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five ways to earn 1200 euros permonth thanks to this system on you hello toall like french touch in thisvideo we will see together 5 ways toearn money with this system – youand develop passive income let’sgook so generate more than 1000 euros thanksto the salmon points system so youcan see it right away on the screenand suddenly I’m going to give you fivemethods to generate money withthis system fists linked to the five methods*12first method you will be able toshare the full time that you aregiven there under this video you canfind a temple is 100% free thatI will show you that you will beable to offer and you will be able tooffer for people to clickon it and her daughter linked to you Ishow you this right away so here issimply the tunnel that I offered thisis the tunnel of my dropservice training so here is if we click here onthe ‘ eye we see that it is a tunnel which*12and that is therefore what you will beable to offer it to people and there are a lot ofpeople who would be interested inhaving this tunnel to sell their owntraining so how are yougoing to do you are going to click on thelink which is under the video and I willshow you directly what you aregoing to arrive at and how you are going to beable to share it so directly tome what I am going to do is that Igoing to click here on share the tunnelwhatever comes in the tunnel and i*12you have bio coin system this tunnel will beadded automatically in yoursystem high point if you don’t havesystem that you you will arrive on thispage you create an account with youremail address your password youthen go to the sales tunnel youwill have my tunnel which will be calledsimply offered tunnel thenyou click Read here on share the tunnelyou copy this link you share iteach time someone registers throughyour link he is simply your*12come back to you so that’s very importantif you share sales tunnelsis something that worksextremely well because peoplehave something that is clearlythere moreover I amsharing it with you and that is somethingthat works well because yougive value and we exchangepeople subscribe to ben second wayto earn money with the polio systemit’s going to be to create your ownsales tunnel be careful it’s not very*12well you are going to goto the sales tunnel you have 14 daysfree to train before youcan sell your or share them andyou go here click on createon this rotten system at you cancreate your own tunnel buildyour audience sell your products we’re going todo for example build youraudience and we’re going to put youtube video test that’squite simply so there you seethat we have the right to sales tunnelsalready prefect we’ll say so we*12goal will be to improve it so that we canthen either sell it or offer itto customers orsimply offer it to groups tocollect filiation so once you arein your sales funnel here youwill click here on modify the pageand then it’s up to you youtake one hour two hours and youmake it look much more beautiful for examplewhat we are going to do now is that we are going tochange the image of background what we are going todo is that for example here I do*12put a background color inred finally here it is up to you to seeexactly what you want to do andwhat we are not going to add another boxhere i to ask me for theshort phone number you simply create your ownsystem so there in redit’s ugly you can choosethe color you want you createyour own universe your ownsystem which we can put in black forexample with writing in white that’s something that works well*12put all that in white here forexample and I’m going to startimproving them to improve it to put anice image in the background so l the background imagecould change it directly Ithink it will be in the section andbackground images here and that’s ityou simply create your ownsystem then what will happenis that you will go into asales funnel like the first times youwill click here on share thesales tunnel and either you sell it and then*12share this property directly in thefacebook groups on your youtubewhere or in fact what you can donext if you go on 5 eurospoint like either you put insell tunnel or you can evendecided to help people to create theirtunnels for example if we look hereI will create your sales tunnel athigh conversion i will create yoursaas sales twin explains funnelbut if you type here point system ihope well if you have a system*12i will train you on system points atsaas you will not to be able to do itbut I will create aneffective sales tunnel for you on system point you sayit is something that you will beable to do by training sothere are several methods surprise me one Ishare the free storms that wesurprises me 2 I create my owntunnels and I share them but you have 3 Iwill very own tunnels and sell themon a simple roundabout as on fiber andon many other platforms the*12thanks to the point you system it will beextremely simple it is simplyto talk about the point you system so youknow all the functionalities ofpolio systems you see that youcan do a lot of thingsnow yours to say it by makingyoutube videos audio system reviews you canmake a blog could talk about it eitherfacebook profile on your youtube channelon your twitter account would be instagram account inshort the goal is going to be totalk about the system point you with sees*12a pillar to recover it you are going togo gooddashboard affiliate dashboard and going down right hereyou have your affiliate link topromote points system and therefore you aregoing to share this link there to promoteand just no people are going tosign up and you can see justbelow here I am making moneyalmost every day withpoint system you not this busi ness system systemand here it is this month on this account there itgenerated me 641 euros + I have two other*12business so here it is thefourth way it is simplyto talk about point you system there are alot of people on the internet whowant to create their website who wantto highlight their services they don’t know how to make it up to you to bethere at the right time to tell themthere’s a high point system that exists youcan use point haut system andgenerate a lot of money withsimply the fifth way togenerate money with point*12you probably know pointyou system allows you to sell and sellother people’s online training so there areseveral ways if you don’t haveonline training what you could dois you goto dashboard affiliate dashboard right hereand you go click on marketplaces ur marketplace you will be ableto promote other people’s products forexample personal development ebookfour days to watch to organize andmaximize your time this tonic step*12patterns will have no more secrets foryou thanks to there a lot of training topromote training that we don’t see elsewhere and which are extremelyinteresting you will be able to findeverything you want in 7marketplace and find products topromote so youjust have to click here on see andyou will see directly well the linkthat you will be able to use sopromote the page and have it directlyyou have your keys a net to*12zen so there are a lot of products ifyou don’t want to sell the trainingsof other calves you can sell yourown training you go to thesale but training and you willsimply click you know how to recreate hereyou will be able to create your trainingyou put a name a descriptionthen you put your videos onlineyou create your sales page and youare ready before so we will recaptogether a little what we said firstmethod had shared the tunnels*12created tunnels and share your tunnelsthird method sell your tunnelsfourth method talk about organic systemand 5th method sell your training orsell the training of others underthis video you will find my bed inbongo system is also a time thatthe free ones that you will be able toshare on facebook nobody has itso it’s super cool a lot of peoplewill want to see it exclusivelydon’t hesitate to like this video ifyou liked it subscribe and see*12

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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