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hello to you welcome to this videowhere we talked about theaffiliate program of systems you so locatedon this video it is surely that youwant to earn money with thisaffiliate program ofwhich in this video we will seehow does it work what are theadvantages and disadvantages of thisprogramand of course how can youmake money with it so if you are new toaffiliation and you do not know*12totally free that you can retrievea description and that will show you theseven steps to follow to properly launchyour affiliate businessis also located in online businessand more particularly infiliation you can subscribe to thischannel and continue all thenews videos so thebio system affiliate program is a veryvery good affiliate program and youcan join it totally freeas you can see right here so*12is a very nice program youcan join it completely free of chargeas it is marked here so I putthe link of this page directly in thedescription of the video you will just have toenter your email address just here andclick the start button forfree and i’ll show youwhat happens right after you sign upwhat information do you get inthe program andhow you can earn money with itbut right before I’m going to quickly introduce you*12don’t know it yet, so thisaffiliate program allows you to earn 40%of affiliate commissions onthe subscription of point systems you arealso on all the programs thatare put for sale by system you soit’s still a fairlylarge percentage and on top of that you canearn lifetime commissions if yousend a contact to bio system andthat contact buys nt for example twodays later you will receive a commissionbut if he buys six months later you will*12in the details it does not work 100%this way but I will explain it to youin a few minutes and which is veryalso interesting is that you have thecommissions on the second level, that is tosay that for example if you send acontact to system u go and that thiscontact takes a subscriptionyou will receive a commission including 40%on this subscription but then if thecontacts you sent do the samething as you and specific to the i o system toa third person and this*12will also receive 5% of this subscriptionand to start makingaffiliation with this program you canstart completely free asI told you earlier you don’t need a paid subscription assistedbetter to start makingaffiliation with this program you have seeneverything registered the justice » on the pagethat I like you description and youwill have access to all theaffiliate linksso once you have signed up for*12you will receive an email fromaurélien amacker who is the creator of the site inbiot he will explain to you in detailhow it works how to promote the programhow the tracking works so wewill talk about it right after and also alittle motivational thing so aboutpart 1 here how does it work works it willin fact explain to us that if yousend a contact these systems you andthat aurélien amateur and his teamcollects the email address of your contacthe will take care himself of sending*12ns and if ever the contactbuys you have earned a commissionso once the contact sends inquotes you have nothing more to doit’s just the bio system team whowill take care of sending emails to yourcontact and maybe you will receivea commission for the following weekin the following month in the following six monthsso be careful on the other hand becausejustice he scores even if the contactbuys in six months or a year you willreceive commissions above then*12true in fact when you are going to send acontact to system u you it will havea cost which to place via aspecial link and this cost which is only validif me knowing that ‘it must be takeninto account that if you see forexample someone on thebio system home page and that he registers thiscontact on attackthis contact will be tagged with youraffiliate link so if they buy orwould receive a commission except that ifa week later someone else*12systems page also your neck will becrushed in fact and it is the otherperson who will take the tag so if thiscontact in question will buy it will benot you who will have the commission but itwill be the other person is therefore veryimportant as a result of communicatingyour contacts very often andsending them to different offers ofaudio systems quite often so that itallows you to place the clip quiteoften and the day we release thecard to buy could earn a*12link you will be able to access youraffiliate dashboard in fact it hasa connection link to the system you seebut you are not yet registered itwill therefore either offer you to create anaccount in the evening to connect to yourdashboard this way youwill be able to follow the contacts sent tosystem u as well as the commissions thatyou will be able to earn so nowjust below in small 2 how todo the promotion of the program then thereit gives you all your affiliate links*12to promote organic systemthat is to say that if I copy this link thatthe same for example on ablog article and that someone clicks on it writesa tale gesture and mios by having impliedon this link it will be cut as beingmy affiliates if someone clicks on thislink and subscribed to bio system with thislink the contact will be tagged coming fromme and if ever later they buya subscription a bio system ortrainingin this case I will earn a commission*12send to promote system orindirectly but shealso explains to you that you can do itwith other products and there arestill quite a few if it’s better I’llshow you that in a few minutes righthere he explains to you how topromote his program sohow you can distributeyour links and just below you havepossible emails that you cansend your audience good after theemails are quite short there it is about*12necessarily optimal sent ifyou ever want us to insist onyour email list I rather advise youto create a good email that willconvert a little more anyway thanjust a few lines like thatbut at least that already gives you anidea of how to promote system you so we fid ourselves on the systeu affiliate program or direcly you can find all the poducts that system u we are going to offerso there are still quite a few to lo*12products so to successfully findthis affiliate program onbio system you simply have tolog in to your system account youthen go to and from a dashboard inmarketplace you will arrive on themarketplace with all the offersavailable you clicked onaffiliate program is right hereyou will have all available programsthat exists on system pointyou is right here click on systempo int you and you land directly*12here you can see that systemhas 17,1967 affiliates so almosteighteen thousand peoplepromoting this program so it’sreally huge for their players tocome to your account you musthave at least 30 euros earned andjust on the right just here you havethe total commissions earned so onemillion eight hundred twenty-five thousand soit’s really huge over thelast 30 days 86 thousand euros earnedby the affiliates of which it is there that we*12program and just below all theoffers that you can promote inaffiliation so for example I takea product at random for example thisonethe method to writesales pages that convert here you havedifferent buttons a capture pageto promote the offer asales page explain to us its right after andhere there is the description of thefo rmation thus complete training foronly 7 euros you can earn 40*12also on all the objects that arebehind so the obsessions areadditional training that will be offeredafter the purchase of the training and that isreally not bad because suddenly itcan increase your numberof commissions here you have two choiceseither you can promote thecaptures page in fact the captures page itwill be the place where people willenter their email address to givethe contact and system u we will collecttheir contacts for then reminders*12to talk about organic system and youalso have the sales page directlywhich will arrive on the description ofthe offer is on the good commands have forexample if we click on the offer ofthe capture page we had directlyon its pages where the contactyou sent will have to enter your addressmail click on yes I will downloadthe method and then the sales page will be removedand what is powerful andthis way is that suddenly as shewanted to say just before system u we will*12relaunch by email to your prospectwithout you having to do so so thenwe will look at what is happening on thesales page up sales page so thereit is a really veryvery simple sales page with the pages ofbio system are generally not verycomplex and not really trained onthe description of the video but basicallythe person will enter this informationright here if he is interested thenplace an order and if there she buysyou will receive a commission then*12commission on the tax free is to be readon the 5 euros 83 and not on the 7euros but this training is just byway of example and in general peoplepromote more systems orindirectly because as it is asoftware by subscription in fact thefirst tariff started at 27 euros andit is monthly that is to say that it topatrick subscribe to system u you willpay 27 euros per month therefore allmonth and you if you earn acommission on this subscription you have*12recurring to say to yourself that you will earn9 euros every month so when youhave a good contact it is not necessarilyinteresting to earn 9 euros every montheven if it’s already good but imaginethat you said contact without contact1000 contacts sent on this theme youwho are subscribers you can earnreally a lot of money every monthan offer which is also very veryinteresting it’s d offerthe book financial independence for all for freeso a book created by aurélien*12you can offer your audiencetotally free and in fact if theyregister on the poc he to capture thisbook they receive the book is thenon the thank you page there is themillionaire objective training which isalso at 7 euros but you can earn40% commission on it and of courseafterwards if the person buys othertraining or subscribe bio system you willalso earn commissions so thisfree book is one of themain gateways into the*12many promote it is quite simple apasserby from you put a post onfacebookdownload free aurélien’s book makes mesickfinancial independence for all and if contactsregister on it we couldearn commissions in the coming monthsthen to recover youraffiliate link it’s very simple forexample if you want to promote thisbook you have right here thecapture page with the promote*12hovering my mouse over it just at the bottom left ofthe screen there is my affiliate link Iend with for the question sequal is it to is a series of numbersand letters so this affiliate linkcan be found just in the emailyou received in fact it’s right hereit’s the end of this link right here ofquestion marks is equal to s toa series of numbers and letters that’s your affiliate identifier that is tosay that any productsystems you or take the bowl product*12id at the end and what someonebuys it will be tracked by yourid so let’s come back overstockand free if you want to promote thecapture page for example you doa right click on this button copythe address of the link and then for examplefrom your browser if you copy thelink you arrive on the capture pagethen of course the goal is not tocopy it into the browser but ofcourse to share it with your audienceso that people sign up on it and*12affiliate linkso there are several advantages butalso disadvantages to doing that oreven promoting theaffiliate program and system bioi.


actually I want offer youraudience to sign up bio systemtotally free there is notrial period or anythingactually its called the freemium plan hope alot of rubble and system u havetotally free either not due tothe facts in fact you don’t have a*12could remain free for onemonth two months six months and from themoment your business will start to grow alittle you will receive yourfirst commissions there you cantake a subscription assystem you sothe two biggest advantages I would sayis that healy has a lotof gateways to this program to be able tosign for free you canpromote books of aurélien disgusts me so much for free there arealso first*12free so it’s pretty goodto get contacts intobio system and then he takes careof chasing them by email on thedifferent offers the second advantagewhich can also be a disadvantageis that the contact can remain tag isvery long so as I explainedat the beginning of this video if you senda bio system contact who registersas free and then buys tendays later for example you will receivea commission and if he buys three months*12the problem with that is that as itworks with a cookie systemeach time a prospect or a customerclicks on a link the cost that willupdate and will takethe identifier of the one who sent thelink so for example if Ipromote johan lescontacts systems and that he registers on theplatform he tagged with myaffiliate ID so if they buyI’ll get a commission on the other hand iffor a month for example they*12someone another sends him anaffiliate link which refers to an offerat system u you so there I do not havemany affiliates and it is anotherperson who will recover them sofrom there the prospect that Isent initially if they buy Iwould not earn anything and it is the other patrickwill receive acommission hence the importance of trying to sendhis contacts quite often onorganic system or at least on different offerseven free which will allow to rest*12possiblenow if you ever startaffiliate and you don’treally know how to go about it that’snot really how it works I createda totally free kit that willexplain the seven steps to follow forlan er your business in affiliationso it is available just indescriptions you have to download itcompletely free of charge and it is notalready giving you good bases andgood advice to start in*12your listening and I say to you thenext go ciao

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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