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how do you calculate income taxin france there are basicallythree ways to set the amount oftaxes when its fx blowwe talk about a flat tax it is thecase of fineswhen we apply a fixed rate to anamount also called taxable basewe speak of a proportional tax this isthe case of the vat because we apply afixed rate of 19.

6 percent onmost goods and serviceswhen we apply a rate which varies*12we speak of a progressive tax the more thebase is important the more thetax rate is important it is the caseof income tax so tocalculate it we first add up all theannual net income salaries pensionsfor example from a tax household, i.


people who sharethe same tax sheet let’s takethe example of a couple with two childrenin 2012 their income amounts to 40,000eurosthen we subtract to the sum obtained*12flat-rate deduction of 10%corresponding tocurrent professional expenses such astravel expenses, which makes it possibleto obtain the overall net incomeafter the flat-rate deduction of 10%,i.


4000 euros the overall net income ofour couple and 36000 euroswe then divides it by the total numberof people or share in the tax householdthe father and the mother each representa share and the two childreneach represent a half share all*12we thus obtain the taxable basealso called basesthat is to say the amount that will serve as thebasis for calculating the tax for ourtax householdthe base and of 12,000 euros finally weapply to this basethe scale of income tax whichis composed of six tax bracketsthe first three are as follows0% on the first 5963 euros i.


0euro 55% on the next 5000 932 euros*12fourteen thousand 523 euros, i.


14euros for our couple,so our couple will pay 340 eurosin tax per tax share, i.


1,020euros in total in France 50% oftax households do not pay tax on theincometaking into account its method of calculationthe progressive tax allows aredistribution of wealth and areduction of inequalities betweentax householdsfor that

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