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the latest instagram changesto change the lives of millions ofcreators, including perhaps yoursinstagram will launch its creatormarketplace which will allow you tomonetize your instagram content muchmore easily than before,regardless of the size of your audience andI insist on this because that’sprecisely what is important in thisannouncement no longer need to havehundreds of thousands of subscribers toearn a little money on a sa g this*12concretely, in fact, the principle ofdienstag ram is to connectcontent creatorsand brands directly on instagram in thesimplest way possible to allow them tonegotiate partnerships, but for that wewill have to activate thepartnerships first of all, we will have to go to youraccount to go and specify thedifferent domains that correspond toyour content thanks to that the brands ontheir side will be able to find you andcontact you directly in a*12send you all the details of the partnershipremuneration included and onceeverything is signed you can evenget paid for the transaction directlyin the instagram application whyit is important for you as thatcontent creators on instagram alreadyprove that partnerships withbrands are no longer the prerogative of biginfluencers who have hundreds ofthousands of subscribers thanks to 7 marketplaces,even micro and nanoinstagram influencers will have the possibility to*12with brands get out ofthe application so that means no morephone calls to go throughe-mails the super complicated stuff here theprocess if it is simplified to its extremewhy it turns out in fact that of ait is already to try to regain alittle control over the economy ofthe influential which obviously generatesbillions every year a general ruleon social networks butparticularly on instagramobviously by the way since it happens*12recover one’s share of the cake becausein this economy of influence allthe deals that are made in outsideof instagram obviously instagram wins 0if the city councilor is done directly inthe application they will recover acommission to be very clear the bigall soft from in-stat g adamo seriesspecified in a video that there would beno commission taken by in-statgrams until the end of 2023 so thatmeans they are not getting worse will take 0on all deals that are signed through*122023 from 2024 certainly whateverwill be the percentage that for once wedon’t know anything about it but it willalso allow brands to havemuch more transparent access to the figuresof influencers on a stadium becauseit is clear that today we arestill Dan s a world of influence thatalso plays a lot on numberson appearances and sometimes on the fact thatengagement pay paid follower etc andtherefore in-stat g will certainly put inplace a system that will allow its*12of the figures and the influence of thesetree influencers with theofficial figures available in thecreative act marketplace that’s notofficial but it seems totallylogical to me and above all and that’s a factit’s that the most of the time,micro nano influencers often generatemuch more engagement withtheir community and therefore muchmore engagement and return oninvestment for brandscompared to macro influencers who*12little bit more drowned in thediluted mass compared to the hundreds ofthousands sometimes even the millionsof subscribers they have and therefore for thebrands it costs much less andit’s much more profitable to be able togo directly to the microphonesand dan to the influencers but beforeit was a monster job to be ableto contact them one after the otherto be able to identify them and that’swhen thanks to the creature marketplacefrom in-stat g all this will become super*12following these announcements the world ofinfluence will not stop spinningnot focus on instagram thehuge deals of macros and megainfluencers will continue to passoutside of in-stat g at least for themoment between the agents of the influencersthe huge agencies that arebuilt around this world of influenceobviously that’s somethingthat will continue for monthsor even years and the big deals willcontinue to be made outside the*12it will make it much easier by bringingbrands into contact with thesmallest influences nceurs which untilnow was really a headacheand especially to allowsmaller influencers toearn money with their content something whichuntil now was very complicatedit must be said so if you evenhave a small community oninstagram of less than fifty thousand oreven less than 10,000 subscribers and which isreally committed and that you are*12a godsend for you because it willallow you to earn some moneyon instagram thanks to your content andthanks to your community withouttaking your head too much so it’sliterally a game challengermainly for smallinfluencers on instagram who willfinally be able to monetize their contentand I want to say finally it wastime

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