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Systeme.io Tutorial – FREE Complete Tutorial Make Money Online With Systeme.io

Hey: what’s up you guys in this video, i’m gonna give you a full a to z, tutorial on how to build a sales funnel inside system.io. I’M also gonna talk about how much system.io costs and i’m also gonna, show you how you can set up an email sequence inside of system.

io. Now, if you’ve never heard of system.io, it’s basically an all-in-one business building platform that makes launch scaling and growing a business way easier and way faster. Super excited to get in this tutorial guys.

Now, if you are brand new to my channel, my name is jonathan montoya, with passive income lifestyles and on this channel i teach people how they can start a full-time, passive income business with affiliate marketing.

I was able to go from a nine-to-five job as an electrical engineer to quitting my job in just nine months of starting my business. That’S why sales funnels are so important in building a passive income business.

So i’m really excited to show you how you can use system.io to build a sales funnel very quickly now guys, i’m coming out with videos almost every single day on how you can make money online, how you can build a full-time, passive income business and how you Can leave your nine-to-five job, so if you want to learn more, please subscribe to my channel and let’s get into it now guys before i show you how to build a sales funnel.

I want to show you the pricing structure of system.io. Now, if you look here, this is absolutely insane guys. They have a free plan right here that you can build sales funnels. You can have email contacts up to a thousand people.

Unlimited email sent like three sales, funnel 10 sales funnel steps. All this is free, which is absolutely amazing, right and guys. You can see here they have you know if you need more contacts, if you need more futures more domains, you can obviously scale up.

You can start your online business for free using this tool because it’s an all-in-one platform, which is honestly blows my mind, because when i first started i was paying two three hundred dollars a month just to use the software to get my business off the ground.

Now i just want to go through real quick. They do allow you to post blogs, you can have unlimited blog posts, you can have membership sites. So if you have an online course that you want to promote on system.

io, you can literally build a full membership site with your online course unlimited file, space and guys. This is all on the free plan right here now, if you do want access to this free plan, i’m gonna leave a link down below to the link, so you can get access to system.

io now guys with the free plan of system.io there’s a few other Things that you can do as well – and this is what i really like here is you can add your stripe integration, your paypal integration, it’s basically all integrated inside this one system, which makes it a lot easier.

If you do have your own program, you can literally go inside of here and integrate everything you can do webinars all kinds of stuff inside of this guys and just the free program alone, the zero dollars per month, guys to to have all this a thousand contacts.

It’S just absolutely amazing. Now let me show you how to build a sales funnel from the ground up now, guys, i’m going to show you how to build a lead, magnet funnel okay. Now this funnel right here has made me almost a million dollars, and i just started my business in may of 2019 and i’ll show you proof of that in just a bit now.

I just want to show you what we’re going to be doing and why this is so simple, but so powerful as well. Okay, with the lead magnet funnel we’re basically we’re getting an email. That’S the main thing here: we’re grabbing an email with this headline here and then it allows us to build an email list which allows us to follow up.

This is great if you’re doing affiliate marketing. If you have your own product, either way guys this lead magnet funnel is absolutely amazing. Now what i mean by lead magnet is we’re basically giving something away for free in exchange for an email address.

I’M going to do i’m going to show you an example of this when we start building the funnel inside of system.io. Now i want to show you proof real quick of why having an email list is so powerful. As you can see here, i’ve built my email list since i started my online business to over 125 000 people now this has just been since may of 2019, and just this year guys.

This is one of my income stream. We’Ve done over 569 thousand dollars. This is only half the year having an email list is so powerful. I wan na show you exactly how you can build this very quickly inside of system.

io now guys to get started with a free account. I’M gonna leave a link down below and it’s gonna, allow you to sign up for system.io once you’re signed up. This is what it looks like all right guys, so i’m signed into my system.

io dashboard. Now it’s super simple here guys. You can see your leads your sales coming through. This is a brand new account that i just started, so i can show you how to build a funnel from scratch now.

What we’re going to do here is we’re going to actually go to funnels. Okay, because we’re going to build this lead, magnet funnel, which i just showed you and what this is going to do. Is it’s going to allow you to build an email list? Okay, now what we’re going to do here and – and i was just testing out some funnels here – we’re actually going to go to create here on the right and there’s a bunch of funnels that you can run.

You can do a build, an audience funnel, which is what we’re going to do. This is how you build your email list now, if you have a product, let’s just say you have an online course. You can also do this funnel right here and it basically allows you to integrate stripe, integrate paypal, so you can collect payments.

Okay. Now you could also build a custom funnel with custom steps if you need to or if you’re really advanced, and you need to build a webinar, so you can sell a high ticket program. You can also do that as well, but where you can keep it really simple guys this funnel right here again, this has made me over half a million dollars just this year.

So i want to show you exactly how we can build this and how fast we can do it inside of system.io all right guys, so we’re going to click this option here build an audience and we’re going to name this now.

What i’m going to do is i’m going to show i actually i have a free book that i give out for free. Let me just show you what that is real, quick and i’ll. Show you how you can actually get access to this book, so you can give out as your own, but basically this is a book that i give okay.

This is like how to leave your nine-to-five job. It’S an e-book that i give out now. The goal here is, i want to give this book out as a free lead magnet. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to create this funnel inside of here, so i’m going to go to seven steps, ebook test, okay, we’re gonna go ahead and create this, and i’m gonna show you how easy this is.

Okay. So then it’s gonna ask you for a template. Okay, they already have some really nice templates inside of here i like to keep things pretty simple, so i’m just gonna pick something uh, possibly with a book here.

So, let’s pick this one right here: okay, because you can see um, it has a book here. It has like a little um headline and a way to get an email. Okay. So, basically, that’s all we want here we’re gonna go ahead and select that all right, so now inside of here, this is step one of the funnel okay.

This is our step one. This is where we tell people why they need that free item in exchange for the email address. Okay, i’m just gonna put step one here, and this is just for me to know that this is the first step of the funnel okay.

So i’m gonna put free ebook, i like to make sure it makes sense as i’m going through. Okay now, the cool thing here is: it gives you a path. Okay, now you can upload your custom domain, but they give you a domain already.

If you don’t want to purchase one, but they do give you this domain, this is basically where you send people to opt-in for the free book. Okay, now we’re gonna go ahead and save that right here on the right and we’re gonna edit.

This first page out, okay, so we’re to go to edit page here and we’re just going to do a few things guys we’re not going to we’re not going to make a ton of changes here, but let’s do a few things. Okay, so, first of all, i want to switch out the image.

Now, if you don’t have a lead, magnet guys i’ll show you a quick place, you can get like a free book, it doesn’t matter if it’s a health or uh. You know the crypto niche or how to make money online. So there’s a if you go to google.

com. Okay, i’m gonna go to google i’m gonna type in plr products. Okay, what this means! It’S a private label product that you can use as your own. Okay, now i do recommend creating your own products. As you can see here.

You know i created this book. I mean it took me literally a day to create this simple book, but if you don’t want to, you can go to a website like this and you can either purchase their their free books or you can uh basically purchase a book that you can use.

As your own, and sometimes they have free books that you can give away – and you don’t have to give any credit to the actual person who created these products now you can go to plr products. Any of these website here will be okay, guys right here.

Pll store, this is another one here. I think they have a lot of free things here, but don’t think too hard on this, because, like literally you can find these products, you can just create a free product to give for an email.

Okay. Now again, if i go back over here, it depends on what product you’re selling right. So, if i’m going back, you know i just don’t want to give a free product. I want to make sure that i’m selling a product that makes sense right.

So if you’re selling, like a keto health product, make sure you’re giving a book on a you know how to use keto, something like that right. So obviously it needs to make sense with what you’re selling okay, let’s go ahead, and do that.

So i’m just going to use my book as an example here i’m going to click on this image here and now, as you can see on the left here, you can actually upload your own image. So i’m going to actually go right here and i’m going to upload my image.

Okay, so i do have my free book image which i created. So i can go ahead and upload that to system.io okay, so there we go and i’m gonna insert that and i’ll show you how easy this is okay. So i’m just gonna put here: i’m gonna delete this top here and i’m just gonna have one headline ready, so i’m gonna put.

Do you want my seven steps on how to leave, leave your nine-to-five job and become a super affiliate? Okay, affiliate! Okay, cool, so there’s our headline. Now what we can do is we can bolt things out.

We can underline it. You know, leave your nine to five job, so maybe i might underline that so right here at the top. It’S pretty intuitive guys like it literally like everything just super easy to edit out, as you can see here.

I might maybe bold out – or i might even bold this as well, so you can kind of make it a little nicer all right guys. So now i’m just going to go ahead and make this page where it looks good and people can go ahead and enter their email and i’m going to give them a free book.

Okay, now i’m going to delete this here. I don’t really need this extra stuff, but you can put extra if you wan na. You know make sure that people know why they’re gonna buy the book all right or get the book for free.

So for now i’m just gonna go ahead and delete this right here and uh. The cool thing is, you can look right now. This is on desktop view, but if you go to the bottom left here, you can see that’s on desktop, but if you click on this mobile, you can actually see what it looks like in mobile.

Okay. Now you want to make sure it looks good on both desktop and mobile, so what you can do here, you can actually go to mobile and if that looks too big, you can actually click on this little will here and what you can do here is you: Can make the font smaller for mobile, okay and then that’s not going to mess up your font for the desktop version, as you can see here, because now we’re just editing the mobile right so right here, it that’ll just affect the mobile side of things.

Okay. So this cool thing here you can switch back and forth, make sure it looks good so right here, i might just put get get my free book get my uh get my free book now and then just i’ll just delete that here i just want to make It super simple, get the and then the cool thing in here is: you can click on this button here and you can change the text.

So if i click on this, let me see here if i click on this uh, it should say some text down here. Yeah here we go so to uh typography get the reports almost put get my free book. Okay and basically all i want is an email address and a name, and you don’t even have to get a name if you don’t want.

Obviously, the email address is the most important part. This is what we’re going to be using to create our funnel now a few things here guys. This is pretty much ready to go. You do want to save changes at the top, as often as you can so you don’t lose any changes, but we want to make sure that this button here is doing something right.

So basically, what i mean by that is, if you click on this button, you can you can do a few different things right. You can show a pop-up. You can have like an email, pop-up that comes up. You can go to any website.

You want you can go the next step in the funnel, but what i want to do is i want to send form now what this does is when someone enters their information here, okay, when they enter their information here, then it’s going to send that information to The email list – okay and then what i want to do here is um.

You know once it sends form. What do you want to do? Next? You want to send them to the next step in the funnel okay and that’s all we got to do here now. There’S a few things that i like to make sure uh when creating a sales funnel.

This is not absolutely necessary, but i like to make sure if you go to settings here and you scroll down. Okay, you see here it has search engine optimization. So i like to fill this out okay, so i’m just going to put seven seven steps ebook by jonathan montoya.

Okay. Now, if you guys don’t know what seo means, basically, let’s just say i go to google and type in jonathan montoya. That page will start ranking in google right because we want it when someone types in our name or product or services, we want our name to show up right and that’s what seo is so the title here.

Let me go back. Let me go back over here. Where am i at here we go so the title here will basically be this okay. This is your title that you put and then the description, this description right here that will be inside of here.

Okay, so you know how to leave your job by doing affiliate marketing now. Obviously, i’d probably spend more time on this, but for now there we go so you kind of know and then some keywords as well and uh.

So basically keywords. Obviously you know jonathan montoya or whatever the products are selling. It just makes it easier to rank on google, okay, so jonathan montoya, the canoe comma. You know your products and services right how to make money online um and you can put a bunch of different tags and keywords that way.

People can literally find your page on google right. So you can. You can see that i can now show up at the top for that keyword right, so that’s kind of some basic seo. I like to do this. It’S not absolutely necessary, but you know if you want even more free traffic.

You could definitely do that as well, and i’m not going to hide this from search engines. I want this to be on there, author, i’m just going to put my name jonathan montoya and then obviously we can put an image for that.

Okay, so i’m just gonna use the images i have here so now, when you send someone the link, it’s gonna show up all that information. It looks really really nice when you do that. Okay, now last thing here before we move forward, is i want to talk about the tracking code? Guys because again i did mention this is a full adz tutorial.

The tracking code here is, if you, if you’re doing facebook ads youtube ads anything like that guys. So you can actually go ahead and add all the codes in here a little bit more advanced if you’ve never done this before.

But if you do run paid ads, you can put all your code inside of here inside of settings, okay and last thing here. If you do want the affiliate commissions, you can go ahead and display that, if you, if not, if you don’t want to show this uh, let me show you real quick.

If you don’t want to show this right here then go ahead and take that off. Okay, all right guys so now i think our funnel is pretty much ready. Obviously we’re gonna go ahead and test everything. We’Re gonna save changes to that and yep.

So then, i’m gonna actually back out of here so we’ll go to exit here. Okay, so step one is done, okay, guys, so what we can do is we can actually test this out. So if you actually click on this little button here – and we go just to a browser – and i i’m going to go to the website here – so it looks really nice – it popped up very instantly again guys.

This is absolutely free to do. Okay, uh system.io is a free platform. You can get access to i’m again, i’m going to leave a link in down below, so you can get free access to this software. You can start building funnels to start making money today, okay, but guys this is already done.

Okay, now, obviously we got to create the thank you page, but i just want to test this out real, quick uh. So now is the thank you page right. We got to give them the actual thing that we’re promoting okay again, so we’ve built this out here now we’re going to actually give them the actual thing right so right here.

Let me just go back to system.io. We’Ve done this here now: let’s create the thank you page, okay, so i’m just going to click here and i’m going to give them what i promised. Okay. So, let’s just see uh.

This is perfect right here, i’m just going to use this. It’S already done for me. I don’t even have to create the page, so it makes it super super easy. Okay, i’m gonna put uh step two. Thank you page.

Okay, again, i like to be just uh, make sure everything makes sense. You know you start having more funnels like 10 steps. You want to know exactly where you’re at okay, so i’m going to save that here and i’m going to go ahead and edit right here, i’m going to create the simple thank you page and you’re, going to see how easy this is.

Okay and that’s why i like doing these live guys, because you can literally see me creating these in front of you, so i’m going to go ahead and change this out. Obviously we’re going to give we’re going to go to our images.

We’Ve already uploaded the book here so now we’re going to go ahead and create this. Now i do have this ugly white background. You can actually take that off. If you want for the purposes of this video, i’m going to leave it, but basically you can make a transparent image of it.

So that way, you you don’t have that ugly white background, but just want to let you guys know i’m just for the purpose of the video. Let’S just move forward. Okay so, but thank you for signing up. Only three steps and you’re done so check your email inbox, so you can give the book with an email address or like like basically when they sign up for the email, you can basically give them the free book through email or you can literally just give them The book on here right, so you can do that or you can say, hey click on this link here, let’s just say you have an affiliate product, though right, let’s just say you want them to buy a product in this niche right.

So what you can do here, if you want you, can actually go to the elements section on the left here and look for the button. Okay, so under form here you can go with a button and you can literally put a button here.

Let’S say: click on this link: if you want to learn more right, so then, basically again, you know, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you can basically have a link here that goes to like an affiliate product or something like that.

Okay, so you can literally click on this button here, let’s say click on the button and then right here, like what happens when someone clicks the button here, you can go to a url which is just any website.

You want right, so maybe you can go find a product on clickbank or, if you’re, an affiliate of any products. You can literally go and promote it right here, okay, so what i like to do here is make sure that uh this button is going somewhere.

That way, i can make money with this right. So the obviously we’re gonna make money with the email list, but we also want to make money when people get on this page and they have nowhere to go right, so lead them somewhere guys somewhere.

That’S gonna allow them to purchase a product right now i’ll make another video on like how to find products. I have actually a ton of videos on how to find a product, but i just want to let you guys know that um you can do that here now.

How do we create an email sequence? So we can give the book for free, okay. So i’m gonna actually save this here, we’ll come back later we’re going to exit this, and i want to show you how to create a simple email sequence inside of system.

io. Now, all right guys. So now i’m going to show you how to create some automation rules and how to create an email sequence that way you can deliver on the actual product. Okay, so inside of your funnel we’re gonna go to automation, rules, okay and i’m gonna delete this old one here, i’m just gonna start from scratch.

Now we’re gonna go ahead and add a rule. So basically we’re saying when somebody becomes an email subscriber now again guys inside of system.io, you can actually have this whole thing. Do everything for you send the emails create the funnels, get the leads, create the email list, literally everything? Okay, so i’m gonna go ahead and click this here’s funnel step form subscribed.

Okay. So when someone becomes an email subscriber okay, i’m gonna go ahead and add an action. Okay. Now we wan na do is when someone subscribes to a campaign all right now we don’t have a campaign here.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to emails and we’re going to actually create a campaign? Okay. So what this is going to? Allow us to do is going to create a campaign for this email list.

Okay, so i’m just going to put a seven steps: ebook and a save campaign, all right. So now we have a campaign. If we go back here, we should just refresh this. We go back to automation, rules, click on this, we’re going to add action subscribe to campaign, and then there we go seven steps ebook, okay, so it’s gonna.

Basically, when someone subscribes someone’s gonna go to that list. Okay, because now we can create multiple lists. Right, if you have multiple funnels, you can create multiple lists. Okay, now, how do we actually send an email, okay, so we’re gonna go to automation and we’re gonna go to workflows? Okay, now, what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna create a workflow that is gonna.

Allow us to send emails when someone ops in so i’m gonna delete this old one here we’re going to create one from scratch, so i’m going to go ahead and hit create here and i’m going to put seven steps ebook again, i’m going to create that.

Okay, now we’re going to go inside of here and start creating this super simple campaign, all right, so all right, so we’re gonna actually create the workflow now. So i’m gonna go to seven steps. Ebook, and i can create this simple workflow now.

Obviously, what’s gonna happen here is someone’s gonna. You know we have somebody gonna enter their email here and we want to give them the free thing. We promised them right. So we’re going to go ahead and click this here, we’re going to click on action, choose action and all we want to do is send an email.

Now, of course, you can do other things like enroll in the course, as you saw here, subscribe from campaign unsubscribe. All kinds of stuff you can do here, guys we’re gonna make it super simple and just send an email.

Okay, all we’re doing is delivering on what we promised. Okay and we’re gonna go ahead and create a new one, because we don’t have one yet. Okay subject, let’s put here, is your free ebook, okay, you’re gonna save and edit the email and then right here you can start writing the email.

Just something super simple hello here is your free book. Okay, now, obviously you’re going to want to write a better email than this, but i’m just going to show you for the purposes of this video now what you can do here like to actually give them the book.

What i like to do is put my ebook put my put my video in. Like a google drive, you can literally go right here and make a copy or i’m sorry. You can go to get link here and then make sure it’s a viewable copy link.

Go back to your workflow here or your email. Here we go: here’s your free book and now we can go ahead and paste that in there just make sure this is an actual clickable link copy. The link here, click on this here, it’s going to say url.

So this is the link to the google drive and that’s it guys, uh, jonathan or um, but thank you jonathan. Now, again guys um write a better email, but this is just something super simple and that’s all you have to do here.

Okay, you can literally have this email sent out. Okay. Now, of course, what you want to do, i mean to start making the real money. Is, you can add a delay here right, so we can get the latest. You know maybe for one day create that and then add another email, okay, so action, you know.

So it’s gonna send an email on day number. Two then day number three then day number four, and – and this is where you can start selling – you can send to other products. So the goal here is to create more emails here.

So we have day one right, or you know the first day here, wait a day then day two, we send another email here to you know an affiliate product or your own product, whatever it is right, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

This is where it comes. Really powerful guys, because once an email once you have an email address, it becomes super super easy to make money right. Literally, it’s just a numbers game right. You have a thousand people on your email list.

You send an email daily, a percentage of uh those people that open are gonna, buy and that’s how you make money guys. So you know obviously we’ll do another video, where i show you exactly how i use email marketing to to basically grow my six figure per month business.

But this is basically the gist of creating a sales funnel okay and i’m gonna go and exit here, but guys, that’s it! That’S all you have to do. If you go back to funnels here. We can literally test this out right.

We can go to seven ebooks test. We can click on this here, oops, i’m sorry! We can go to this button here to copy the link. Now. What i like to do is i like to test an incognito and go to incognito here and literally make sure this works.

Okay, so go to your name here. You know john and then put your email address. Okay, whatever your email is at gmail.com. Okay get my free book: it should enter that email on there and then yeah. Then i’m gonna go check my email, obviously we wan na make sure this is all good to go.

It makes sense um, but that’s it guys that you wan na, like that’s literally all you have to do to create a funnel from the ground up a simple funnel like this has made me lots and lots of money. So i just want to let you guys know how easy it is with system.

io now a few different things here. If i go to the main dashboard, i can actually see that i’m now getting leads right, so yeah, so new contact here, jonathan subscribe to this here and if you, if you have your own product, you can see how many sales you made really really powerful stuff.

Guys you everything is literally in there okay, so you could even go to contacts right, go to contacts here and literally it shows you all. Your contacts really really cool. That’S an all-in-one system guys.

I really like this because it’s it’s super easy fast and it’s something that you can do literally in 20, 30 minutes have a funnel. That’S going to make you money now guys. I hope you enjoyed that full adc tutorial on how to use and create a funnel using system.

io again guys if you want free access to this software and have the email integration. The contacts, the funnel building, all that good stuff click on the first link in the youtube description and that’s going to give you access to system.

io, absolutely free. You can start building your first funnel. You can start making money as soon as possible. Thank you guys. So much for watching this video, if you have any questions at all, please leave a comment down below.

Please subscribe to my channel like this video all that good stuff and we’ll see you guys on the next video and god bless

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