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three essential skills to getstarted in business on the internetmaybe today you are looking to getstarted on the web and excuses and theright skills to be able to starta business and above all make itwork because it is in our interestto all if we otherwise it’s a trick sothat it doesn’t work it doesn’t interestus indeed there are skills thatwork better than others toskills that can save youtime even can give you a*12started in online businessin this video I willquickly explain three skills thatI think are essential today if youwant to succeed in online businessfast enough[Applause][Music]you know the fox for that he comes acrossone of my videos welcome to you myname is enzo honoré I have been supportingentrepreneurs to earn a living on theweb since 2016*12he three skills that areessential his big advantage to tell youabout this is that today Ihave online businesses in differentfieldsI am a consultant I am a trainershui e-merchants I have soldaffiliate products I havesoftware affiliation in short I have developeddifferent businesses which give mea fairly wide range of views on whatis being done on the market and what isnecessary to have in terms of*12[Music] first skill which is essentialin my opinion for when you want to starta really it’s your firstonline business and you want to start it will beto know how to be rigorous you will have tobe rigorous to be able to follow aprocedure a process without calling it into questionquestion every five minutes andstop the problem group of people whoembark on a new project like thatthen in any change of life inany case it’s you know this double*12individual entrepreneur when we are asolo lessee we in the cap ofthe architect is also the capof the mason you have to prepare the plan andthen you have to carry out this plan is theproblem what is it it’s that you put on thehat of the architect eu cretonplantu create your vision somaybe you followed a video maybeyou bought a training and said to youhere I am going to apply the plan and thetrick c is that in the middle of the full in themiddle of the plan that you planned*12you made your house you made your planso that the house you arrive you havejust finished the bathroom and you say itwould still be nice if we had twobedrooms rather than one and the thurmodifies the plans you put yourarchitects hat back on and you go back to thesite afterwards by putting themason’s hat back on the problem is that by doingneed like that by working like thatyou will never finalize t at firsthouse you’ll never finalize hisfirst project and you’ll always try*12doing it I don’t know if that had alreadyhappened to you to do that to me it happens to meall the time so that’s the problem it isthat as long as you do that you willnot be able to go to the end so my invitation towhen you are going to start it is reallyto be rigorous you define a plan isyou stick to this plan until the end you willsucceed you you have to be able tofollow these instructions for exampleand I think that’s a big part ofpeople you train yourself you watch videosyou buy training and the big*12end don’t use not to the enddoes not apply the trick to the endwhy because often on the waythey find someone who says the oppositethey find another method in anotherway where they get discouraged they getdemotivated my invitation real it’sreally to take a course to takeone thing to take a method isto go to the end to put it in place at100% to give yourself 30 days 60 days or90 days to test things totest things really have to be*12case being a solo entrepreneur or startinga business starting a businessyou have to be rigorous and disciplinedit’s not just on the weband if you manage to develop thisdiscipline which is not given toeveryone I completely agree withyou and which is sometimes hard toput in place, but if you manage todevelop this discipline and thisrigor and to keep it, that’s howyou are going and you will certainly succeed inthis first test this*12that in the long term you will really beable to succeed in sustaining anactivity to make youronline activity work so the first thingrigor discipline follow a plant has aplan and you see at the end of this plan beforeto change anything[Music]the second point when we start it’s going tobe your ability to be analytical andpragmatic, that is to say at some pointyou’re going to have lots of action to dolots of things to do and it you’re going to have to*12have the 80 to seewhich actions are really going to havemore impact than others or do youhave to put your focus and that’sreally what catapults a startupsame what they continue tocatapult entrepreneurs in their growthin their success today one of thebig problems that I experienced at thebeginningthe first year I launched more thantwenty projects to test asmall not all on the market etc*12hyperactive and that I wanted totest everything until I found thebusiness that suited me the projectthat suited me but in any caseif you don’t not more than two weeksin duration e of life to a project you will notreally be if it is made for you too you arepassionate so you really see the trickis to know how to put in place theactions that make the difference and tostay focused on the task you are in theprocess of developingfinally it’s a little bit consistent*12before it’s having the discipline tostay focused on a single task is todo the right actionssucceed in defining the 80 20 insidefrom what you are doing thatwill allow you to have a lotof leverage on the actions you put inplace and low to start having theresults without spending hours andhours and getting tired to the task yousee[Music]the third point it will be to cut*12infobesity syndrome this syndrome of theshiny object you will discover in thecoming weeks in the comingmonthslots of people full of business modelsfull of strategies i willallow you to give what you want whichis certainly more freedom morepassion more love in yourdaily work whilepotentially earning more money than whatyou earn today and it’s true80 % of the content you’re going to find it’s*12tell it really live it’sanother debate but all the content you’re going tofind most of thetime it’s true it’s realize everything itcan be created anything can be done what isthere is a huge gap between the field ofpossibilities that you see today thefield of possibilities that is possible tomake to earn a living on the net thatis a realityon the other hand do you have towaste your time in quotesdiscovering everything to everyone tested to see everything*12and today my best adviceis stop everything in fact everything that isaround of you you stop time take atest everything and you put eggs Illeres youput blinders on and you go to the endbecause in fact the leverage effect thatyou will have by working on a singlething a single idea a single businessfor three four months will give youskills which in any casebefore serving, regardless of thestuff you are going to discover around you,the idea is indeed to*12business model on which you are going tofocus this is where I think youhave to spend a little time it is necessary totake stock a little what are myskills what are my desires thatshe salmon lifestyle I say it alot on the videos at the momentdedicated to earning money on the netbut the advantage of having anonline business is to do a business inwhich you take kif in which youtake passion in which youfeel useful*12service of our life is palereverse okay so focused on itbut one once you have chosen abusiness model you put on blindersyou close why because you aregoing to be hitmen everyweek you are going to discover anew traffic acquisition strategyevery week you are going to discovera new strategy in front of youevery week will discoveranother way to earn moneyso if you stop at each of*12and you try to get startedor it slows you down in the developmentof the number one activityyou are dead you’re dead you’re going towaste wasted time focus myinvitation is to put on yourblinders to use a business modeland go straight for a periodof at least 30 60 or 90 days toreally be able to experience whatyou are doingso quickly the importantthing the main part of this video it’s going to be that*12model to stay strong cus to find thispragmatism which will allow you to doonly the actions which areimportantand then to go straight ahead to remaindisciplined during the trial it lies inhis skills there too you are ready towork on his skills there thereare strong chances that for you itgoes well and that in 60 or 90 days youare already starting to have created somethingthat has borne fruit for you and that’s allI wish for you if today you*12launching what business was launching on the netwhere you have no ideas to launch yourself atthe moment we are promoting aprogram called theonline business starter packit is this strategy to winmoney on the internet that I tested thatI set up with which I mademoney and for some withwhich I still earn my livingtoday it’s a business model here I’ll tell you dissect I show them to you Iexplain to you what are the skills*12business models whatskills do you need in thedevelopment and evolution of thisbusiness how quickly you couldexpect to earn a livinghow quickly you can expect to make yourfirst sales in short I’ll dissect youthat I’ll explain all this to you withoutbias a big big advantage todayis that I’m a generalist 1 Iearn my living with severaldifferent business modelsI have no interest in say the*12anotherthe big advantage of this trainingis that you will not have any biasand will really have the reality of what ishappening behind the scenes in thedevelopment of this activity iftoday you are looking to know whichonline business you can launchideas to launch online businesses this online businessstarter pack trainingis certainly madefor youit is available in the description just*12we feel all week we take advantageof it during this week of promotionthank you very much for having followed this videoI hope you liked itdon’t hesitate to tell me whatare the skills that made thedifference in your life as an entrepreneuron the internet what are theskills that reallyallowed you to earn money orsucceed I can’t wait to knowwhat made the difference for youwish you a great day see*12video I tell you very quickly theoryall

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