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the five most interesting types of online businessand which one is myfavorite and which one I prefer to you videosummer business I hope you are welleverything is done everything is thought out tohelp you start your business this summeris activated taranto at back to schoolonly one thing to do you know it well youpress the subscribe button and youalso activate the little bell becauseI’m going to publish a video every twodays so it’s going to mess things up too much andthat’s why I can’t*12time I post a new video therewill be too many so subscribe to beaware of all this today we areinaugurating a new part of thesummer business serieswe did the entrepreneurial shiftnow we are going to move on to the partfound your business idea and with thatso as I told you in theintroduction the fivemost common most interesting types of online businesswith my favorite is theplump as said as*12the first type of business in the running andlee commerce and in commerce Iinclude drop shipping amazon amazonand tickets have its own brand and itsaccidents so read commerce and forwhat type of profile it is more for theentrepreneur profile who so much wants tomanage stock without wanting to be a bit ofan old-fashioned party business butwith the techniques that are necessarily onlineI have never dreamed of having my ownshop to have my own physical productsI’ve always seen that as*12operating modes for you to remove asmuch constraint as possible but anotherlever for me which is important and whichis still important today Ithink that it’s important for you tooyou follow this series of videos if yougenerally fit me it makes senseI’m talking about it I won’t type a lot ofsense in the shops in any caseit’s not the first lever so such adrop shippin g which is very well known whichcloses which allows you to get started quiteeasily although now from year to*12you have to buy a stockyou haveto crack it you have to payintermediaries etc etcbecause the drop shipping specializesbecomes more professional so we can then goback as before by buying stuffon alex prex and reselling itswild thing it ended a bit we have alot of years this ticket but there onamazon you are part of their clean andsimply amazon you are part of theirown system so once you*12the ones who have customer information you cannotcreate a list of contacts and a listof prospects or tea at amazon everythingand access at amazon everything is managed byamazonhere in mano fed up with youovernight and worldwide here thepartso good here is dad doc after having hisbrand it’s really his his ownbusiness his own product that you havedeveloped it’s a bit like drop shipping2.

0 drop shipping for adults let’s*12n’t speak that no I speak when you have whenyou have grown up and you havea little more experience evolved from e-commercesecond type of business thatoften comes up on the internet is the mlm somultiple marketing wheels for those whoare a little critical will say that it ispyramid marketing and it is especiallythose who are at the top whoearn money and we have all been tomarkets at least once by a cousin annalynnegoes to know who wants to invite us toan evening to discover a concept an*12the exceptional opportunity is torecruit someone ‘someone who will recruitsomeone who will recruit someone whowill recruit someone and will have apercentage each time the state andits resellers of products which aresometimes interesting sometimescompletely rotten and most of thetime that belongs to category 2I’m not a big fan of mlmbecause I find that every time peoplewho do modem they are it’s a bitof a game*12bit logical we could also blamethe takeover entrepreneurs butalways markets bythe opportunities it’s always suspiciouswe don’t know what’s reallybehind this dark side in fact whatbothers me and a little cheap also whichbothers me then sorry if you do mlmand you that yes I criticize yes it’s notmy delirium and I advise not todo mlm especially when you see thenew god ambassadors buttoday the question was quickly*12then the filiation what is itto promote the products of the servicesof another person in exchange for acommissionso it can be quite interesting thefiliation especially when to automatea large part of your process theproblem is that it are t very difficultto be profitable without an audience if you havebuilt a big audience onyoutube on instagram and you wantto promote products and services inexchange for a commission well there it is*12date in the eyes it’s better to be a faketaker and create or be an e-merchantand create your own servicebecause the margin was much moreinteresting, but let’s say thatfiliation is a bit of the firststep to getting started without takingrisks because that you have nothing to advance acasing you have no costs apartfrom the advertising costs that wouldset up or create an audiencebut I would say that the filiation isreally a little played small it is good to*12make it a business by thinking focus it willrequire a lot of effort and a lotof atmosphere fourth type of business ona business is a little influenced duringthe new tube hours so it’s a mili hada little special I know himbecause I used this leverageof business influencers on instagramto promote my book withthe help of an entrepreneur so it wasboth a fairlynew experience it’s curious about the internshipsI had the impression of being transferred*12n’t know the challenges of arrivingcyril hanouna all that is a newculture it’s something that I didn’t really know thank you but butbut no thank you I’m going to go homebut it was still not bad to havetried and it also allowed meto question myself and to see a littlewhat are the new ways ofcommunicating that they are called thevocabulary the way of being whatalso works for the newgeneration because it’s important*12audience that is also visibly debatingyou also have to reach a younger audienceso it was an interesting way tom I project in this particular environmentto navigate in these watersso why I don’t really recommend this type of business eitherbecause to be influential on youtubehours of success it’s a minoritydarchy minority darchy minority you have toknow the codes to belong to anenvironment in particular forinstagram influencers of the army go from*12influencers after and influencersthat it does not become by themselves inparticular niches but we hardly liked itinfluencers the stars they come frombackgrounds often correlated to thetv cinema industry etc star and star and tohave a high level of income you have tohave a very very large audience eitheron youtube or instagramso it’s quite difficult compared to yourchances of success compared to theefforts are really weak5th type of online business and it’s*12canaria the sale ofinformation products whether it’s coachingconsulting training pdf videosetcetc from the moment you can bringsomething to someone from themoment you can help someone witha problemthanks to your knowledge then you can sellthat you can be paid thanks to that andit is the absolute freedom of creation oftransmission I love that I launched myfirst business it was there that we*12makeover for men thatis really gameI’m sweating a hawk to nothing I waseating I have to take a shower infopro marriage I don’t go to bed why we’re the age dreamswe arrive with his land ha you seethe price but I find it superinteresting on his bestbusiness tools model because yes I preachfor my hand I preach for my littlechurch but it’s the only business modelthat can convey meaning and*12important it’s important to know thatI have an impact around rs my client thatI have an impact on you too youwatch his videos today you seewhat the fact that you leave me a littlecomment saying it helped me andI did that it was that or thanks to youI have become such and such a personbut that’s what weighs on thebalance of what I do on a daily basisof course earning moneyis great it’s great but I couldn’t justearn money money by selling cement*12allows you to have this side meaning totransmit and educate changepeople’s lives and get paid for it’sreally powerfulthat’s why I tell you also advisesto follow my trainingofferedthe five states to revive yourbusiness from scratchas usual a question a commentwell you do this to me below the videoI will be happy to answer youand to go more away you can also*12with my team to do the update onyour business project and find out howwe can support you and thank youit was alex for the summerbusiness series and so soonhe[Music]

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Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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