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this channel I also askhow to create a community onfacebook and start with month by hiscommunity that is to say transform hiscommunity a client is to be able toearn money with his communityI will show you some tricks hewill allow you to be able to monetizeuproar at wanted to start at20 money with uproar taken on 4 launcheswhat is normally done on hisfacebook pageto start with one of the region*12told you in the city where it seemedthat we are going to try to monetizeour facebook pagetoday in this video Ishowed the tips that will allow you to beable to monetize your facebook page normallyand start byearning money with a push networkbut what do you have to make me laugh nolonger need money in less than 6years and continue on facebook if you havejust discovered in this video thefirst of the things I told you*12clicking on the samba subscribe buttonand activating the crib soyou haven’t missed the nextvideos and things men Iask you to do for me itthis video is tricky I asked you to stayuntil the end because it wasimportant to know all the stepsthat will allow you to be able tomonetize facebook page mandates so whyminus 10 and a facebook page thatstarted with grain of the agent hadits contents it is necessary first to have the*12subscribers it is also necessary to publishvideos on this pageit was also to see the interactionsand what are theinteractions also explain that inthe video on how to boost a facebook pageor if you haven’t followed thisvideo yet I’m going to put you in thedescriptionyou’re going to drop this video thattomorrow you’re going to click on the little snag inparis if you d clear my head i seeeverything*12already know everything about facebookto help to be able to go quickly incase progress so i asked himhow you can- use fast and mata facebook pageit will only take a few minutes toexplain as they were asked tostay tuned until the end of thisvideo so the first of the thingsyou’re gonna do you’re gonna checkyour account you tapped on yourfacebook pageand you go ages in the*12creator is silly and at the home of thecreators of the studio you will seeimported videos in thislive video how to adjust in history has forit a creator of the studio that is allthat allows you to see if your te -this isalso that to do betterwith all your statistics said youwill see the reach of your facebook pagehere we play all the videos andalso the interactions s everythingwe publishedand there we built on the tab my*12learn more we will type on the artlearn more about once afterclicking on a learn more we willgo down under the higuain paws wehave senators who allow him tosee how to monetize ourfacebook page or see a little bythe eligibility monetization so thereare some steps like receipts to beable to monetize our facebook pageand to be eligible for harmonizationyou have to have a thousand subscribers to herfacebook page also 15 mhz and*12180 minutes and view or show that butmid view i coughed process allow you d i wasgoing to be able to monetizeyour facebook pageshe we are going to reveal thestudios creature jaro part monetization tofinalization we are going to findparameters that will we went tosee how to monetize to count mmsbah me I have ch oisi the mapping of theelegies case of one if you need fromall parts you are in his eyes thoseone page that received it this*12and to swallow a thousand subscribers if youhad shown how to do it andprogramsa ration and also showed youhow to do it so don’t hesitateto go to the machine you have foundall the videos that help you to beable to boost to create yourperson facebook page on mobile phone orcomputer we have advertising aliwill see the most visited advertisementssee the criteria and itsincreasing the advertisers in*12expand your audience create contentpromoting interactions anddevelop your double head its assetsof having reached ten thousand subscribers andlet’s go we don’t take to be able torequest monetization because it isnecessary first that manages the 10000 pointsthe German 2nd that I have in the waterss have last days six hundred thousandminutes more on demand see a littledid he acquired previously live tosay that if i saw a live videothe mc alger of videos i have 6 to*12and there it’s not really easy with asmall page you’ll have it enlarged thepage in their story and that’s what Iask you and do so quickly and I havemy video count more than one pageyou have found the solution to have thefan subscriptions and to the starsby invitation only for the mostcited a listing of the listings for theCzechyou must have you must first see thedisease have it on me also on thisrehab advertisement have an armada*12minute life test and egypt in thelast seven days as west 5000th aimto borrow videos to say goodbye to thedebate here are five minutes i am of the opinionto publish on your pagebut of weapons at 60000 min to say the viewson videos in direct and the mass andwho will interest us here in theirmapping monetization part that thesmall pages that have not yet raisedbut the voice speaking to us says murray thisis where this is the manager andcollaboration of the masks the law was*12and collaboration of marc mondayvoigt is first the number of yoursubscribers must have the offenses orthe ermine has also becomehere it is said it is not the halt and theindustries of the minimal thousand subscribersit is to say May 18 laborious on thispageand if you haven’t yet had themine subscribers on this pageI advise you to try to seethe millavois of the week I willexplain to you and first for the 1000*12to the video this is how to boost afacebook page you have found the vioroom to serve allows you to beable to get a thousand subscribers quickly onyour two steps at home be able to launch thenominat demo ions with the town hall if whichis very interesting even if whatto see to see the interactions butif one asks either interactions makesthe mines of sight or victims there toread videos which from the high rhine alone3000 tragic videos who says lomasthree minutes you have to start life at*12people have to simulate the arrival in panamaand you have to say what they sayhere for you the last 60 daysyou need of 30 minutes of view jeanlouis daumas of the title in south miamithe video of 3 million lives firstsee this legend and deploy dargoirefor me that of the video youmust have a thousand islandsbeginning me I advise you not theinteractions c is what is easy andit is said a lot of these are regionsneeds 15000 interaction with*12on the fact that people act onyour page with the young the elite thepromoters so more than publish all themore are already attracted by yourcomments and that it is only yourpublicationsbut if you are going to have theeasy emissary interactions firstthe operations you can have tenminutes for a whole weekif you are more regular on yourpage facebookfor two months you must have*12I want to say thank you for thisvideo if you liked it don’t hesitate tolike and blue blouse like in the eastof the pit don’t hesitate from yourmaid to rachel d activate the close asituation that not to miss the nextvideo that she wants to put her out andso I say thank you for following thisvideo and in la rochelle or for anothervideo

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Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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