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hello this man of flash marketing andtoday we are going to see how todo parentageso maybe you have alreadyheard of parentage nature has notnecessarily done or you may havetried but not succeeded and today we aregoing to see why if you do it you havenot necessarily succeeded and how to do itif you want to do it how todo it well because here you have toknow that there are a lot of peoplewho do the filiation but that they*12don’t have results sofirst of all what is filiation youhave to start from the basics because itis possible that some people donot understand very well what is theparentage I want to say in a fewwords is simply whenyou promote a product that does notbelong to you and you take acommission on the sale of this productsimplyfor example if you promoteI don’t know of a computer tion on amazon*12goes buy this computer on amazonwanted to pass your specific link yourlink to special end your personal linkand when he goes to buy you willtake for example 4% on the sale sothat’s if the computer is before 100euros to put it simply and well youwill take 4 euros on the salehere is what the filiation is nowwe will see why if you have alreadydone it you have not necessarily succeededalready you have to know that the majority ofpeople think that since we have*12link just send the link toanyone everywhere as much as possible to beable to make salesand that’s where everyone iswrong c that’s not how youmake filiationit’s not about taking your link thegirlfriends on all the facebook pagesall the teeth all the comments of theyoutube videos and copying and pasting iteverywhere even sending it a thousand wiseskype etcno it’s not t not like that we*12I have already received affiliate linkswith just a simple sentence by emailso here it is not like that wemake filiation it’s a bit morecomplicated all the same and that’s normalotherwise it would be too easy sofirst of all people I have I took mynotes here as usualfirst of all you’re going to need asalesfunnel I think in my opinion that you can’tsell anything on high-speed wireless interneteven if it’s not your product you*12sales binoculars my first you’re going toneed a sales funnelsecond you’re going to need the offerthe right offerbecause that’s if you have an offerthat no one is interested in or thatis not interesting that is muchtoo expensive for what it had forwhat it offers and well you are not going tosucceed in selling it then it depends ifyou make free trafficpaid traffic but if you makepaid traffic will have to create*12profitable advertisement it is not enough to go onfacebook and to boost the postthat’s not how it worksit’s once again a little morecomplicated we’ll see all that in thevideo then we will pass on mycomputer with powerpoint where Iwill explain three methods to you onhow started with 0 euroshow to start with 100 euros andhow started to put 1000 eurosin the rest of this videothen after having found your offer*12you will have to write emails whyyou are going to tell me the emails and it isuseless in filiation but ifyou have a slow tunnel that youbring value to people and youhave emails structure is already thereyou do you do the best jobthan bison 99% 95% of people whoare affiliatedwhen you structure yourbusiness well you have to see the end ion likea real business like a business thatmust take care of your*12business it is not enough once againto copy paste your link you mustcreate a real businessa business plan with a structured salesfunnel is therefore onceyou have written your emailsthat convert because you willhave to convince people via theiremails to buy your product, for example,then you will have tocreate bonuses for people whobuy the product with yourparentage link firstly to*12to take it to bring themvalue and then again there is onelast point if you can call it apoint I decided to put itanyway it’s lots of little details that you don’t necessarily know when you startthe filiation and you learn as you go,so everything I’ve said hereis really for you to know.

understand what to do point bypoint so I can understand it canbe very difficult to do it whenyou don’t know anything and so on so if*12and not take it on your ownI invite you to go in thedescription there is a link to afree four-day training thatI did you can registeryou put your email I madefour videos that will really teach youhow to doparentage well I give everything I give youthe offer etcyou will see there is absolutely allthe offer the sales tunnels touch ofmy own sales channel etc*12continue the video way I advise youto continue the videothen went see the four-day training that is offeredwhy parentage is aninteresting business so firstly becausewith parentage you don’t needto create your product firsttwo xth you don’t needto be an expert in your fieldyou just need to getthe expert known through you whichis completely different then you*12you might think it’s a smallelement but the support is superimportant in a businessand besides I think that’swhy amazon is one of the biggest andbiggest e-commerce site in the worldbecause they have support acustomer relationship that is justexceptional and I think you are inwhen you think of amazon I thought thathere you are, nothing can happen to youwith amazon you are protected you willreceive your package without any problem here*12in any business evenonline business well support isextremely important and if you haveyour own product you will have to managethe support and it can take a lotof time then the filia tion can bea businessI want to say 99% automaticpassive automatic passive it’s you whoseeme I prefer to say automaticwhy because once let’ssay you chose yourself sorry*12good you choose free trafficso youtube channel or awebsite okay you have created yourwebsite that it is done it is referencedafter 6.

7 months it may take a littletime but that’s it it’s done itsreferences and you have trafficevery day and you make plantsevery day you no longer need todo much a little updateyour sitewhat a few times a month once ortwice a month and that’s good a*12referenced on for examplea search a youtube search which will becalled I don’t know mecannon 700d camera opinion here it is from the camera thatI use the person will come acrossyour opinion you are going to make your review iewof the camera and the person will decideto buy with your link which is indescriptions there again youwill take commissions andyou just shot the videoonce and it will pay you endlesslyas long as you have of view on the video*12it for me in my opinion that’s whyfiliation is a very very goodbusiness and that even if we’ve heard about it for years by everyone Ithink that there are very few people wholove you that they really learnhow to do parentage andI decided to teach you knowingthat I do it quite oftenI decided so well here it is to do itand now I think it’stime to switch to slides on powerpointon the computer right away*12and in front of powerpoint on my screen soit may be a little differentthe image and the sound it’s normal and sowe left to see the threemethods so pulled out the he best way tostart the affiliation for freeso first of all knowing you want tostart for free there are not 36solutionsit will be to choose a platformto create content so either youtubeor instagram or facebookfor affiliation I will advise against*12I’m going to advise you against it too I wouldadvise you more youtubefor filiationhow really starting with zeroeuros which is to say you take yourphone and you talk about an objector you film your screen andtalk to you and you make a review finallyoneyou give your opinion on a product bytrying to convince peopleto buy it necessarily by putting yourlink in descriptions in my opinion it is*12choose a niche so a nichethat is it is it a very specific themeit can be for example I don’t knowI took something very well known let’ssay for access accessories for dogsfor example here and you on yourchannel you only do reviewsfor accessories for dogs here ishis annals it’s just an idea youcan do what you want thenwhat you’re going to have to do it’s going tobe so create valuable contentfor this market*12call valuable content itjust means making videos of them thatthey teach people thingswhere people are going to say wow what is thislive video really well itreally helped me and thereforethe people who have a new videowill go and buy the products through youraffiliate links and will respond toyour calls to action then so afterhaving precisely creating contentyou will build aloyal audience who will gradually buy*12have this loyal audience you willpromote products thatcorrespond to youraudience me so precisely if we use youtubein reality it is done a little on its own,that is to say if you do reviewswell it will do it on its own and topromote products you willdo reviews but afterwards you are notobliged to only do reviews if youwant to bring value you canalso talk well I don’t know if we stayin the dog’s kennel you can*12dog and you sell at the same time inthe video a product in affiliation bysaying that this product is goodfor training your dog it’s an exampleonce again but that’s how ifyou really want to start with zeroeuros that’s what you have to do if you’re going tohave to create yourself something onsocial networks to create valuethen the best way to start forfree version 2 so what doI call version 2 in fact I willcompare each time the methods with*12for mation which in descriptions trainingoffered again was completelyoffered four days so I’m going tocompare the normal version a bit withthe version of the training so expandand that the training downstairs is offeredit’s going to cost me the 6 0 and 6 so it’s thesame you will have to choose aplatformyoutube instagram facebook on the other handyou will not need to choose aniche because the nicheyou will need to think about and that’s*12do that etcI I’m going to give it to you and I’m going toeven give you an offer I’m going togive you a product before in thefiliation and it’s in the information whereI can say more here if you wantto know more you’ll go see thetraining offered I prefer not toreveal it here just for thepeople who register andthe exclusivity but otherwise to behonest when you really want tostart that 0 euros there’s not really a*12not choose a niche then startedwith 100 euros the best way tostart with 100 eurosso when you already arrive with 100euros you have a small budget and youcan create a site or a blogso be careful I will be honest Iwill advise you not to create a siteor a blog if you are not strong butif you do not know what you are doingyou will clearly waste your timegood you will learn but you willwaste your time it is for for this*12itself we can’t we can’t reinventthe process you have totrain on it so if you want there will besausages on the information but we’re not there yet so you’re going to have tocreate a site or a blog you willhave to link this site therefore to ayoutube facebook or instagram platformas had been done beforeon these platforms you will createcontent is in fact redirectpeople to your site is redirected rigéethe people of your site towards*12I do not know how to say inFrench finally so that they feel connectsin fact you see what I know whatI mean I can order inFrench each time I have the words thatcome to me in English then youwill once again createvaluable content for this market so there for onceit will be videos for exampleon youtube and blog articles andthen you will have to collectemails so either via youtube and finallythe envied youtube and via your*12products that correspond to youraudience by email and alsobring them value byemail again so that’s it was for 100 eurosnow we’re going to see 100 euros with thetraining what don’t youneed to do because Igiveit to you it’s completely stopped giving whatin the training you don’t needto do you do not need to createa site or a blog why because ifwe are going to use an alternative in*12then you will not need to linkyour place finally this siteto youtube facebook orinstagram simply because it would notreally need sites strictly speakingyou will have a sales funnel if youdon’t know what it is we see all thatin the information don’t worryin fact I am writing this trainingbecause I know very well that if we want tostart filiation with verylittle money you have to make videos youhave to show yourself etc*12show themselves on the internet and I understand andI too didn’t want to showbefore sure that’s what I have created thistraining which will allowyou not to show yourself or toshow yourself very very little and stillhave very good resultsso if you want to start with zerowith 100 eurosand with this training offered soyou can you won’t need tocreate a site you will have asales funnel that I give*12sales funnels to youtube facebookinstagram it’s not mandatory butyou can do it and you won’tneed to create valuable contentfor this market to get trafficbecause you have 100 euros andyou can use these 100 eurosto advertise so this uniqueness isgoing to be promoting an offer in factthis offer is not an offeraffiliation it’s going to be amcknight lead what we call so toretrieve emails that again*12offer I’m giving it to you was offered inthe trainingthis will therefore allow you tocollect emails once you havecollected your emails thanks to this offerthat I am giving you once again youwill be able to use which will be myown videos but all againI leave I have not said everything v Youwill be able to promote youraffiliate products via your emailsand there is your sales funnel and that’s how you have created a real*12not enough to send your emails it won’twork not if you want to create areal passive automatic business withrecurring incomethat’s how you’ll have to do it andyou’ll see that in this trainingoffered we see how to haverecurring commissionsevery month and not just bavoil forsale a product at 500 euros it takesa single commission and that’s allno you will be paid each monthfor each affiliate*12multilevel marketing and it’sreally filiationthen how finally the best wayto advise which middle we made zerowe made sense now we are going to make a thousandeuros and you personally between 100and 1000 euros there is not really anychange if you have 100 euros low thatcan be enoughin fact what you need to know is thatif you start with zero euros it willtake a lot longer but youwill still have results and in a*12you have to reference yourself you have to docontent etcwith 100 euros you can startwith the euro obviously it’s the bestso the best way to start with1000 euros without the informationit’s going to be to invest in yourself soit may seem a bit off the markonce again you can’t create ablog can’t create goodyoutube videos couldn’t get youlisted well on youtube well you getlisted on google doing the right*12affiliate offers without training you it’simpossible but hey after i waswriting them if you don’t have topay again you canhave bookshere i wrote two books trainingmaster mind these three things pay andyou can very well watch somevideos find books free ebooksetcgo see my training offered hereyou can always train forfree*12again linked this site to a platformagain it’s always the sameprocess in fact creatingvalue content for this market there in factyou made the minerals and the saints rowlook alike in fact the same it’sjust that you have more budget andyou are able to invest a little morein yourself even then for roch whenyou have 1000 euros with the trainingso in fact once again a thousand euros100 euros it’s exactly the same forwhen you have the training it’s*12budgets here you have you seethat I have barred invest in yourselveslinked to mastermind training soI bar them and because the times butyou will you will followthe information I consider that inthe information there is everything you needp or do it well but nothing prevents youfrom going to watch more videosetcon the contrary alesi then created a siteor a blog again no needsince I gave you a sales funnel*12is in fact idoing it it takes me hours andhours and hours and days samebusiness this sales funnel to writeevery word well to do all the videos etcso and all that you you canport it in one click one click youcan import stops justawesome then so you don’t need to link it this site you don’tneed to create contentagain even if it’s better but you don’tyou don’t have to once again will*12collect emails this offer I give it toyou is once againcollected emails to then promote yourproducts via 20 that correspond toyour audience dia precisely your emailsand the tunnel of salethen the free traffic methodso we will see the figurative meaningpaid traffic and what are thedifferent means so in general whenwe want to start free trafficit is either it costs 0 euros or itcosts say 100 euros if you want*12create 6 for example and only make ayoutube channelin this case it really cost me0 on the other hand if you want to make ayoutube channel is a blogthere it will cost 200 eurosfor hosting the creation of the cert ofthe website including the creation of ayoutube channel and a blog or about50 cents euros for the blog creation ofcontent on youtube and recovery of theemail in fact all that Iexplain to you here it’s to create a*12sales tunnel in factand if you don’t do that if you don’t create if you don’t take thefiliation as a real business youwon’t succeed in that maybe a littleraw that p You can be a little direct but youwon’t succeed if you do it wrongyou can’t succeed you have to dothis you have to collect emails you have touse a sales funnelyou have to bring value to peoplebefore you sell to them something that’show it worked and all that*12training which in descriptions thenyou can create content on on theblog is again to retrieveemails once you’ve recoveredhis emails you are going to have tobring value to peoplefinally to people who when theygive you their emails and then you aregoing to promote the product inaffiliation is again that youhave to do it if madjid justbuys this product you doubt thatit will not work*12traffic then paid traffic is let’s saya little more complicated I think butit’s much fasterand that’s how the big wines thebiggest affiliates generate a lotof money they can earn until fallthere is no limit in fact there isno limit in fact as long as youhave traffic and you convert hasno limit the juke-r as we say inEnglish sky is the limit manages the thelimit is the sky there is nolimit in fact so with the*12will not need to choose the right oneaffiliate offer which is a veryimportant element in the finishif you do not choose the right offerI do not see how you are going to be able tosell it if it is not good soin the information I give you the offerto which finally I give you that itoffers use you don’t needso I’m talking about theaffiliate offer it’s maybe a bit toomuch not very clear here that’swhy I put in parentheses in for*12so in my head it’s actually léman atthe i from whose clement to email that’s whatyou are going to offer a person inexchange for his email for examplethe information that I am offering youjust below just below sorry afterhaving created an offer finally findthe agitation offer that you are going topromote create an offer that youcan give to people in exchangefor the berry mail you are going to create theadvertisement to recover his emails soit is on facebook youtube*12as it gives you ex field ofthe exhibitionI think it’s like that as long as itgives you beyond the reach we’re going tosay rich in fact I have everything itseems to methen you’re still going to do that you’re going tohave to do it on the other hand the promotionof the offer to recover imagessince yesterday that I can’t do it foryou I can’t do everything for youdo everything that is crossed out in factthat’s what is already done for you*12you s will normally have towrite emails and emails that they sellin a sales tunnelagain it’s already been done I’vealready done and I’m not telling you that it will beaccessible I’m not saying that I’m going togive it to you and it will be the little surpriseif you join the information thenyou will have to create a sales tunnelwe will also see that in the training andif you want to takeit on your own again nothing prevents you fromtaking it on your own there I tell you that there*12you are going to take it step by step and youhave nothing to spend but you canvery well go and search on the internetwell here you go find the rightaffiliate offer create an offer bed ofmagnets create an advertisement promotingthe offer to recover emailswriting sales emailshow to create a sales funnel how topromote the offeran affiliate offer you can very wellgo get nothing stopping you mehere I do you nne the method*12learn on your own or if you prefer totake more quickly that nothing prevents youfrom going there alone it is upto you so once you havewritten your emails you will have tocreate others in fact in reality thesefears come from selling andwriting emails it’s the same point in factit’s just that I put them in twopoints but it’s the same full it’snot the same thing but it’s part of thesame theme and then you will finallypromote the affiliate offer*12quite simplyyou are supposed to promotethe affiliate offer through forexample videos emails etcbut again that you will notneed to do it and you will seewhy in the trainingagain an example an exemption doesnot work very wellan example of an affiliation offer so thereare two types of affiliation that I willadvise you iller it will be the filiationwith expensive products i.


for*12euros and you take 50% commissioneven 30% commission which willmake you 3300 euros for 30%commission and 500 euros for him 50%commissionif you do that why Iadvise you to do that or the other that wewill see just after simply becausethat way you just need to makethree cases of sales in the month that thereyou have made your self you are sure youcan livethen the second thing the second the*12to advise you to do and it is evenbetter than the one I told you justbefore it is going to be recurring incomewhy well in fact I think I don’t even need to explain it butlike that well it does it to you once and itpays you all the time in fact it wantsit can pay you low six 6 months sevenmonths eight months one year two years three years50 years than the person remains a subscriber youare paid and with the offer that we willuse in the information so Iwill explain to you what this offer is,*12affiliate program willpay 40% per month per affiliate whichcorresponds to 35 euros per month peraffiliate in the information the objectiveis for you and to make youreach leaving you affiliated in 90 dayswhich makes 3500 euros per monthrecurring liabilities you are in the process of totell you ok but that’s good he wants meto reach it puts him in fact hejust wants to sell me something youhave to know that in the information I’m not going to sell anything that is to say that’s*12and in fact i would like to tell youhonestly i have always transparentponte recognize in fact because heyi’m here i’m still quite smallin the field and i really want tobring maximum value so thatthe people say where ellette men bytom pichot by flash by kittyhonestly he’s doing a good job youshould go see he allowed me tostart creating my property that’swhy I’m doing this toteach you something so that the*12make the brand known is actuallyin thanks to that I too willmake commissions in affiliationbut I have every interest thatyou succeed because if you donot succeed by 1bah I will not make myself known andtwo I did not earn any moneywhile if you succeed well I willmake myself known and I will alsoearn some money thanks to this trainingeven if it will not be huge herethen here are the three pillars*12summary for the three pillarsof success for filiationit’s simple you have to you will have tocreate a brand a brand whatdoes jacques is what i mean by thatwell that going to be hard for example awebsite it’s going to be a youtube channelit’s going to be it’s all in fact finally notnecessarily a youtube channel but aninstagram account a facebook pagesomething where people willrecognize you directlyhere’s a brand that will you so this*12luck once you have aloyal audience and who will trust youso we see it right there the audienceoffered trust is there in reality Ican for age families but itwould just be missing an arrow that would befor sale simply the sale ofyour affiliate producthere are the three pillars ofsuccess that will be brand audiencetrust salethere are 4 May the three biggest herethat’s it brand audience trust*12not even how long it swearsI hope it is long enough that youhave understood everything I am trying to makea video precisely long enough ng with alot of content in you where youare good that I can’t teach you everythinga single video it’simpossible for that I dida four-day training which isavailable in descriptionsimply you enter your email andwould push access to this training andI really hope you will have*12if you follow this training well thereis no reason you do not haveresults you have we had nothing to loseand completely offered you must youhave to spend 0 euros it’scompletely free if it’s notdone yet I invite you to subscribe tothis youtube channel for futurevideos that will come why notactivate notifications and tell me especiallyin the comments if it taughtyou something if you like are you registeredfor the training offered or not and*12me extremely happy and it means alot to me if you learnedsomething on this videohere I am see you very soonfor a next video

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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