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1324 on the day of April 17, 2020 so ifyou do not know what prison of thisnumber it is nothing other than thenumber of the es4 then I receivedconcerning parentage anywayjust told you that youmany of you send memessages about filiation if myfacebook page simon hureau de sape andalso thanks to my friend and therefore becauseyour interest in filiation screenstoday of this newgiant video showing how to make*12meaning is from level zero or thatyou do not know very bigthings in affiliation this video willallow you to have a hand with theprocess that the filiation and tostart earning money withthis method there which is very festivethat you can apply just withtheir mobile phone or yourcomputerso now that all the foundationis laid you start what are wewaiting for and here we go*12[Music]so you us those who don’t know mei am via scene kouadiofreelance developer of web and mobileapplications as well as applications forhaiti use is above all for me already iwould like to thank you because thechannel bought the twelve thousand subscribersand c it’s really phew friends for thosewho are not subscribers who on thisvideo the subscribe button just belowhere is 2009 are already done so whynot you so the particularity of this*12his plan is very very forward objectivesof the moor to discover what it is thatthe filiation as well as the noveltiesthat there have been on the set in sevenyears 2020 because there have been quite a fewchanges at the level of the interface andsubsequently we tried ourselves onthe place at philippe de jimi insteadon affiliate lights we will seewhat if what it looks likein practice and after the path wasregistered we generated affiliateSequan of application it*12link that users have toclick for you to havelast come we also simulatean order from that link therefor you to see what actually happenswhen a piece personhere finally purchase in the mortars orwhen you make a purchase twentypeople through theapplication method and in the end we willsee the statistics toolsallow you to follow the state of yourtalents in real time*12payment methods that’s thepurpose besides whether it’s paymentswith mobile money or not banking transactions herewe go so that we canunderstand affiliation of down toearth way here I am going part of thevery simple reasons a little bit banallet’s say that for example I amfor italy shades in which I sellcoffee for example and therefore seen thatlittle maybe for novelty reasonsi’m not really knownin the neighborhood so i’m going to see these*12would like you to help me get toknow my heart so isjust like reward eachtime you take someone toyour kiosks drinks coffee here youwill have a certain percentage on the priceof a cup of coffee for example the wellof all and that he will have consumed as soon as hecomes to the boxes here becauseit is you who have it in mines and notif he has come to understand this exampleis simple to then youimmediately understood the filiation because*12promotes a product if ms platoand youand people to order through yourlink in a row that you generate ofcourse your tennis was not because wemake an example in this videoand every time people oryou made purchases on this placehave said t how much this with your linkin a row you will have automaticallybecome according to the result which isallocated to the team and hold on tight it’s not something mystical you*12trays all over the world here it isthat with your e-commerce platformyour ceiling says how you apply itabove places we count miaalibaba amazon wuala but as weare in africa I could redo thedemos with mit a filé because that’sthe way there that I use tohave money here in Ivory Coastso now that you have understood itis the process of filiationwe will go to a demonstrationto show in a practical way*12to generate income right after following methis video so hecould affiliate with honey orgenerally strike at twomajor plateaus here it is the place forcoi affiliates n of the point that isthe official name of the punished atsudatel makes the purchases so first ofall empathy came to us from the placemen of affiliation of the lights and itsaffiliates poindimié pol pot that Ihate them the links in the descriptionso I guess that again I was*12also change the name of the officialof the lights the one on which we makethe purchases united with cuincy here ifyou are in ivory coast morocco unitedafter my senegal there is not his inany case according to an extension ofyour country in fact mine point hereok so as follows the phases of supportso here is a chance we want to showface he filled out the ras website field separatelyif you don’t have a websiteor just put the official websiteof the lights of the doubled trophy of the mia*12franceit will allow me to pass thestages because it be quite delicate in thiss there you go but normally it’syour site your taste for the holidays sinceI already have one when I go clickon login and here isthe dashboard home page to the main page onmy side in 2017 it was a bitcomplicated for less to take butwith parentage then it’s the place itseems a bit weird to me but overtime as I age and the dogs get used*12to spend time there and you you’reused to the interface I’m going to showmy different points to g here we’re going toclick on the support tab it’s asinging process there is thecommission model resets to click the chinayou’ll see the differentpercentageshere which are allocated to each articlebecause there will be I am for exampleivory coast ivory coast you willsee the commissions which are allocated toeach article finally I speak to you about*12it is depending on the commissionsyou made t your different calculationshere is the percentage the old ones thedonor is not the same percentageas if for example we are ofcourse buying a vehicle so that it dependson the category in which the could7 8 9so you have access on this interfacethere all the categories you cando the calculations even beforeyou even start but a dwarf who was notyou are not obliged to calculate the*12automatically for you so we willapply at the advertisement of flip flops isvery important it unrolls threemain buttons to the activated help usto generate the affiliate linkhere for example maintain formobile applications or what you saymore caucasus mobile version where youmake the order through the themobile application of cumières and generator isalso banned it is a tool for a bita pc have applied to it copysee what it is lately we do that we*12for the nineteen penthouse by exerciseto 20 websites and that you dothe integration it does not becomeeasier to integrate the image with thelink at the same time so there he knowsthe idea of having to use the giganticgood or even ticket banner on the numbergeneratorswe can barely have time you will havetime to find out later becauseI have reached 2000 in the meantime is thesecond place tolisten to the official place of light*12driving pundits to promoteso here’s June but neither for examplelet’s say you want to buy alenovo computer it costs 159million clicks is of a different naturethat’s what we did it’s that we tellthe link of the article we want to buyhere to pass off our kindof affiliation for the bestsince knowing this link as being one ofours so that each time thepeople who purchased anitem through this link we can have*12the article in question of ethicsthe first time yesterday the orderI buy keira so here is just upwhat is the cell yesterday that thebuilding does control these or ringorecopy copy the link and you will seein your space du mit à philippeberling bild that is to say that we came outwell you first select yourcountry it is very important because thepercentage varies according to the countryeach country has its also you havechosen your country or wervicq and*12here at the level of the lost dam mia hereyou have only to paste the link that wecopied previously not for that wecan remove that simply account toraise you know the qualities and theservices the anguish responsible forautomatically generating and that we have achievedvery little so that it changeshere is the possibility of emitting inait dissolves in a row toeasily trace our the object to the teenager whoseparates very very important themasterstroke for example by di natale*12still waiting he won theupdate at the level of him and reindeer all thesevouchers to rüti this is automaticallyadded in the final paces so we willcopy reality here it is this url isvery important passed him in water eachtime a person at raf and nashsuffered from this link and you willautomatically have income at normalthan at the foot suffered at a minimumso there are novisual differences between the two books by theway they all point to the same*12the only difference is that as bestwe know them bernie as beingsees it in order to give you a percentageon the tipp that will be purchased so thepart of the report of tastes threemain tabs here are thebest daily conversion and saab haitito observe the differentiation that thereare the horses different links thatyou generated that is very simple youclick on samarie beds to thedaily summary here is as Isaid and you select a date will be*12selected by default this is not thecase for selected ivory coast where thecountry in which you are and where toselect a time intervalhere is the date and we willapply explain to me I appliedor deployed in greece so here ishow it was clicked or and that therewere all the reactions who are therehere we had three clicks the commissionsof agreement 000 see the zeros everywherebecause we did not make a purchase onthe unite if the purchase goes well you*12advanced complete automaticallybroadcast made purchases will be activatedautomatically 3h also disappointedfor the title is recurringit is that at this stage there aremany people who pay moral agentsto all and me because lurel has changedso make sure that the unique in thenavigation bar since spa didnot change his memories to continue yourdifferent for different our costsmake sure that if people donot change in any case precise the link changes*12came to them hard to recognize itas normal and it doesn’t suit us here there are all your conversations towhich must be reloaded normallyyou must simply click as best you canin côteivoire yielded to click byweasels with applied arts and it will bedisplayed here I am notapplied because I did not showthe different activities that Isucceeded my account here it is an accountall the same by the way so just at yourlevel you will see the date of the*12the main thing you have to keep themat the conversion level that’swhat apathy status and 13 couldn’t it be the one to whom this part therethat shows the statuses of divoconv votes ersion made either approved or rejectedhere is where also pending so whenyou go to see an attack whileeverything went well but the userhas not yet passed his grout or atleast who has not yet broken his legfrom mine even when they pay the moneyfrom mine it’s been a while since its end*12statuses are pending rejected orapproved that’s to prove itmeans your age a moment available and that’sit went well the jt thatmeans it’s all me it wasthe I was waiting or not it wasalways after seeing thestatistics tools we’re going that kevinhatchi the practice country mansion be ableto update thepayment information passed from very very important infact if this space there you are going to adda payment information month here*12then the payment method either littlechooses mobile 30 alone for an overdraftmoneo 2 3.

7 for a relationship built hereyou think the easiest way would be todo with the roads new currenciesmr las vegas aiming his embarrassment notto put your details package andyou update it and make sureto continually update yourtraining issia plays because that’s whereyour money is used to deposit yeah Ialso remind you that the minimum thresholdand deposits and 10 euros has so 10*12here so if you have 7000 francs morethan 7000 francs on your accounthere you will let see yourmoney by banking conventionseach end of the month

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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