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what would your life be like if you couldearn money in your sleepwhat life would you lead if you weren’tfor alain’s buzy veryspecial place that is often called theoffice so you can workwhat would your life be if you weren’t hadno time or hour constraints ifyou decide yourself what time youworked where did youwork from and then if you couldchange these elements when and howyou wanted and although that was is the type*12online business can give youwe grew up in a culturein societies in which we wereused to being mainly workedby going to work subway sleep you get up inthe morning tulle through avery specific place with transport you getstressed late yves labattut finishedwork you come back home youbarely have time to be able to do two orthree things it’s night you’retired you’re sleeping reading starts thecycle next day the worst part is that*12made to believe that this is life inreality if you want to doanything in life you have to go through it becareful I don’t am notsaying that it is not the reality ofsome if but I still want inthis video to remindeveryone that many of us have thechoicemany of us have the possibilitytoday today to decide on anothercareer for many of us thechoice to decide now to create an*12main activity and which will precisely allow themto have the freedom to get upwhen they want to work at nightif he prefers not to see it the stressof transport and all that one canhave inconveniences and worse ofnot having a boss who decides theirincome yes therefore from which under which theyare subjected to stress and pressurethat he can possibly put on youknow chréti Finally the burn-out cameperhaps from the stress at workthese are the difficulties that many of the*12are in an environment that is notconducive to their developmenttoday it is an online businessthat exists and if you followed the videothat came out yesterday I startedthroughout this weektimeshare businesses that you can start fromhome most of themonly with a computerthey require skills that you havevery often already if you haven’t seenyesterday’s video but ask look therebecause I have to go in the other second*12I will share business has launchedthen your couch keep quietepisode that we are going to see todayalmost all ask for amain skill that you already have[Music]hello to you and welcome to my channelI’m philippe simon and if Italk to you about entrepreneurshipand investment s because I amconvinced that these are the two pillarson which blacks must relyto make their continent emerge so*12beautiful adventure of things to dofirst in good not this channel the activenotification the little bell tobe informed of the publication ofmany weekly business videoslike this one which brings youcontent to help you get startedin businessand then by activating the notifications youwill also receive alerts for ourlives that we do every eveningnow during which we talk aboutbusiness themes live you can*12the questions of the day is thusobviously contributing to strengtheningour community of time spent oncontests to which you can participateand which allow you to benefit fromcertain advantagessecond thing in thedestruction bar click on the link toreceive see for free the little book thatI wrote entitled 10 good reasons tobecome an entrepreneur no doubt it istrue that the one quickly in less than anhour of time and which will allow*12you launch and succeed in businessso today in the video that Iam making I suggest yousee with you another series oftrades in addition to this colonel saw yesterdaylittle bit launched from home Ithink the coronavirus crisisclearly shows us the fragility of ourcurrent economic system is clearlyafter this crisis as I like proving it tobe reminded of this 7th – 2different this kind of crisis the ponddeeply the economy and therefore tomorrow at*12will eventually passthose who survived will findthemselves facing a totallydifferent world from and I think thatacquiring new skillsduring this moment of confinement is avery good way to s I prepare for thefuture so that crises likethis count for it to happen again andpossibly like that you can beready for the rest precisely meI have to write to you but ofcourse activities since they*12n’t depend on the crisis or the disease or twoI don’t really know what elsebut it still continues to functionso how to be able to create abusiness that will survive the variouspossible crisesit’s what we are going to see in ourvideo today talking about business thatI suggest you launch todayit’s a blogyes I suggest you launch as a wholebecause a blog is a greatway to to be able to earn a lot*12thanks to their blog because they have hadfollow-up work for quite a few years,now earn more than 50,000 eurosper month with their duo 50,000 euros permonth you heard right there eblogging stars like that in africafor some in nigeria who havebecome super rich thanks to their blogunfortunately many of usneglect the bloggie apparently to thinkthat the bloggie is doingsomething from another era no its nottrue until today you can*12avoid some classic pitfallscould of course which many peopleturn to when it comes to creating ablog it is to don’t do a littlemarket research don’t start a blogjust because you think people will like this area don’t continue starta blog because the subject isfascinating all because youlike it if you want to start a blog been able tomake money you must have abusiness approach and the business approach isalways the same check if the market*12the voice this type of knowledge the ccekilled specialized for example don’t knowme to know how to dopistachio cakes and that in everydaylife it’s an interesting article to talk aboutpistachio cakes and you won’t get a view and you won’t be able to earn anythinglike money on it and maybe that’sthe problem of many in this islandhave gone forgetting their domain as wellas the enthusiasts them and they hope toearn money with that no it doesn’t work like that you want the*12something you have to be surebeforehand that what you are going to bring tothe market solves a problemthe problem is a lackof information there is a lackof information the hotel tomorrow in thestart by doing a little survey evenaround you asks to people if thistype of blog the sequel made maticainterests them would he be ready tofollow articles and want to havemore information on this whenyou finish doing a little survey*12and will surely chalk your blog inthis very specific areaearning money with a blog is very easycantonal block that is often occurredbecause a blog the reality is amedia and that tells me diadiated in realitythat you have the same through thetraditional mediayou can charge for sponsored posts,i.


explain forexample in a blog dedicated totechnology you talk a lot abouttechnologies and well you can*12for that in the sitein his blog people can hearabout their new gas havingnew tech gadgets everyday so you can do that for exampleyou can donate ad spaces to the sitesin which peopleget spaces back is he ready forthat you have several ways toearn money with your blog and the more youwill accumulate means and the more you willaccumulate money so to be able to launch ablog its request for have*12mans since you know how to write nowyou might have to learn alittle bit but learn to writearticles for blogs at the limit it totake two or three days kwacha full of theblog full of articles full of postslike videos that explain how todo that so if thistheme interests them dig a little bitand go much furtherfor comparison those who have 5 yearsof experience how much do you earn todayor that’s five years that you work*12field believe me when we will be tenyears later your room will not havedoubled but if you dedicate yourselfnow at the moment I speak to you youlaunch a blog in a field that youtested that you work seriously at 6of a study often publishes articlesthat enrich everything enriched and youcontinue to do so foryears after ten years how much will you generatea sole that you would never have g agnébeing an employee just consider that thepoem these customers there I hear the*12n’t taken 6 I’m not going to get into itit’s allok the site one hand because I don’t want in ten years that they arenevertheless still living then hoursand you will realize at that moment that youwould have done better to listen to the adviceof net aiming rather because in theback of things than the skillsthat you have disappeared because ‘they wereexplained on this channel that more than85% of the existing securities trades 2050does not yet exist so the world is*12something that will control onwhich will eventually be able thatboth suffered the world and waiting forsomething from this face waiting for thecorona to come waiting for your wordyour boss to put you in confinementto wait for your boss toquarantine you or I don’t really knowno others with your money with somegraphic skills recover theleadership of your life recover itsautonomy and dakhla for your life whatsecond business that you can launch*12in the online newspaper for slab claims onlineit just takes part of the same principleof writing ‘a blog an online newspaper wouldextend to being able toinform people and you see that there aremany online newspapers today thatmake money from theironline presence okay that’s when a newspaper onlineit’s a bit like a blog just thatmakes it much bigger in reality ajournal it’s something verypowerful because you learn thatinformation and a condition so*12waywhy today forexample Africans are frowned upon inthe world it is because the mediamostly western mainstreamtend to show us that thenegative sides in africathey tend to s show thatblack aspects poverty butpoverty everywhere even if it hasstages is different and to povertyeverywhere the shutter ya steals it everywhere therope will feria corruption everywhere the*12car in africa we goput emphasis on yes to Africansdied of the human body as ifhis feet here than elsewhere becausesome things that may bebut all the time talking aboutnegative things gives an image with a negative connotationand why is what Westernerscan do becausetoday there are media thatare more and more powerful but they arepowerful pawns becauseWesterners simply watch them but also*12bathe in itwhen you want to have informationabout africa the legs look atthe initiation money they will look to defylive inherited from the wise who willlook at france 24I didn’t do t rop what othertelevisions which arepublic service televisionfrom other countries and therefore obviouslywhich aim to make you one and thesaf has defeated the propaganda of these countriesthere the media like rfi france 24*12the public media topromote france abroad but theyare not there to tell you the truth thatto promoteso if to promotefrance we must remember about our countrydo not won’t hesitate to do itunfortunately didn’t understand thepower of that so what you canthrow at you drunkenness is a blogshe’s not going to be a blog a site that willallow you to be able to play the role alsoof information then suddenly I*12extraordinary players sudan is not far fromits site because you did not likemusic but for example todaywith its site which is aninformation site they win the on- saysmore than 10doll ars per month with a site that hecreated as a little game a fewyears ago and we tell you brings him thissum there and he is very very far from beingat his maximum in the exploitation of hissite but his site what makes itsimply is that it decided to be*12new activity of a countrythen it left in acontinental way and appreciate a little in the nameof what is it that it is onlythe western media that shouldtell us about what is happening in the gongI too will start talking aboutwhat is happening around the worldso suddenly with his online newspaperhe started posting articles onwhat is happening in france what ishappening in the united states and so on butwith a different perspective from the*12media which say almost all thesame thing if the subject and what is whathappened he started tobuild up a real audience atthe international an audience inunited europe in his america in whichpeople think he’s a dad mycanteen the comments that are madein the articles you tell yourself that peoplethink that it’s western who has thisnewspaper because the name is not anon-equipped africa alchemy everything Idon’t really know what else it has a*12name a name that does not show anythingcompared to the regional ones and it cangive this information in there everyday but especially on top all theyearn a lot of money with the nameof view that it does are gatti a newspaperthat is more and more seen becausewhat is good with this business and that themore you work the more you will haveviews the more you you are going to have views and the moreyou are going to have in a German clubthe old online newspaper issomething very very strong the difficulty*12to have editors is to haveeditors because that if you want to givethe news by a blockade going on in acountrywell then you have tokill people on the spot if you are going to seeexclusive informationif you want to have a report but you arenot obliged to do that you can do to himlike the othersyou take the information given bythe major media and you bring youranalysis your critical sense and you*12different angle which means that when peopletry to understand what ishappening in relation to this subject there theywill still be that everyoneeducation to the leftamelia this article the direction thatsays the other way also brings themwill come from several because theywill surrender like in fact these guys there forthis girl there she brings different contentwith a different balance a differentangle of view and it shedsmore light and so clearly that was the*12need to create more mediagives nt what it gives signsand because nothing grain realgeopolitical issues and influences in thework of the media so secondbusiness that you can launch fromhome it’s an online newspaper3rd 19 what you can launch that isreally brings d2 closer together which we justtalked about it’s becoming you rathereditors of articles pushed journals therethe goal here is to 10 simply that thereare plenty of sites today that*12there are plenty of jokes that exist inwhich peopleneed other people to writethere are plenty of people who are inthe themes in which they arejust submerged because they have akettle in their face they don’t know how to manageeverything at the same time and therefore sothey need other people to beable to write articlesso if you become someone whowrites articles and you have sofar to earn money with that*12for that people who are currently paying youfor articles that pay byatik and then the carpet checker ofarticles allows you to be able to applyto others on two that is to say that whenyou start writing articles ina niche in a very specific field in avery short time you can beconsidered a specialist in this field Iremind you that there is not a diplomacalled specialists so there isno one who must decide for youthat specialists or not from us but*12it’s just the relevance and contentin the field either you will write themore you will learn the field and the betteryou will be than the majority ofpeople and so no longer having to be anauthority in this area tomorrow whenyou’re done doing that you canswitch to a young person or another of thebusinesses that I’m going to leave you inthis video in fifth position sostay until the end for learn 5mds which also has already clearlyaccessible but isolation with the*12you can sell fourth said whatI always ask you in the same familyof businesses which are linked youunderstood it well in writing you can doradio copywriting he’s someone whoknows how to sell to the eastthese practices have noticed buttoday when you do anonline business that needs to be addressed topeople spoke hobbled you nolonger write letters by the pause okaybut what do you write in thenewsletter*12you see how you do when you knowthat you are like in the evening hundredsof emails a day so that fall theydon’t fit one more mail that hereceives how who makes so that whenyou publish something peoplewant to click dropped a questionin the titleand when four or three but manycars are going to put the basics and youwire it or very sweethow he does to captivate in thetitle then from the first words*12offer him a product in the middle of yourtextit’s an art it’s called copywritingthe to sell in writing and so it’s askill you can learnalso copyrights its super importantin an economy in whichmore and more people want tosell products online and for somethat’s what blocks in reality theremay be a website that may havefallen off the ddt but you have no conceptof copyright without knowing writes*12cooked as you want and you don’t you don’t likeyou don’t understand why you’renot selling chances are that it’sthe text you write you the words youuse that aren’t the right wordsto be able to arouse emotionsin people to be able to arousethe interaction of lambie reactionsto go further lo init is learned you can also take itfrom Chinese and when you have thisskill there well you canmarket the fact of being able to sell*12to silence all those who are onlineand there are full use copyright yearsit use clipping was we had beton emotions copywriting solearning to sell in writing is askill that is really reallyimportant and that you can easilymonetize in our era in whichthere are so many people who arestarting to go digital to beable to bring during the 5th saidwhat they propose to launch is to write abook and market it you can create*12a book an ebook saga book totallydevitalized you don’t need to apaper version and the band on amazon forexample you can take the time andit is that those who are interested infollow a little sarko did it before ifyou wrote office articles theseams recognized as an expert inhis fieldthe guy is street your book likepeople successful chernobyl writing abook is better than writing it’senough for him to come someone who writes a*12win with that by accumulating books tosay a few pretty 40 50 60 books butnecessarily in fifty thousand there arefrankly at least five or ten whichmade the buzz which worked well so ifyou became someone who writes donot deny what creates a book it’s notcomplicated alot of animations which it’s verycomplicated no it’s not at allcomplicated but the methodologies eventhat it goes and more arriving of the fourexisting it’s not the time to talk*12this the themes of interest this word canwrite a book in 24 hours I’llexplain how the video but you haveplenty of techniques that allow you to beable to attack this type ofmarket why you don’t only do it Isthat today prevents youfrom launching in this sector andstarting to benefit from it from the [ __ ]ebooks you put it on amazonyou promote it to be able to make itknown you do something that wesew popularize your book and it will*12there are strategies tohelp your book move up therankings on amazon so that theyare more and more and it is rankedas one of the top book owners andwhen there was a book did wellon amazon that if you want you can either havea hard copy or you make ahard copy then they tendnow a few needs ahard copyhe pays inch to his prints so send it tohim in any case you really have*12which the ability to be able to write andI wanted to make this video todemonstrate that in reality money sometimesmuch deeper than we thinkyou realize that you are Is writingthen it may be mastery withoutmaking a mistake and an analysis just notall the money that this skill therecan allow you to wall to success anda churchbut like you many peopleI know that it take seriouslywhat do you have to*12time people neglectcan you make moneywith it no it’s unbelievable if thesepoints there it’s just that you don’t know it or you don’t believe in it enough we see the5 businesses that you can starttoday which of them seems themost accessible spread document speaksin the comments of a few timesinaccessible which one you inspire in thecalculation you are oriented thecomments show that to be able totalk about it then once again this share*12may be in confinement who willsoon be because you don’t know what’sunderdeveloped in goalkeepers who arebored during this period andlanterns and even very darkvery simple ideas that have nothing to do andyet they have skills thatcan make a difference share theirhelp and maybe it willclick with themthank you very much having saved moretons have an appointment tomorrow for ourthird video of our mini series and*12for the other live show to beable to ask questions participatein the game that we usually do and seeyou very soon[Music]

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