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I’m so excited well Dan I’ll never forget the day I was sitting on my floor and I was so broke it hurt and I remember having the realization that if I was allowed to work because I’m Canadian from Vancouver Canada yes and I was in America and I was thinking you know if I was allowed to work like it’s such a privilege to be able to work like I got that in that moment like it’s such a privilege to be able to work if I was allowed to work in America I could do anything I want so when I look at my back journey all the way up I actually never thought I was gonna necessarily be an entrepreneur I just knew that I was made for more I just knew that there’s like a knowing inside you when you know that you’re supposed to be I mean as weird as the word is rich like I knew that I was supposed to be wealthy I knew I was made for more but where my life was sitting was sitting on an empty apartment floor in Las Vegas so broke that it hurt and when I had that realization that I was not only made for more but my bank account was not representing where I wanted to go I started seeking anything I could do to figure out how to get really good at sales get really good at talking to people landing with people I don’t think balance is real but I do think the way you strategize your business makes a big difference I sell one product very well and then I cross sell products that they need mmm can you maybe walk us through your model like what’s the first like your signature product and then like what’s the Ascension how does that work so first we we do have an info product we don’t push it very very much even though I think it’s great we’re probably missing the mark on some of that and yet sometimes you let things bleed as you scale up that’s so and then you pick it back up and add it into the strategy but we typically sell a year long a year long protocol paste private and we take how to build email lists that are super targeted and they’re all referral based email lists okay and and then we teach them how to sell to that so it has a high ROI I’m about to do the same type of build I’ll probably have about a hundred thousand opt-ins in the series of about ten days and it’s all referral base got it like that cuz it’s hot you know it’s kind of hard to screw up hot hot traffic even if you’re bad at your marketing it’s just traffic so it gets the entrepreneurs cash flowing so bring them to that program we teach you how to sell to that email list teach them how to build it and then create products and creating an audience first right that’s not usually your signature program exactly the under so that’s what we do in that program but what we’re committed to is we’re committed to teaching them how to be generous entrepreneurs which creates a culture inside of our company where all the entrepreneurs are hiring each other and they’re there they’re not just a community they mean to give you an idea in ten in ten weeks they referred 700 people that 700 showed out of the 900 people that they invited to my last event mmm you know like we are a community that shows up like that so I’m actually teaching the leadership in that program like hidden underneath you know the monetization plan the email list in the cellar movement I love it and that’s so once they go through that year they choose in or out about seventy percent of those people we add anywhere between 40 and 70 sometimes a hundred people a month to that program mmm once they go through that program 70 percent of them come to a mastermind that they do between the ninth and twelfth month that they like towards the ninth to twelfth month of ending that program does that make sense so it’s like their year-end mastermind but we time it so that it’s between nine and twelve months Quezada so they’ve already gone through materials they’re implementing beginning resolve that’s right that’s right in that mastermind we teach them but then we we teach them 12-month ascension plans and all this stuff but what we met what we do is in those two days we make them an offer and the way the way I make the offer is I’ll pitch them in pace I pitch pitch pitch to get them in pace club so when they go through pace the through that year they get to the end they go their mastermind at that mastermind I’m not pitching them any more because I want them off the I want them off the ball no I like you know I want them to be thinking for themselves did you gain value here do you want to be with us do you want to spend the next four to five years with me so that I could really help you build a significant company versus coach shop you know and so 70% come to that 60 percent of those people say yes to another year program and they stay with us for three to five years at that point I know you you like your very structure right how do you manage how do you struck your company in a way that you could do that that could apply to you Oh to all entrepreneurs right gets most of time and you know they hit the glass ceiling and then they’re stuck and they did the control freak or they can let go yeah I mean everybody knows you got to innovate but there’s first of all like I really focus on growing my leadership more than trying to add new strategies to my business okay and I grew multiple millions by just selling three and a half months a year and I have my own sales team one person then it was two people then it was three people and now it’s grown and continues to grow and so my so the strategy again was selling one thing and selling it really well and it still is and but it’s infrastructure in the team so we focus on leadership my whole team has been through leadership trainings we actually bought a leadership training brought it in-house because at the end the day if you can’t think smart you can’t get there I mean think about it if you have you know a formula works and you run so many people through it why does a certain amount of people succeed and others don’t well they have a certain base level but base level of leadership even side control when when I exploded in real estate not to like throw this interview in a different direction but I went from being completely stuck not being able to sell a thing to a hundred and seventy million dollars in sales and I was the only person who sold and I had assistant my office and what I did was I leveraged other investor bases databases but but and a whole nother story but how did I explode to that well I mean I stop controlling conversations I mean I I literally would get on a phone call and I would cut people off because I thought I knew better and nothing was coming together there’s nothing worse than being ambitious I’m feeling like the rug keeps getting pulled out from underneath you that’s typically Saida being too intense there’s a difference between intensity and driven so actually the game is leadership and that’s all I focused on so from three and a half months a year of selling that’s all I sold and did a multiple seven-figure company and then moved it to now we sell every single month but I don’t just like I don’t for me it doesn’t work for me to deliver products that don’t have coaching for me just for me because I don’t feel like enough people go through them and because I know that I didn’t create my success in two years I created it by staying on one thing for five to eight years you know tureen like so I have to enroll my clients to just stay here and so which means that I’ve got to get them results so I over deliver in coaching so we we have a whole coaching department right now and the coaching department now we’re working on monetizing that department because it’s an expense of the company yes all the way growing the company I watched my profit margins so I wasn’t like oh my god that’s the way to grow I’m just gonna risk our sisters for risk it was like we have to stay at a 30 to 35 percent profit margin mmm and I still get paid so that’s been my measurement and I’ve just even when I didn’t understand my piell’s I just understood that profit margin focused on the step that is in and the thing I could control if that profit margin went down I went and sold more and then I would I would like look at where am i investing and make sure that I’m investing in Legion or on people yes so what I’m hearing is number one your very focus on just one thing right you’re very focused on getting that doubt in very good on Leech and just thought this and very good at converting and also delivering the program nothing works about that yes and then from there now when you say that you went from selling it in a few minutes a few months a year to like once every month like talk to us a little bit about that like I just know I used to I delivered the product live to conference calls I’d sell for three months and in that three months that wave would go through for the year and I would teach them live and the group that we had a bunch of people go from start up to six figures right that is not an income claim but we had a bunch of people pop and I was like you know what take all those recordings and put them in congestive for people to go through and one of the challenges people have is when you had really ambitious people they didn’t want to wait to the next week mmm the next step and I wanted to go and I’m like sorry like no this is the structure so now they can unlock modules and go as quick as they want and rock it out but then there’s this the the problem you have to innovate is I know myself I mean I’ve bought info products and they are still not opened because the fact that it’s hard to create time even if like I probably have three Pinterest accounts or three pictures trainings because I know Pinterest isn’t I think it’s an untapped market for lis job yes audience to you right yes and so I finally hired somebody but took me forever to find a Pinterest team that actually knows what they’re doing around traffic yeah so I bought like three programs and it’s like I just can’t I it is not my best use of time to figure out how to run a Pinterest account I mean like it doesn’t make sense makes more sense for me to do you know nine ten events in a month yes that makes way more sense to me learning how to do to do so so when I look at when I look at just that I’m driven and I look at that I’m like they’re never gonna watch these modules so so even though I can get them to buy and get them excited the amount of leadership it will take me as far as connecting with them and inundating them to keep them motivated is more than I want to give so I built a coaching team that meets with them every 10 to 14 days and they have to watch at least two modules before they meet with a coach Wow once a week I meet with all the coaches on a zoom caucus we’re all around the world on a zoom call and I coach the coaches and I want to know what’s going on with the people so I can coach the coaches now our next step is we’re gonna actually create a certification program for our pace coaches mmm they don’t have to pay for it they get it for free but it actually even system eise’s them even stronger to go out there and just really make an impact at the end the day our focus was really truly everything we think about the company is how do we get more people successful we don’t we don’t obsess about how to grow because we we compound because people stay with us so I don’t have to do as much on the front end even though we’re kind of not reached in that area we figured out traffic now but even before I figured out traffic I don’t have to do as much because we compound because we do such a good job at helping people get their results and I don’t think entrepreneurs many of them get that they work really hard on one aspect and they forget that people really have to get the results and they get frustrated when people complain it’s like the client that’s why I was a PR company and she’s like God now I’m so like of all all these clients and they’re all complaining because they feel confused and like stop it’s just feedback yes this means that like I like will tell me what to give them she told me I’m like girl like that one question like what’s their vision yes I see it Fleur a friend of mine Sara Blakely old Spanx are her husband I asked to see it so before he launched his endurance thing I did the first two endurance programs with them right and we we sold it to our community and he got really clear and what was he was doing guys ah inspiring but I asked him well what’s your vision for this when I was you know talking to him and he was brainstorming what to do next and he’s like I mean he didn’t know what his vision was it’s like all I know like it’s like it couldn’t answer that question but he could answer is what he loved which was empowering people living his life in his life resume so Mike you know the my clan like you just asked them a loaded question and you wonder why they’re confused cuz you gave him three other steps with that I could see that I could see that and it is such a good point because if you think about where entrepreneurs when they’re stuck that they did lack the vision or the lack clarity right weak and always you let Claire the electability action and I love I love how also hearing your your the way you structure your business you structure your business around your lifestyle preference however on the speaking circuit yeah right and I think I I made a mistake myself as well earlier on where I structure my life around my business right it’s always the business like pulling me okay the business this is requires me to do this it requires me to do this it requires me to do a lot of different things and but when I realized no no no why am I even doing this right like it what what am i doing it for it’s just for my Eagle dollar man so I can compare or awards and all these things what am I doing it for if I do are the people then I have to ask myself do I enjoy the process right just like you said and you could do so many events but if you do too many events then you get exhausted then you don’t like it you get burned out

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