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hi hihello hello friends everyone is backon Fernando’s diaska channel inthis video I will share various waysto earn millions onlywith snails or ornamental snailsHi for tips and tricks I willtell you at the end of this video, sofriends don’t skip skip this videoso friends don’t fail to focus okayHi but before that if friendshaven’t subscribed to this channel pleasefriends subscribe to*12the notification button so friendsdon’t miss the latest video frommeokay, without a lot of cingcong wadidaw Acong,let’s go straight to the videoblu-ray lessons[Music]Hi[Music]First of all, friends, pleasevisit the ornamental snail warehouse Facebook account, theowner of the account is named Antoor we can just call him Anto because*12me here he is as a snail farmer andalso a snail sellerHi if friends have visited InBang Anto’s account,friends, Scroll from top tobottom to see that hereBang Anto sells varioustypes of ornamental snails[Music]and there are so many of these, yes, histestimony about thesale of ornamental snails[Music]*12Bekasi[Music]So what’s going on[Music]in MojokertoMP3Hi jakarta-pekanbaru Bekasit-shirtHi, this has even arrived in Madiun too,hinewbie Hi, it’spretty good, there’s already a lot oftestimony,*12kyuhyunpunHi,touching for the types of ornamental snails, there are also various types ofsnails that are sold by Anto, for example,ornamental horn snails or Bumblebee and theprice is quite cheap,only Rp.

500 for one tail[Music]Hi, Let’s check the prices on theonline market like Sophia[Music]Now, this is a*12hi hiHi,here for one ornamental snail, the price isRp.

1,000 and there are j Also, theRp.

1,500 onehas already sold1800x CoreOh, that means the estimated sales revenueisaround Rp.


try this method and to buyornamental snail materials at the ornamental snail warehouse, it is*12to send to the city, friends,here it is also listed Yes[Music]has listed the WA number, bang AntoSo you can directly contact this WA number[ Music]So basically we buy materials inManto’s warehouse for ornamental snailsfor Rp.

500 eachand friends can sell them again atshopee at a price of Rp.

1,500 each.

Justimagine if friends could sellthis for 1000 or even*12make 1000500 to 15million, hilater for a guide to creating a shopee accountand how to create an online shop at shopeeLater a right, I put it in the descriptionof this video,so that friends cancreate and alsocreate their own online shop on shopee, okaymaybe enough.

That’s it fornow, if you have questions fromfriends, please comment in thecomments of this video.

*12this method, please try and if you don’t want totry this method, that’sokay too.

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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Systemeio est l'outil le plus SIMPLE et le PLUS Complet pour Lancer Tout type de Business qui Rapporte sur Internet en partant de Zéro

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