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seven internet marketing tips and howyou can earn a lot of money with them[music]you won’t fast awarm welcome to today’s issue offaszination freiheit today on the subject ofinternet marketing and we’vejust seen the eruption of thestick that’s the biggest geyser of theI also say there ismaybe another eruption laterthen we can look at the whole thing again.

Today we have the topic of the internet*12personally like very much, almost love,because you can use it from anywhere inspace, regardless of whether here on iceland andthen just look at a geyser in nature in the afternoonor whether at homewith the family on the couch and let’s look at seven tips today that work ininternet marketing and whichwe apply 11 how we created amillion companiespoint number one and two livelyinternet business these are veryelementary questions and i ask myself For*12what is unique and vibrantinternet business and what does it meanin your industry if you ask yourself thisquestion and find the answer then youwill stand out from thecrowd out there that is a veryelementary crucial question it isnot understandable most of them donot post out there on the internet and aretherefore comparable, so to speak, like adime a dozen and not like such aunique geyser, for example, thenpoint number two really great*12that means non-stop via socialmedia and also via the newsletternewsletter is a very important can bethe heart of your internetbusiness very very interesting stillworks very very welle-mail marketing also playsa very important role for us, for example,then i can recommend itbut they don’t use it t just salesmessages but also real added valuefreegreat content very very important that*12number three the e-mail responder justtalked a bit about e-mail marketing e-mail or 200 himhere and i use him can absolutely recommendthis is quicktipp is one of theleading providers in the German-speakingarea has variousreasons it is best to see for yourselfclick below how theyand there have clicked have veryvery good is free webinar and theyexplain a lot and theyshow differences to otherproviders then point number four*12email or a very, verycrisp world of ideas that hits ita bit better and is very veryimportant where you distinguish yourselfwe say that you stand for that youdon’t stand where you are in short form yourstory presented by yourselfor about the company and what makes itstand out from others because otherwise orwhy is it the most important thing it is alwaysread the most ie it has tobe really good it has to reallypop in because otherwise it will*12then its own some people what ithink yes it doesn’t suit me ori find it a bit strangelystupid whatever and others will find you reallygood and those are the importantones they will also read the e-mailsbecause they find themselves interesting andknow more want why is this e-mail so important then point number fivegreat efficiency tool namelyphraseexpress i can highlyrecommend i have especially with windows it wasindispensable for me a really great*12bit slimmed down version but alsopossible there what you because generallythere you can control everything on yourcomputer automatically call upthat means you can ho call up mepages with oneclick or an abbreviationwithout having to constantly search around type in at thetop because you caneven subject your name abbreviation younever have to write out your name completely againI do that,for example, I don’t have my armoff but the casual abbreviation is*12the week, over the months, over the yearsas well.

You canstore the bank details there with iban and all the trimmingsso that I justenter the abbreviation and then thebank details are automatically written out.

You can dothe whole thing with addresses an e-mail addresses cantherefore call up homepages and many, manydifferent functions can openfolders and you can call them up directly withouthaving to click through all dayso and hall is efficient so I*12number six webinars andwhat you should pay attention to for oncewebinars a b a bit trite because alot of people know thatthere are offers there, there aresome real events here too, you should never do them, you shouldreally give out the bestcontent and thedecisive thing was webinars isalso that you or her are important,recommendable is it that you also changethe whole thing that you change another term*12training online seminar with us ifyou can’t read the e-mails next tofrom but also for examplecommunity seminars communitytraining that’s why it’s asked for differently or isalready different again and more interestingand if you do webinars with partnersthen it is best to show a picture at the beginningwith the partner soyou should usually alsoknow each other personally not justsomehow by e-mail etc and so,for example, show a moderation in the picture there*12and your partner are doing webinars e theni show my picture together with thepartners and also a few introductorywords how do we know each other why doi appreciate them especially this partner howdo i know that a little bitknow the background that buildsimmense trust especially the beginning thatgot me very important the first impressionas with the performance smell wehad and tip number 7 namelynow we are back in fact our areameanwhile free coaching 30*12with my team and ourone-to-one discussion internet Breakthroughand I’ll tell you, among other things,why it didn’t really work for me until 13 yearsago and why itthen really went upand that’scrucial and also intend totalk to people who we have already shownwhere they might want to go in theb area internet that is indispensableand that was also exactly my way and thatwas also one of the decisive*12we speak there personally part youlike to tend this video nextFriday again now always greatimpressionsfrom iceland everything is like I said thereason why internet is so popularbecause you can use it fromanywhere in the world or at home on the couch withyour family, whatever else you can dovia the youtube channel if so youcan miss our tips and tricksenter below the video andwe see you again on friday*12exciting topic until then me thorstendittmar[applause][music]

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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