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who is the other the world is welcomein this tutorial in which i willshow you how to make moneyif facebook with a smartphone orjust how are going to use yourfacebook page on a phone thisis something that has me a lot has beenasked after the super mom video neitheron your facebook page or so how toearn money is enough toput you the link of the video somewherethere in red did in this video there Ishowed how to monetize your*12several of my friends have made itclear to me that they don’thave a computer and that they would like meto show them how to do it on atelephone it is possible in thepipes and that it is quitepossible to monetize your facebook pageI have a phone and that’s what I’m going to show you in this tutorial,which is why I invite you tostay until the end of the videoso you don’t miss anything.

equal prompt ment to subscribe to the icc and*12to expand your community to otherswithout delay I show youhow it works[Music]you are on my cellphone it’s simple smartphone mustbefore you start anythingor reassure you that you are logged inif your facebook account once causecheck this you just have togo to your phone browserat my house it’s google which I’m going to open google that’s*12the search bar and you’re going totype facebookits studio attachments that’s surelyautomatically displayed which I’m going tochoose it then I have to go tomonetization so to go click onmonetization here’sonce cause and who knew mobilizationof Swiss TV has gone from yourhomepage so just keepit on the left of your screenjust below your inboxgo see it’s cooked monetization*12on me my screen is displayed like thishere isdoha where you have the status of youraccount with me for example as a statushis writings which there is no restrictionon the rules of monetization meansthat I am in the process of being monetized andthere are even othermobilization options that have already been activatedfor me, but this is not the theme of artchains, of which you willsee the tool for monetization you toedouard monetization tool to*12small use daemon activates inyour home and the possibility of configuringmaybe the banquets andmany other things that we willask you is it just a lease and othermonetization tools is like ahighway an immunization you havepublished a stream for on-demand contentsubscriptionmarc collaboration manager and websinstant article soby example for the first tool which*12content on demandto be able to access this alsodemonetization there here there we can seethe conditions met for this youmust have 10 thousand subscribersand have a total of 600 thousand minutesand readable viewed in the last 60days and then healthy active videoon your donation page for this to beactivated horses you mustmeet these criteria there oncethe criteria are met facebookwill envy you a thousand a message to*12maria you now have access to thismonetization tool which is then facedwith an additional cost of on-demand contentso here is the nextmonetization tool its subscriptions and toaccess this also monetization andmeets the following criteria to knowyou must have 10,000 subscribers or250 recurring viewersand50,000 interactions with the publicationof a message means that you have to t that wesaw at least one hundred and fifty thousand*12since you made publicationsor you must have 180 minutesof view so once you meetthese criteria which are requested thistool will also be activated for younow with regardto marc mita’s collaboration auditions,we have ourmonetization tool for that, we musthave at least these thousand subscribersand the criteria for the others, which timeit will take to have fifteenthousand interactions on your page or*12thirty thousand views of a minute of videoof at least this three minutes at the cost oflast 60 days so so here Ifind that it is the monetization toolwhich is also quite easy and quitefast toachieve monetization monetization toolfollowing that at star monetization vestit is a tool that onceits shiny activated unfortunatelydoes not indicate unfortunate I don’t know thecriteria that it will take more for thatbut it’s of course that if ever*12were activated in your home, it’s truea message also from facebookthat will go to you that you now haveaccess to a star monetization toolso here isthe last demonization tool that Isee here these moments articlesaturday a monetization also doesnot show it is that it will take morecomplicated to obtain it but Ithink it is the same as the toolstar demonization that facebookknows the conditions to be*12simply you willsimply forgive receive a message ora thousand from the pad and facebook ormaking it known that you now haveenough access to this monetization toolthere on me for example currently I haveaccess to thepaid online event monetization toolI have been going there for the king three months thatmeans that if I created theonline event I am also t pay forit do not ask me excited that ithad to be fulfilled because these criteria*12which I had also just received an email fromfacebook and messages which told methat I I now had access to thismonetization tool there and frankly it’s true what so since I have itonce I created the eventswere going to get paid for it sohere so here is the difference infacebook monetization existsc that is to say event at the inpi inpublic of course but a skin of the contenton demand subscriptionmanager collaboration of my that of mac meta*12can directly find themonetization tools at the home page likethis or so if I see you herealso shows this button veilgibily t from the page here you canclick on it so I’m sending myselfwe’ll see a little bit whatdoes it look like on my page so hereand there oh like v You see this shows thatmy page has already hadactive motivation fed and that is apaid online event so here it isif you come right here there other*12the screen on this little arrow youpress it you will have you willalso still have to know how themonetization tools are detailed here you have toknow printed advertisements oron-demand content fan subscriptionand instant atik canvases publication instream for the live streams here wasnot displayed on the first pagehowever here you see better what itlooks likewe have already seen the disputes whichyou are that it is necessary it was necessary for*12positioning of collaboration of my thatmeta power the criteria in addition mustclick on it is seen there the criteriaso here are the left his fileagain which must have at least 5000subscribers what I already have for a verylong time on my page and more than a thousandsubscribers sinceyou have to have150 mg an interaction or of thelast 60 days or even180 minutes of view in the last 60days or quite simply*12view of a minute in that’s a bitwhat I wanted to show you in thistutorial for those who watched thevideo on how well he didthis book in which I showedhow to monetize your facebook pageon a computer could it’salmost the same thing except that if thephone is the click and on facebookand apple studio when the when the tapin the ball info you have to click onmy use is true that the rest andit’s almost the same thing must therefore*12still want to apologize for theprevious video because theywatched images were not very goodbut i promised myself and make youmore quality videos soi hope this video will solve theproblem of aids who did not know don’t knowhow to monetize thefacebook page if a phone don’t hesitateto scrum without commenting on all thequestions youdon’t tell me there are thingsyou’d like to know else I’ll*12and do my best what so hereI thank you onceagain for watching the video don’t forgetto subscribe it’s not done yet inorder to enhance thirty twocommunities so if I tell you that see younext work video

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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