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ok where am I going when I tell you tomake money on Youtube withoutmaking video that is to say thathow does it make money onYoutube without making video and when Isay make money I’m talking aboutminimum without dollars per day see50,000 francs per day on Youtube withoutmaking a video either you’ll have theanswer in a few moments orbefore starting if you’re not yetsubscribed to the channel it’s time todo it activate the bell if you put all*12also give a nice blue thumb that tooit’s always nice ok so YouTubealready Youtube is afree platform and that everyone knows youcan come on Youtube to watchvideos for free you pay nothing youjust have an internet connection you comeyou watch YouTube videos but Idon’t know if everyone knows itbut the content creators whopublish the videos on YouTube and wellhe makes money obviously mmmit’s free to publish videos*12content creators earn moneyfinally me I don’t earnmoney yet because I just startedthere is a certain threshold to reachbefore getting paid I’ll show youright away ok either you see here that’s the threshold to reach before youcan get paid on Youtube youmust have at least 1000 subscribers thanks toyou I have 40 subscribers so Iam good at this part and then thebiggest part is to have 4000hours of viewing 4000 hours of*124000 hours of viewing that is to saythat if I have a video that lasts an houryou have to watch it at least 4000times and I don’t have a one hour videoso I have 10 minute videosso do the math sofor now I have 824 I have a big bigjourney still to be done so YouTube isa free platform but there is thepossibility of make money andlots and lots of money if you areconsistent and you are serious so onyoutube there are different ways to*12is monetization i.


if youmonetize your videos and when peoplewatched your videos there areadvertisements that will play on yourvideos and thanks to its advertisements there youwill generate income YouTube willpay you thanks to its advertisements that’s thefirst way to getting paid onYoutube and how does it work this firstway there YouTube will pay you acertain amount for each thousand seen thatyou make say that you will pay yourself adollar for each 1000 views if I make*12dollars obviously the 1 dollarsthe 1000 views that’s not the case itdepends that means that on youtube thereare tons tons ofvideo categories watch funny videos there areeducational videos there are videos thattalk finance like o n can saythat I am in the category we talka little about money finance all that thereare beauty categories in theamine United category you know there are severalcategories so I am going to take theexample of the finance category the*12am so the category finances theaverage of how much per 1000 views theaverage that YouTube pays per 1000 viewsand between 4 dollars and 12 dollars eitheryou realize for each 1000 views youhave 12 dollars so if in the categoryfinance you make a million views you have12000 dollars so you realize inmillions of views you have 12000 dollars andthat’s approximate calculationsthat’s the first way tomake money on Youtube then the secondway to make money on*12it’s affiliate links on affiliate linksthese are links through you willreceive commissions for example ifI make a video and Ipresents a book that I boughton Amazon for example what I cando is that in the description Ican put the link of the book and whenyou click and go buy thebook and well I will have a littlecommission on your purchase so that toois a second way to makeincome on Youtube unless, for example,*12for example there you have a lotof money to make because you goall out the time to recommendmakeups while recommendingfaults so much all that and you’re going to put thelinks in the description when the girlshe buys write you make yourself a smallcommission and if you’ve had a millionviews and who has 100,000 people who haveclicked to buy even if you have 1dollar for each person that makes you100000 dollars are then the thirdmeans of making money on*12like the beautiful Monday it is you makepartnerships with marks Istill believe the example of the books if there is awriter who has just released a book hewants to promote his book hecalls me he tells me Brahim you can makea video on my book tell him okhow much you pay me to makea video on your bed becauseobviously if I make a video in hisbook and I have an audienceobviously my audience will want to gobuy the book since I’m going to*12them the benefits of the book all that so hewill make sales he willearn money in this partnership logicallyhe has to pay me so that’s what apartnership is, for example inthe world of beauty videos that it’svery well known it’s a girl is made avideo on a foundation a make-up most often it’s partnershipswe send her the products and makevideos and we pay her for that so that’s the third way tomake money on Youtube ok don c after all*12ask me but ok Ibrahim how do wemake money on Youtube withoutmaking videos that’s where it gets veryvery interesting on youtube there areall kinds of videos that this eitherfunny videos there are tons offunny videos that get thousands ofviews millions of views 7 million 4million funny videos eh after youput videos for example of musicfor example the youtubers that wemake videos we needbackground music for our videos I don’t know if you*12and you can’t putany music you have to putmusic without copyright you understandthat’s say that for example if anartist he creates his music he puts acopyright on it so you can’t use it in videos otherwise you willyou will pay royalties so you go onYoutube you put music most oftenI put music no copyrights somethinglike that there again there are tons ofmusic that make 22 million 200,000years in four days the video is*12that all these videos there arefree videos since they areall non-copyright music everyonecan download them to put ontheir video these are free musicof coursefor funny videos also these arefree videos there is no copyrighton funny videos and of coursewhen I click on the video you seethat ‘there is an advertisement, that is to say thatthis video is monetized so foreach view that he will do with this*12he can still monetize his video hehas no concern at this level sohow many views he had with thisvideo he had 23 million andwe estimate that the 1000 views is 1dollar he still makes 23 dollarsjust he publishes no copyright musiceveryone can download it r soto tell you that YouTube has workedvery very lucrative ok where I’m going tocome back when I tell you tomake money on Youtube without makingvideos, that is to say that you take*12everyone world that you can findanywhere that you just go and repostyourself it’s completely legalanyone can do it and you canmake money doing it you don’t createany videos you just repostvideos which already exist and whichalready make views to facilitate yourtask I will give you categorieswhich already work very well on thefirst category which I already told youit was the Music category inthe Music category there are several*12for youtubers becauseyoutubers are looking for a lot of musicon Youtube you can create a channel whereyou put only music our copyrightswhere you can search for vlog musicbecause youtubers qu i make vlogs andall they need music for theirvlog is free music soanyone can download it sothat this advantage of having a verylarge audience because anyonecan download anyone who is looking forhis videos you see music*12too it’s niche you see because thereare weird people I don’t know butbefore falling asleep he is looking forrelaxing music to fall asleep themusic [ __ ] stuff like thatand you see relaxing music likethat from the sea that gets 1000000 viewsbecause crazy ride and of courseit’s a non-cooperative thing as I tell you forfree anyone canplay the same music and change thebackground and you republish it and you makeyour money except it’s a very big big*12concrete examples with concrete numbersso I’m going to go to a sitecalled social Blade this NA cialBlade is a site that allows you toknow the income of your youtuberseither you see your favorite youtubers thatyou watch you can go to the BladeI shout their name and you will be able to knowhow much he earns per month or not so Icome on social Blade you see and I’ll take you an example of aYoutube channel for example this one iscalled Tiger production you see*12cats you see videos of cats thatare everywhere maybe hefinds them on Facebook on Instagram sureeverywhere you see they have 3million subscribers you realize in totalthey have a billion views and I cancome here on socialblade and I cansee that Tiger production he is gaining between1700 and 27000 dollars per month and whosees between 20000 and 300000 dollars peryear I don’t need to talk to you about this inCFA francs you know it’s a lotof money you see so I’ll let you do*12u n another example like this channelcalled cool vines I don’t know if youguys knew the era of vines atthe time vines were shortvideos it was a bit likeManon’s Tik Tok but it was in 2014 soI have to repost TikTok videos and wines they have 2 million subscriberstheir income is between 3000 and 48000dollars per month that is to say thatevery day you pass time onfacebook having funny videosdude you just download those*12you republish them on youtube it’sso nice complicated everyonethat right now i’m going to facebookfor example i’m going to facebook and so I’m going to watch watch that’s wherethe videos are you’re looking for a videothat’s very viral, for example avideo well there it’s not a funny videobut it’s a viral video you see thevideos or guys he renovatesstuff videos like that these are videosthat are t very viral you see videoslike that and when you see them you*12on facebook already you know it’s avideo that is viral that everyonewill watch it’s so simple yougo to google you type downloadvideo Facebook you will come across a sitelike that there are millions of siteslike that it will tell you copy the video link ofcourse it’seasier to do on a computer because thatyou just come here you click on thereit is written 101.

ly nine normallythis is the link of the video either Iclick on it I copy the link of*12I do download download videohere I can download it in HDquietly I have the video which isdownloading here 2 seconds thatit downloads while waiting for it todownload take advantage of this time togo subscribe you subscribe if you you’renot already subscribed if you changedit it’s always a pleasure do nc the videoit is downloaded can open it hereand there in high definition veryquiet very clean you see I have myvideo you go to Youtube normally you*12Youtube channel you just click thereput in line a simple video youpress here to add the video andyou look for it me I put it here you aremore of the video you put a title thetitle you don’t even have to gettired my guy the title you can justput the same title you copy you comehere and you put that you see you put aquick description you can but I onSkype stainless steel in English subscribesubscribe you put that then avery very important part also it’s the*12important on Youtube because it isthanks to taxes that people will beable to find your video what Iadvise you is to put tagswhich are very well known at the momenttaxes that everyone is looking fortaxes like everyone nde is looking forTik Tok videos right now on my ps5you put known taxes like that andwhen people will type that they will seeyour video they will watch it youget views quiet so there it isreally the simplest category to*12facebook page you download them youput them on Youtube you put the same titlethere is no problem there is nocopyright everyone can publish theirvideos they are free you seethen you can do the same thing onTik Tok too you see and Tik Tokis videos that are also very veryviral if you know Tik Tok you knowthat Tik Tok videos and are veryviral suddenly there are people whojust videos Tik Tok which folds themon Youtube and they are*12Tok you will see that the videos they have12 million views 1 million views 37million views so it’s a nichewhich you can also consider downloadthe videos on Tik Tok very easilyit’s it’s easy you can do the samething that I showed you onfacebook you also do it on Tik Tok okso I showed you for theFanny videos all that then for themusic videos this one they’re going to take youa little longer just a littlemore time and a little work that you*12guy like that on Youtube republish itthere you risk to have problems youcan just download the sound of thevideo since it’s the music thatinterests you me I have a technique whenI come on YouTube on my computerI come hereyou can also like if you like youcan like we continue ok so in thevideo you come on Première Pro I putthe video in my software then Itake the music I put the music at thebottom and there you will see that the*12in all the software you can do thatyou can just enlarge r the video here islike that the video is the same sizeas the sound so there I have arelaxing video here is with a relaxing sound at thebottom I finish the editing records and Ipublish it on Youtube and of courseit will be for more time because you’re going to have to download the musicdownload the background and afterpasting all that it’s going to take moretime but obviouslyagain it’s not a lot of work if*12

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