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how to deny money withinstagram advertising this is what we will seein this video I am with damiensauce who takes care of mypersonal campaigns vis-à-vis insta g andfacebookjust before click on thesubscribe button to join severaltens of thousands ofsuccessful entrepreneurs subscribed to the youtube channeltoday if youadvertise clearly facebook advertising thisis the most profitable channel*12rising in the scores for what reasonbecause the organic rich is veryimportant you have quite frequentlybetween 30 to 70% of people who see atleast your various publicationswhile on facebook if you have 8 to10%you are a star you are areal king in organic richsuddenly I will let damienintroduce himself to explain to us how hebecame to specialize in paidtraffic*12we made another video Iinvite you to go see how tomake money with facebook advertising andby extension as facebook hadbought instagramthere is instagram in stride so that’sit damien hi maxence thanks todamien sauce so managed the campaigns ofmaxence and other big infolessee clients mainly with my agencythe marketing sauce is exactlyoverall it’s been a year since Istarted it works well we have good*12of customers that everything is fine it’s coolfacebook is still working as wellit’s more and more difficultorganically it’s clear but by payingthere is no problem for the moment wehave very good resultsso we have to take advantage of it we have to go therethese moments we don’t know in two yearshow it will be precisely body but Ithink that the economy what in fact I wasdiscussing it calm our friend entrepreneurknow that it’s crazy it is that likeeveryone wants to pay for facebook from*12to advertisetoday that’s why the reachis so catastrophicinstagram like everyone doesn’t want to pay youtube like everyone doesn’tdon’t want to pay for that only organic trafficin quotes even if youdon’t pay for it what you put in placeeither by yourself or a teamthe content on your platform butvis-à-vis the gross payment peoplewant to pay anyway very fewpeople while facebook*12it so that’s why in fact the richorganizes that’s the main reasonthat well the reach is catastrophican organic so first questionvis-à- instagram screw so isit better to make video orthen photos what generally but wecan put either videos of 10minutes max and photoswhat is your film not that you have allthat is what it is fifty-fifty isthat not there really is one of the twothat performs better*12often instagram photos we go alittle more for the photos butsmall ideas around just tosurprise your audience a little it canbe very good immersive video inmode here well here that’s mylife look here I’m here I do thatetcinstagram people they go anywaytoo I think to have alittle more direct contact to have forreally get into your world in your worldwhat do they want they*12likes them when you go showphotos a little more professional too but Ithink they like them too thephotos a little backstage here we areshooting 15 photos and we have camerasetcwe go people with us and where Ithink that both are nice youreally have to story of not being created usuallyeither what to surprise them at eachonce so video photo photo pro photo -pro I think everything is good becausein fact a big quality*12knowledge the only platform it isthe platform where you have to show your headc that is to say that if you cantake beautiful photos and in addition asoften as possible we see you in photoswell it’s really the platform canobserve the people who are on thisplatform it’s want to see you it’sreally for you as aperson as a human and on top of thestories that you publish that’s alsowhat people appreciate becauseinstead of making blocks on youtube at your*12your daily life or even of youractivityand that people are fondof this type of info where you canalso advertise now on storieseither you can do more not onreinjecting them match didn’t even say thatexcellent arm you can do it a littleespecially all channel that you can do forfree you can advertiseon it too by the way in relation toadvertising suddenly what we wanted to talk aboutthat at the beginning advertising on instagram*12advertising on instagram we will show you aphoto a video or a story tosomeone who does not know at allthis time so what doyou think will make himthe most want to follow you a professional photoa fault for amateurs a video does notadvocate an amateur video I do notnecessarily have a clear opinion but I wouldrather say something thatreally corresponds to your universe it’s reallyyou it’s really it’s not a photocan -be not too pro*12I don’t know I have no idea ofprotat maybe ideas other photopractically if you are from a domaimas poker sports betting weekmas poker sports betting weekin the universe of the game where the universe of thesport of things we say to ourselves yeah it ishe the authenticity the sincerity of theperson or at the bottom we say to ourselves well yeahI recognize him that it was a creationof a universe it’s his universe it’s himI like it so ok I’m finally going to follow himin anyway I’m going to follow*12would be if I like it if I stay subscribedor not I think that’s how youhave to consider a little advertising onunstable I talk little about cold trafficwith people who don’t knowus in plain English really bring theminto our universe so maybetake images that really correspond toour universe that we alreadymarketed very well on our audiences becausethey liked because they liked usrecognized suddenly, that is to say yours, this oneperformed well in free in rich normal,*12we’ll see if in traffic who doesn’t know,by paying, it works just as welland then after the same we do a lot oflittle tests and those that work wellwe see the sauce absolutely thenanother question that you arecertainly asking is in relation tofacebookso if you are advertising youare saying am I doing myfacebook advertising and I also put it oninstagram or on the other hand I must rathercreate a special instagram advertising*12that I have just mentionedif yes in the first case up to whatbudget is that no systematicallyit is necessary to do only specialinstagram advertisements that it is a littleawaits feedback compared to that yeahin the context of a small budget Iwill not take my head personallyon this camp you check the boxalso broadcast on instagram and that you leaveall the other boxes checked sofacebook additional amex networknon-judgment in English here is the network*12facebook messenger instagram and facebookpure and hard if you leave everythinginstagram it will represent 5%approximately of the expenses or in this case Iwill not take the lead in brackets toredo a this special post a stadium on theother hand if I want to make an advertisement which willreally go on a stadium which wants tobe really efficient on a stadiumI will make a special unstable advertisementwhy on facebook could putlinks of a publication people canclick no worries on a stadium if there*12see the link but he will not be able toclick on it he is not clickablethe only one way we have to bring theperson who sees an ad on a stadiumto an external site so to oursite to a capture page etcit’s a small banner a bit like thebutton on facebook but there it’s asmall banner which is between the image andthetext find out more register france and thesame buttons as are red bull so wecould take an image really already*12the mode a little banner will take upmore space on a s tar the mode because possibly seeing ita little long willtake more space to see it’s going tobe more posting in the thread some if I put the game budget think aboutan ad only for an internship or I adaptthat of facebook but I’m doing it again a second time I’m really doing astage such text no link in thetext because because they can’t get angry at him tryingto click on it and I tell them*12say it again and click on the button aboveregister find out more and it’s okay and vis-à-vis the dimensionssuddenly you have to put your ad in format each timesquare like photos whereyou can do it’s ok yeah you canput in banner end balkans thursdaybanner in rectangular formatlike andy landscape ok nothing you canput in quarters and you can put inportrait what currently takes up the mostspace in a stadium where we canstill do it, it’s in portrait mode it*12choice I will make would be inlandscape mode because that is what willtake up the least spacethe photo is smaller excess on astage not absolutely so vis-à-visrpt targeting that it’s a little bitalso the trend that it’s likefacebook to propose every two orthree days so as not to harass peopleis what the name there is so we can bea little bit more aggressive in away in doing it once a daywhat is your opinion on the subject I would say*12if we are present on it two channelsthat is to say that when they goto both facebook which will see usand will go to a style will see usso pay attention to that we are recovering well thebroadcast of its advertising therepetition rate the rebroadcast this is where youhave all the stats of the broadcasthow many people reached therepetition etc and we monitor inparticular the repetition we avoidgoing over for me what I was sayingearlier in our video 2 to 3 2 to 3 times a week then what is already*12yesterday three times a week onceevery two days on average but theball mans like that when youwant moreover the lead in the marketingthing otherwise we could reduce a littlebit that it’s in period a little a littlejust just let you go a little bityour part launch honestlythings like that we can reduce and at the on thecontrary in launch we can perhapsthat it is a littlebigger so well there I would have targetedso launch when we put a big*12few days only with in generala promotion or a new program therewe can perhaps go a littlemore to be sure to show it toeveryone, although everyone isvery hard external and that if the personwas disturbed at least he had the publicitythat the possibility of have u no secondthird time and he has this facility towrite and his excellent vis-à-visalso the visual is what fromLe Mans the person saw him four times fivetimes but we are going to change it*12continuebecause in sales we say it’s theseventh time that the prospect says yesand becomes a customer I don’t knowexactly the stats but I thinkyou have understood the idea or seven times infact it’s is not this time necessarily seethe same photo dr it is this time to beput in contact with anyway put incontact to accept the proposalso thank you answered at the same timeit’s me what I the tactic Iprefer it is to have two or three images*12had videos or both I always haveseveral advertisements running for thesame product when possible whenI can have the budget because it’sminimum 1 euro per day per markhughes so you have to be tired of traffic to beable to put that not to show it too muchbut otherwise manually jean cuts off oneleg and another cuts off one leganother so as not to show the same image all the timeyes we can show it a little more intargeting but it’s good to change evenif it’s the same thing that we sell at the*12someone who wouldn’t have been hookedon an image of you in front of a carwill be more hooked on an image of youat the restaurant with friendsdiscussing business man moreover wehave matches like that on pc wii treats ourselves toa little hadopi restaurant so there it wasa sick thing because I thought tomyself but how can weconvert better with this image foundin quotes by binomial is bogusfor the publicity plan sinceit’s just I’m eating*12me it’s the second best image to theone that we tested we tested more than80 I believe since combat 5 00 white Ilooked at earlier this is the secondbest image that itworks better this one would not havebet then this one I will have a 10 0centalso we have so many bets wewould not have nothing absolutelylike what each time attested andit’s really the market that will decidethat’s what to have but to put the*12the hand easily it’s really it’sshocking well that’s fine and vis-à-vis thestories suddenly there is alsosomething to adjust so that the personfor example sees you once everytwo days with an ad on the storiesfrankly this same principle in factwhen they kill you everything is the same itstill did when you choose aseparate star you have the choice in fact you canput only the news feed aphoto internship you can put the stories so infact you choose you can put both*12advise rather to make aspecial advertising stories labatut teaches me ndre thevideo 30 seconds you have 30 euros and meyou will you will try to make it sothat people are what it is veryengaging whatever people who don’t know they sayhe looks really interesting I I’m going tofollow him,that’s going to be the idea always a bitas if we were saying earlier forthe images completely and that’s it thenof course watch the*12times if he has it seen three times thestories it’s already a lot of a storythe original that’s clearit’s like it disappears after 24hours it’s rare for someoneI would like to do a replay of the storiesof the person I like that’sexactly it then to finish on alast question what are the two orthree main mistakes that yougenerally see on instagram iswhat it is too professional photos is whatit it’s too amateur*12and I don’t know it’s trian gle yesterdaythat they went main errorsthat you can see on instagramin general good landscape photosin adsso in general those who do that Isaw some not long ago I ask youfor training organizations that musthave small, small budgetsor big budgets won’t changeanything moreover but in any case Idon’t know who advertises them if theydon’t do it themselves but that’s not going to*12that could limit it’s a poster thatI’m going to see in the street you’ll beon big billboards theydo the same principle whereas no youhave to adapt to social networks it’sthat we’re not c it’s not like thepanels at 4 finally it’s not at fourturns said the blade format and the maleconopa music coveted lands tonymphomania the blooming france hasno parents arise and theseparate text what it is does it feel likea robot is talking to you? njour*12he didn’t even say hello preciselythese formations over there pop suchprice such thing ah no guys nobody isgoing to click what finally together you have tohire you have to explain what you aredoing will have to count a littlehistory we are on socialnetworks you have to adapt to social networksits big mistake for me I thinkit doesn’t work and after low photosjust not too much it’s too much a bit too much thereare photos videos or even sometimesprovoked what I call*12free image stuff that you canfind anywhere and notexisting stocks the singer stock the day beforestocks etc here is bogus photo whichrepresents no emotion tata nothing whatt you just have one I don’t know it’s justa landscape is not even necessarilyrelated to the thing you really have to havea congruence that everything is everything isI know if I show a photo ofyou I’m going be a text of t oi andhere we go what one for example forthe advertising that we had made and*12come from the countryside in a smallvillage of less than 85 inhabitants there isstill no adsl in 2018 2019 andsuddenly I had put out ofthe horse’s mouth 0 adsl or not 4g or notceli if something like that andsuddenly that’s what you just mentionedit’s the emotion that is then there inthis case it is the slightlystudied side that we take but who is itwhat is the state who with his horseuntil as alas as the tractorthen it vibrates that’s it c is that*12time advertisements a babycrying or cats something wherethe human being is really inrepresentation and suddenly as we arecollapsing on this guy ofplatform beats so that we are cutin our momentum and makes you want to go outon the platform what that isthe objective to recover theco ordered therefore of the visitor is in theprocess of unfolding on his flow soit is important to keep this in mindeach time emotion and motion emotion*12will allow you to haveadvertisers by counting yeah that’ssurprising stop the person in whatthey are in concert so that theystop on your pen afterwards itsuits them it doesn’t suit whatyou are offering them words – to stopon ithere you have a chanceto convert her and someone shefollows you Swedish ok so ifyou enjoyed the video click on thelittle like button just below a*12to have your opinionand if you have some questionsabout instagram advertisingtell me in the comments justbelow if you watch this videoyou may still want to trainor tell you thank you from amiens I wantthis to be my mentor where I want youcoach me in relation toinstagram facebook advertising you have differentprograms of different programs andpossibilities so tell us everything sofor people who already wish to*12mind minimum of 1000 euros offacebook advertising to invest per month but ifyou have smaller budgets you haveprivate coaching or even andréformation which is easier todo it yourself and you aresure you can put the budget hereit was rather and you can manageyourself and do what you want itcorresponds to a lot of people too Ithink so yes absolutely coachingtraining total delegation ratherbig clients quite simply what it*12can’t do it for everyoneone luckily otherwise I would do wellfor everyone else and aspecificity I know that there are peoplewho watch us and it’s also youalso do busines s local so that’sstill pretty cool if you are aflorist hairdresser bakerrestaurateurs really aniche job in your sector and in yourregion there you can reallyhit everything with the very good shot to dolocal advertising really local local*12bit on your business and all that but thereare bound to be possibilities socontact mans we can see this togetherthank you for all so I put all thisin the description justbelow the video if you watch thisvideo from another platform or asmartphone there is the i as info at thetop right of the video or everything isby clicking in the link right in thevideo so we’ll tell you right awayon the other side and good implementationof your advertisements on instagram on*12you have the maximum paypal strike paymenton your bank account immediately[Music]

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