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hello it’s snow in this video wewill see together how to find theright affiliate platforms thatwill pay you that will increase youpain internet cracks watch thevideo until the end for the re missed let’s go[Music ]little reminder on parentage,what is a buyer who goeslooking for a product on the internet, he willcome across your site, visit yoursite and you will recommend that he*12so for to do that you need to havea relationship with theaffiliate platform which will serve both toput you in touch with the brandwhere the product is also to takecare of counting your commissions andwanted to pay and suddenly we doonce our visitors go through you andthey land on the website of the brand of theproduct that they made the purchase thebrand it will pay money to theplatform the platform behind it willupset your commissions and you*12so for all this to work well youhave to find the right platforms thatare already in contact with the rightbrands with the right products toincrease your chances of convertingyour visitors to your site andincrease for you that what are wegoing to see in this video and how tofind these platforms how tolook for it whatever your themehow to choose the right platformsthat will boost your businesswe find ourselves behind my computer to*12’m going to start by showing you thebiggest affiliate platform thatexists on the internet which is theamazon partner club so when yousee from the home page we actuallygive you an idea of thecommissions you can earndepending on the different niches soas they say it is thewidest choice that exists on the internet foran affiliate platform and thentages in fact that you are going totouch decks of different niches*12their affiliate platform home pageis actually why this isthe greatest choice because when youknow there are almost all productsthat exist are you can buy themon amazon so amazon has become agiant e-commerce platform and it’s hard to think of aproduct not to find it on salealready on amazon and suddenly whateverthe categorical ageof your blog or your site makes itthe category in which you are interestedyou can easily find*12them through your site and earncommissionsso there I go to theamazon.

fr site and i actually look at thedifferent categoriesfor example i think the biggestcategory actually when youhistorically amazon had started withthe party books nicheselling books took in that i They haveexpanded the platform and suddenly even infact the books category has allthe thematic strains you*12books and audible and go to all thebooks you’re going to see so all thesecategories there which actually displays on theleft so whatever I think thetheme of your site you caneasily find books on amazonthat are already on sale on amazon thatare related to the theme of yourblog and that you can easilycome and sell them in affiliation for this thatyou are going to offer products to yourvisitors that are related to thetheme that interests them, for*12thematic debate I don’t want to go aroundfor you, but let’s assume that youhave a blog onthis, on the form and dieteticsthere actually there are more than two hundred and thirtyseven thousand books that are already on theplatform what you have to dois just go p make the bestsellersit is number one in sales because infact the books that are already sellingvery wellwell afterwards are easier to sell*12so how do I, for example,choose the products that arenot profitable I look at the productsthat are the best sellers also infact I look at the number of reviews thatexist on amazon you see here there areonly nine reviews on the bookapparently the book so thereis again one on the platform suddenlythere doesn’t have many opinions yet soeither you take the risk saidto promote a book that hasjust been released and well either you go*12confirmed what so books where there arelike this one for example they are 37 forlife so you can imagine the number ofpeople they bought the bookso well we don’t have a precise idea onhow many sales were generated onamazon for this book but we have anidea on the number of opinions you imaginethat the percentage of people who buythe books who will put theiropinion on the platform is not veryhigh so having for example 137 opinionsmeans that there are thousands of*12and suddenly it is easier to sellhere is 400 444 comments it is true thatthe book was and here ispublished five years ago but still the samename which is 444 comments so yousee 344 opinions so you see that it’smore or less it’s a little easier tosell than other books that don’t have alot of normal stroke and thatactually applies in anyother category so I have took thebooks category because in generalwhen you have a blog, that is to say that*12of consuming information,training, content that exists onyour site, well,then selling books, well, that’s finemore with the style of a block but theretoo but there is the others in factvery profitable product categoriesfor example we will see for example thesports and leisure category so we knowthat the fitness category in generalis a practical category in factvery profitable on the internetso it’s always a good idea to*12fitness so we’re going to go into sportand leisure fitness and bodybuildingsuddenly there if you already have a block or ayoutube channel or here you startpublishing content that is actually related to thefitness theme so you cancome here below the products in fact theirprice and the var and from a few euros to afew hundred eurosit is up to you to choose which productyou are going to promote onyour blog for example here we golook at the best sellers*12so we see there are almost1500 opinions on the product so it’s alreadyvery good so that is to say that theproduct is really in the process of tosell a lot so the product costs that40.

54 eurosso if you go for each sale ofthis product there you will receive Ithink 3% commission on electronic equipmentso it will be a euro fifty a littlemore than a euro 50 for each sale ofthis product you also see on the bikeso there are 1422 opinions on the product so*12very very very way beat is easy10 years compared to other productsso it is a product that is in thebest -sellers so it’s always agood idea if you have a blog onfitness to take this product put anentire article on it on which forexample you compare it and othersimilar products exist on theplatform from which you take this productthere you will see on amazon which amazonitself and offers you lots of othersimilar products as them too so*12since you see there the number of opinionsyou are only going to make u n article onwhich you are going to make a comparison thisbike dispute and here behind usedamazon therefore took advantage of the filiationthrough the amazon partner club sothat was the first platform Istarted for a while because it isthe largest affiliate platform that exists on theinternet supposenow that here for example youfind that the rates on amazon on itsvery low what 3% 2% is not*12example you want to find otheraffiliate platforms that youpay yourself even more than that higher commissionsor here you areworking in a theme where it isnot easy to find interesting productson amazon how doyou find theaffiliate platform with which you willworkit’s simple we will be on google.

fr andwe do the research affiliation is therein fact you take the word themes*12the name of your themeI’m going to do some researchfor example I mean flight affiliationsuppose I have a blogon travel I want to make it profitableby actually selling bypromoting flight and there in fact I comeacross a large list ofaffiliate programs that already existwhether it’s actually vaud travel agenciesI want it to beairlines whether it’sactually flight search engines etc*12whole first page on google yousee big boxes andlego search engines I think is atravel agency skyscanner air francewitness this group easyvoyage opodo.

frso you see all the big sitesthey have their affiliate program sothere whateveraffiliate program you choose forexample you have a travel blogwanted to partner with airfrance so you go to air franceyou will find all the details of their*12in fact they will pay you you seehere very precise details and 8 eurosfor flights we thought 5 euros persale for medium-haul flights 1euro per sale for short-haul flightsand after in fact it gives youthe details how to register andhow to be accepted in theiraffiliate programshere if you are also a blog on thetrip not that flights also wanted totake advantage of reservations in hotelsso I’m going to type hotel the filiation*12hotels.

com last minute hotel agreementswe have also seen it for flights so yousee all these big brands allthese big companiesthey have programs of Affiliationbecause we make the filiationis a marketing system that isvery very profitable for brandssimply because they only paywhen the sale is generated and suddenlyit’s there there is no risk that they takeno risks includingthis method of marketing because they*12is money coming in and you see so j10 hotel flights we can testwhat else as a themeif you have a blog on fashion a littlesay clothes knowing that you canalso promote clotheswhich is already also on amazon and there infact what do we find firstwe can find zeeland at point fr I’m going open see theiraffiliate programsso here is affiliate program 2 atthe recommended dose our products and*12generated so they give youattractive numeration information ofhuy % on salesduration two videos which in fact 30 daysthat is to say that we send yousomeone on zalando from yourwebsiteyou will receive summer commissionson purchases who will do so over the following 30daysso you have 30 days is forexample the person arrives todayon your blog and they don’t buy*12example a week later you willstill receive the commissionsso it’s still interesting knowing thaton amazon echoes it which there areonly 24 hours left but on amazon isto our advantage is that you willreceive commissions onany product inthe buyer’s basket, that is to say if you forexample on amazon send you aperson to buy this bike there and thatthe person in fact you buy othercomplementary products which are already*12also receive the commissions on theother complementary products that theperson in fact you buy during the24 hours which follow the visit andsuddenly and you know that amazon of whichthey really have an optimized systemof what are called apps alone, that isto say they are very good at makingInternet users buy productscomplementary once they placethe order for a first product soit works very well but itactually allows you to have more income*12stealing it’s just amazon doing what ‘theyknow how to do it and you’re going to get thecommissionsso so coming back we come backto the themed affiliate platformsand here we saw theft hotel clothes infact whatever this new mathsand the theme here the name of youraffiliation theme I don’t knowfitnessI’m taking advantage of this before see fitness youfound lots of affiliate programsin the fitness category including*12find lots of otherprograms suddenly it gives you moreflexibility because let’s imagine if aday I don’t know you have a problemwith amazon either amazon tells you thathere they are changing their conditionsof use and or it finds thatyour blog it corresponds more to theirconditions itions of use to goods they willdecrease the will play our conversion ratesyou will notfind yourself blocked you will continue touse took advantage of the asset*12which generates qualified traffic for come andsell other affiliate productsand you will have no trouble findingnew affiliate platforms suchas your theme becausealmost all companies usethis marketing methodso here we have seen amazon we have seenhow to find in makesaffiliate programs by themeanother way is to findaffiliate programs that are relatedto brands for example you say here*12only for products from nike andI want here try to make a profit from thiswhat are we doing you will comehere on google.

fr type nike affiliationyou will directly find thenike affiliation program for you scan change the lac withany other adidas brand full fullfull of other brands finddetails of the affiliate programshe has in fact you can findstill full of otheraffiliate programs when i showed you*12do it’s true they have theiraffiliate programbut it is not them who manages itso they call on othercompanies which are more specializedin the field of the filiation tomanage their affiliate programsto manage theaffiliates next accept it a newregistration check theaffiliate sites and it is here for example thereyou come to an agreement to jointhe affiliate program in france*12redirected to the website that a point frwho are they in fact who manages theaffiliate program with nike and therein fact you find more informationon this affiliate program when forexample ic if you find the details of thecommissions so it’s between 1 and 7% theaverage validation duration so theduration of the conflict this up to 30 daysand there in fact per click how much theyearn on average the people in factthat we sees visitors to thenike site*12have lots of other companieshe works pack with nike in fact theynot only manage theaffiliate network which is linked to nikethey all have a large network and thatyou can also try toregister with your websiteno it’s platform is there because infact if there I go to the homepage of the web that a point fr and Isee the different during our networkso we see that there are more than 1800advertisers on the network, that is to say*12their products available toaffiliates to sell them and earncommissions and just to give anexample we have seen nike samsung andmany other great ma rques that are intheir portfolio and suddenly what youhave to do to join such aprogramis to start by actually creating, forexample, a quality blog puttingquality content that addsvalue to visitors and comes to fillyour application to be accepted and*12websiteso we said we saw how to findthe affiliate program of a brandlike nike so here you getthe idea I imagine for example ourbrandbecause france affiliation and wedirectly find the page that we have alreadyfound talented hours to join theaffiliation program on air francepersonally I also use infact platforms which are contentfor affiliation and it is to say because*12amazon we saw the searches bythemewe saw their load of theaffiliate program by marc now infact there are other largerplatforms elm which are known whichallow you to joinaffiliate programs which are very profitableamong these platforms there we sawamazon which is in itself a verylarge affiliate platformwe saw there the web that a point fr and thereare the others*12clic banque.

com which makes it theworld leader in the field ofdigital product affiliate programs andwhich in fact allows you to havemore interesting commissions becausein fact it’s mainly heworks with digital productsand suddenly the sellers ofdigital products make more margin than on thesellers of physical productsand suddenly they cangive you two commissions that they goup to 30 40 50% on the initial sale price*12affiliate platforms there are also theseaffiliate jets and the address for theFrench-speaking platform cfr dot cgdot com is there from the first page infact you see examples ofthe companies in fact that he workswith this platform is at agoda andair france there are lots and lots and lotsof other very well-known companies and that’s itso you can joinit’s this platform there and have accessto all the companies that are alreadyon the platform*12the page and you click on click onthe our customers button you will findand at the bottom they have more than 3000companies that trust them andyou see in fact lots of verywell-known brandsso I let you discover yourselfto see all the brands thatare already on this platform that youcan in a few clicks if you have aquality blog send yourapplication to be accepted on ourplatform and started to*12brands on your blog so even if youhave problems one day or anotherwith amazon there are plenty of othersolutions to solve it.

fully monetize yourwebsiteso to finish the tour of thebiggest affiliate platforms thatare on the internetI will introduce you to travel.

com whichmakes it a platform on which I haveearned a lot of money bypromoting flights and hotelson through my websites and that’s on the*12you can get an idea of howmany other people are alreadygenerating through this platform therefor example on the month of september2010 is therefore there are people whohave greatly exceeded 20 thousanddollars per monththanks to this platform ouch even hasa whole calculator in fact to makea simulation of how much you willreceive depending on the value offlights and reservations in the hotelthat you are going to manage to sell*12go for travel pay out low they havea whole bunch of tools that you caneasily that I show you easilyhow to integrate them on your blogin sales training and sio and toactually generate almost automaticcommissions in affiliationthey have lots of tools which are verynice you can even have yourown flight and hotel search engine tointegrate in your websiteand here you are to offer this serviceto your visitors without even leaving*12your website and their costs which infact it remains for 30days suddenly you will receivecommissions on all the reservationsthat will be made by your visitorsover the 30 days following the firstvisit and you can even in factskip their notice if forexample they install the extension of thework period on their blog or elsethey install the travelpay out application on their phone you havesurely understood that it is not finding the*12problem in fact it is being accepted bythis s platforms there because whenyou have seen the quality platforms andplatforms of big brands that theyhave very very strict criteriafor selecting the sites that they acceptin their affiliate programs andit makes sense afterwards all because whenyou are affiliated with a bigbrand is also the image of the brandthat is at stakeand they want to make sure that you aresomeone serious someone in fact*12won and make them win also suddenlythey have strict criteria forselecting websites and the questionsthat the question you canask yourself now is what are thecriteria that determine the quality of asitewell in fact it’s is very simple but it isvery a bit tricky to set up aquality site determined by thequality of its content what isquality contentin fact it is content that will*12your re websitethere are a lot of people who want to getstarted on the internet they want tomake money on the internetwhat are they doing they are going to createsites where the content is in fact veryweak there is not really of valueso the visitor learns nothing whenthey arrive on the site and consumes thecount on the site and they will putfull advertising everywhere they godirectly as soon as the visitor has revealed10 a.


such product in châtel products*12visitor will leave already they willlose the visitor is also visitorslearn nothing and for itsaffiliate platforms there when they will arriveon your site and see that they will sayoh la lathis person there she is becauseshe’s doing thisperson there go aja only totake advantage is there she doesn’t want tohelp people she doesn’t want toteach them thingsshe just wants to earn money and*12serious affiliate platformslooking for and looking for people who are thereto give valueto visitors starting with donovan because in factafter all you are going to tell me whythe person is going to pass from me to my siteinstead of ‘go directlyto the brand’s site, well, it will go throughyour site because your siteoffers value that does not already exist onthe brand’s site and the brand too,so you are notadding value something that the brand*12it will not accept you in itsaffiliate program suddenly thestarting point is to create a websitewith quality content contentthat will bring value tovisitors for example if you want tosell products on amazongive comparisons give content that willteach visitors somethingand help them make theirpurchasing decisions if you want to work infor example for readers the theme aticvoyage travel pagnol cetera makes*12visitors to your blog want tovisit such a destination, for example, togive them information on the placesvisited, what are theevents, cultural events that are happening inthese places,etc.

suddenly it teaches them things afteranother factor is the quality ofvisitorsbecause in fact you canlaunch a website todayI don’t know where to go on platformspay money and have many*12but these visitors there will in fact bepeople who will not be particularlyinterested in your content willperhaps be robots it will in fact bethings that are sometimes even illegal infact in a way to generate visitorsand suddenly its visitors there theyare not what we callquality visitors they are notqualified visitors that is to say theywill not be people who are there and areinterested interested in a product to buy itand will just be traffic*12can’t really make them profitableearn money behindwhat is quality traffic forexample it is the traffic fromgoogle search title with which willorganically reveal on yoursite after typing something inthe search bar on google thesepeople there they really have a needthey are looking for asolution suddenly when you you see comingto your site and are already infact tan mind buyers so they will*12want to zealously send them tothe brand sitethey will convert withconversion conversion rates that are atrespect her what because when yousaw when we were on the webcam siteso for example on thenike affiliate program plan low conversion ratesit was interesting butwhy they are interesting becausealready the quality of the traffic which returns quality traffic onSaturday so it’s visitors who are really*12c interaction with visitors soit’s really it’s adetermining factor on your websiteif for example on your site and yourwebsite and the fair ones oriented toearn money and that you arenot looking to interact with a visitor forexample whether it is in thecommentswhere we give them value in thiscase the sitesees the not really quality becauseit is not the visitors so if you*12three criteria there it is that you have toput the visitor first you thinkthat we are not creating your website tellus I want to earn money Iwas earning money tell you howcan help the maximum people whowill arrive on my website and thatyou start doing that you wouldautomatically startearning moneypaI want tomake money I want to make money I*12to make money I’m going to do thisI’m going to throw such stuff on the site tomake moneywell it’s ok you never a dealand that’s actually how a lot of peopleget started and fail just becausethey focus just how am I going togive moneythey forget that to earnalready crazy money give value to othersyou offer you reread thecoordinates of the content and then the moneywill come by itself so all these*12content how to create how to create ablock of qu she was how to create aquality websiteadd quality contenthow to optimize it for the search enginefor example google could well giveaway google and have visitorsorganically all these things Italk about it in detail in a form tionI called the sale as you whichlasts about eight hours which isaccessible at the address pipe but whatthey take and slash augmentatio*12also the link maybe be in thedescription so in this training therewhat am I doing please I take youby the hand I show you stepby step judgment in front of you awebsite games optimized for google in front ofyou from a to z to create content ofquality and the site which is intraining in fact it is in thetheme of travel and I work withittravel affiliation offer not togo there I even show you how to*12little things that travolta August or inprose affiliates to increase theirconversion rate quoted snow from thepbs kids channel don’t forget to subscribeyou liked the video and put abig thumbs up goahead you it’s not over yetsubscribe you to the pbs kids channel isactivated from notification to beinformed when all mynext videos are releasedif you want to receive twofree hours of training click on this*12and follow the instructions otherwise if youwant to stay on youtube I havechosen this video for you which Irecommend you watch my c is you[Music]

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