of I don’t knowme reading a book or goingshopping and you have sales that are madeand that’s really dlc it is not alieit’s a business model that really allows youto do that so so early*12particular I think I’m thinking inparticular of a brother case there the reward hisname his name sucks agreedthe site is to learn Arabiceasily so it’s a brother wholeaves learn how to learn heteaches you to learn Arabic the agreementif you want to study the Arabic languageto progress in your religion and wellthis brother he created a ftraining this training is really goodI recommend it to you quoting ifyou also want to learn Arabic*12is really of quality so he is ateacher and his name is nazmi he isbased in egypt and in short he to tell youhe started in the field of infopronav agrees he sold histrainingand I imagine that they who wins ratherwell knew abdelilah because he hasa lot of students so the trainingI bought it maybe 500 or 600eurosso here it is an example to tell youhe sees the ccsa brother of our*12pr narnia and he must earnhis living rather well is the soul of the ina so whyyou can’t sellknowledge that you have agreed sohere it is the business which is veryinteresting and I invite you to you lookinto this subject then so we are at 1 23 the fourth business that you canlaunch today is the fact of being be aneditorif today you have skills inparticular in everything they seethere you have an ease in writing*12easily and well today the factof being an editor copywriterproofreaders or translator it’s veryinteresting for you why I’m going togive you an example today there are alot of e-merchants who have awebsite that sell a lot ofproducts which generate a lotof money and they needdelegates optimization at the copywriting level, i.


editorial, of theirsales page their product pages theircapture pages their email*12with writing is something thatworks a lotit generates a lot of money that cccc realyou will look on the internet youwill find out you can earn a lotof moneyyou can make you canallow the company to generate a lotof money through copywriting at there daction for the correction also andall that is translation okay sothis is an activity which is very veryvery interesting if you have*12what I invite you to do isprecisely to trans aigner on thisactivity which can allow youhere to earn a lot ofmoney okay so if you are a copy if youwant to be in thecopywriting specialists here I invite you to read abook called influence andmanipulation it’s a book which is veryinteresting which explains to you a littlepsychology in the field of marketingand when you do copywriting you have toknow how human psychology works*12sentences across okay so here it is abook that I recommend to you then the batchof business model of which I spoke to youand well it is the fact of creating itsdigital marketing agency on the agency sis even in agreement so me it is abusiness model that I co I don’t know whatthese business models I usetoday I have a digital marketing agencyI’ve had this activity for about a year now in English it’s in avery very very lucrative fieldwhy because todaymany companies need to develop*12many companies do not know concretelyhow to advertise onfacebook how to optimize a websitehow to communicate on social networksthere is a lot ofmatic in this area and you, in fact,are going to take care of marketing communicationfrom a digital point of view for acompany, okay, it’s the creationof an advertising website, managementof social networks, visual renderings,etc.

, etc.

,so it’s a business model that generates a*12and as I dedicate to you do not hesitate toregister just below mydescription there is anonline conference that explains to youwhat this business mod is the factof creating your digital marketing agencyI invite you to register for the conferencethen the other business model Iwanted to talk about so I will countfor myself for myself pso suddenly we are at 1 2 3 4 5of okay she has 6 the sixth businessmodel that you can launch today on the*12accounting secretary all that is in theadministrative fieldtoday there are a lot ofindependent businesses that needsecretary’s accountant to manage theirshare of their paperwork invoicesquotes etcso early today for example youformerly have a diploma in the fieldof secretarial bep etc all these areasthere and you want to work remotelyfrom home and this is how saysell your skills as an*12companies you can very welldo it okay I saw a lot ofpeople who who who who launched thisactivity especially on instagrambea A lot of people sell theirskills in this areaso if you want to start thisbusiness, know that it’salso very interesting to start thisactivitythen the fact of going intoconsultingbeing a consultant is so high the siao*12want to sell on the internet if you want tosell horrible help digital productsif you want to sell for examplephysical products it doesn’t matterand well today if if you getinto the s – oso that ask all the same who is verytechnical because there are a lot ofthings to learn, in particular about everythingthat is the semantic cocoon, all thesethings thereyou have to find outbeforehand and above all I*12launch in the e and 6 e but thes -oin this field there is a strongdemand and you can make a lotof money because the e-merchantsare ready to pay fortunes tohave a really well optimized site bytrying so find out about the triolocated in tyr and by the technique thecomplexity all that ishere is the i see you it’s really it’sit’s it’s it’s very technical anyway itcan be complicated for some*12all that is technical I inviteyou to find out about the s-o being specialized in ciobecause you will be able to sell theskills and you will be able to earn a lotof money thanks to this field of activityand then the last business model thatI wanted to talk about I talked about it justbefore it is the fact of makingfiliation so filiation for thosewho do not know in fact it’s veryhealthy filiation is the fact of selling theproduct of a company*12digital product and you will receive apercentage on the sale alot of people for example onyoutube will sell will do thepromo for example t cameraphone okay and they will putamazon links in fact it’s affiliate linksthat allow them to receive apercentage on each saleso filiation in general it readswith another field of activityfor example if you do count thecreation of content on youtube and well*12able to monetize task n in fact if youhave a large community following you whetherit is on instagram youtube or if youhave a lot of traffic on a blog andwell filiation will be reallyinterestingof course what girl productsand that you are going to put forward will have tobe related to the themeif today you talk about high techon your youtube channel and you putaffiliate links to buykitchen utensils have nothing to do*12you talk about high tech of course you’ll put affiliate links or you’llsell TVsvon d accessories for cameras ocameras etcso here it was the last link thelast business model excuse me thefiliationso I hope you liked this videoI hope it clarified you onthe different informationnow I’m going to give you the trickto get a concrete idea of the busin*12you to go to the 5 euros dot cm site why go to the site fivem site why go to the site fiveew points like so this site is aew points like so this site is areelancer platform and ithere are plenty of freelancers who willsell different micro services and infact that allows you to have an idea, that isto say that there are many funderswho will sell their services forwriting blog articles for thecreation of video video editing for*12is really full things really Iwould even say everything and anything solook at 5 euros point likelook at the freelancers what theyoffer and you it allows you tra to havean idea on the low business model thatyou can launch okay me at the beginning Iremember at the very beginning I hadstarted to create a blog articleI had created a blog and all becauseI did not know concretely where tostart so for you the question ofwhy you want to start on the internet*12what business model you want you want tostart like I said if you have anability to write in the writingwhy not get started incopywriting if you are someone who creates,create very creative well why notget started, for example, in everything thatis web design everything that is graphiclogo creation okay if you liketechnical why not get started innatural referencing and its waters etc.

if you are someone who has an easein expression or I do not know you*12create videos to preciselymonetize this youtube channelso you see s your several possibilitiesit’s up to you to think look at theideas you can have on 5 eurospoint like you look a little atwhat freelancers offer as a microservice and it will give you ideasthis video you have more it was veryvery long we are almost at 25 minutesI will leave you here but just beforeI will ask your maid and if youliked the content of my active video and the*12tell you until a next video and salamaleikoum to touba for ballack to all

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