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welcome to this video in whichwe are going to talk about theu system fellatio or more preciselyabout the commissions the date thecommission are more equipped theue system commissionsit should be noted that every 10 of eachmonth themeego system federation commissionits country I am the dashboard youwill see for example hereyou will see for the December gist wehave 10 years unpaid*12commission of the unpaid also38 of the valley on the condition of the monthof december every month you are going to seethis to say that the commission its workand in your com bank account byfollow like bullets or else followcontemporary for example you are going to seehere also have here i have acommissionof 2118 dollars which does not is not yetsent there the others are sent whilethey pay thesesystem affiliate commissions you*12surprised by orly amateur regardingaviation system ue itselfunclassified and orly amateurs whotake care of payments the shaq 10 andnow or those who haveaffiliate programs on the matrixsystem ue to us icpe who also send theircommissionseach month’s discso everything about thesystem products u or whatever the coatingstonight the informationwhether it’s the system subscription where*12of paying the affiliates the kadist chat ofeach monthsothe 10 of each month on adashboard you will see and you will alsosee the commission invoice youcan be applied where you goit isthe invoice for your commissions for this monthfor example the bread is that’s itso it’s like that for the whole concertfor everyone and then you’ll seeyour commissions and you’ll*12you’ve got the end you’re there you’ll beable to see if it corresponds towhat happens to me in top of your bleauall done the monthnow with regards toothers who have affiliate programsi’m not a system u who arenot to come back maker and ensuing thecomp taken 2 also they sendtheir commissions received bol against the10th of each monthso if he can’t you cancontact them to be able to*12why or else it hasn’t yetreached the payment limit would have hadinconfessional for I sell there theproduct of this person not ofeveryone in 4-5-1 people of which Ichose to promote theirproducts because they find that itproduces interesting and I see it well atthe time so lollipop aquality production we also bought sometraining soI said to an idea of ducey’s work and these a*12ts to the finalists put there and I follothe possible social networks again thisthe possible social networks again thisystem and water for thesystem and its amateur organs thattake care of the bag as soon as you have occupiedyou can contact the support tofind out why your commission isnot yetreleased healthy not yet sent itstroops and that we say on our account andwe or other consideration that you haveassociated with your*12and ifand if for exampleyour commissions are not paidyou should know that it will be postponed tothe following month so healthy and 10 againstthe municipalities we stop the trucks & busesin peace it must be launched untilall 11-12 already you have and yourcommissions follow the account nowtwice is for that but it must beemphasized as serene sometimes it goesuntil 15 becauseat the relay in magog styles is*12impediments bag fact that simple a bigblow of the year 2012 but we na vi hadonce or twice one or two ways at thebeginning of the year I believe in it howeveras that but after that everything before thesame fifteen already the consolidat virycelia I follow your [ __ ] sometimes on the11th we stop the eleven already you saidthe mission lawyer I’m your counter okthat’s it for this videothank you if you liked sharing thelaity and subscribers is also worth togrow loose messi is already*12in the affiliation system there is adescriptions at the bottom of this videoyou just need to follow you just needan e-mail address to subscribers and busyou are going to promote a product andthe system subscription the system tool ueyou do not have to have an accountand system bio before being affiliated Iam a system that’s all for this videowe say to ourselves ah the next one straw[Music]

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Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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