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welcome to this video in whichwe are going to talk aboutthe u system fellatio or moreprecisely about the commissions the date onwhich the commission his country and whopay the ue system commission it should benoted that every 10 of each monththe system federation commissionwhere his country I am the dashboardyou will see for example here youwill see political scientist December we are tenyears old our countries only at 150 new casesidentified 97 euros and the commission of the*12the commission of the month of Decembereach month you will see that as soon asthe commission is working and in yourbank account by following likebullets or else on your account in peacewe have for example you will see here thepayment in the street here I have acommission of 2,118 dollars which isnot yet sent alas the others aresent while they pay thesecommissions of a net system u or thesecommissions of affiliates system better hiscountry by coralie amateur concerning the*12is no link to mach 1 which dealswith payments the shaq 10 and nowor on who haveaffiliate programs on the model taken thiseu russia system c it’s them who sendtheir commissions it’s also thedisk of each month so everythingabout eu systems productswhatever customswhatever information whether it’s subscriptionsystem where it’s for amateurs whowas in charge of countries the affiliates thecodist chat of each month*12dashboard you will see and youwill also see thecommission invoice you can tpp where youwill download the invoice for yourcommissions from on me for example butthat’s that that’s thatso that’s like his skin for hisconcerts for everyone and there you’re going to see your commissions and you’re going todownload you have the end you’re thereyou have you can watch der if thatmatches what’s made up at thetop of the chart all that’s been done*12as others who have affiliate programsam not a system u who arenot to come back maker and who follows themarquetry they also send theirfollowing conditions account the 10th ofeach monthas if it cannot you cancontact them to be able to know whyit is not yet paid whyor it has not yet with the limitof street bathtubs professional peopleincluding me sell theproduct there*12in 4-5-1 people he chooses topromote their productsbecause too much that producesinteresting and I see it thereon time so on this a quality production ofwhich I also bought sometraining so I said to an idea of the worktraining so I said to an idea of the workucey and iis before that this page offeryou their products to the pumas listyou their products to the pumas listput and I follow the social networks*12system and its organs to sailor whotake care of the bag assoon as you could and we couldcount the support to know whyyour commission is not yet releasedhealthy not yet sent its troops andcondition that we have a year or otheraccount to go that you have associated withyour canton system and if and if forexample your commissions are notpaid you must know that it will beconfronted on the following month so these10 against the municipalities we stop the*12until where all 11-12 already you have and onyour commissions follow the accountnow sometimes it’s rareit’s there but it is necessary to underline alsoserene sometimes that goes until 15because at the relay my cops isindisposed maybe there are otherimpediments bag made some bighits in 2012 but we also hadone or two lanes once or twice at thebeginning of the year I believe howeverlike that but after that all of us beforethe same fifteen already the*12on the 11thwe stop already thinking it you saidthe mission lawyer I am will vote againstok that’s all for this video thank you ifyou liked sharing lay people andsubscribers is also worth to grow tothis one is already nextand if you are interested inthe affiliation system where there is a thedescriptions at the bottom of this videoyou just have tosimply an e-mail address to theregistered start*12the subscription systemthe system tool ue you are notrequired to have an account assist betterbefore being affiliated i am systemthat’s all for this video we say ahthe next straw[Music]

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Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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