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how to make money on instagramthis is what we will see in detail inthis video i am currently inmy apartment in malta with alexandreguyot who is also a member of myprivate business club and mygold heritage training just before that weall see in state in this video clickon the subscribe button to joinseveral thousand entrepreneurssubscribed to the youtube channelso that’s him alex just before also Iwanted to come everything is fine to*12business on musicalex is budget news can also soan online business via social networksyou have other activities in short Ilet you introduce yourself to explain to us that’sit so I have several activities some it’s alex j I’m 23 years oldin fact not so long agoI was still a student I was alaw student and in fact here I wasstudying at rednot exactly why and here I was not really interestedI was studying low*12later or something like that and onefine day I woke up and Isaid to myself but why am I spending all the timedevoting my time to doing this thingwhen well I don’t really haveany interest in doing that in the end and suddenlyI had a click and I startedlooking for my how to make moneyor that sort of thing and that’show I I came to train myself tolearn from other peopleof entrepreneurs and I reallyevolved my 27 years to really gain*12doing something that Ireally enjoy so I started to create myfirst youtube channels and myfirst online business istoday well here I am totallyfinancially free I travel allover the world here I just came back from two monthsin thailand and suddenly I justsettled down badly so here it is that’s prettymuch my background I have different sbusiness so in music I explainto producers how to makemusic on their computer*12on entrepreneurship where I explainhow we are going to have an online businessthanks to social networks and the internet ingeneralI also have our youtube channel where Isell my own music and I alsohave another site such as tepee shopshousing digital products whichalso helps producers so it’salways a little bit related tomusic and social networks ingeneralremember I interviewed alex*12explain how you were not seized3000 euros per month with youryoutube channel on music has exploded sinceand for people who follow me aminimum the credits the video we wantcash when the cash is raised the state thatbenefits me otherwise maybe I haddone that I was at theo I rememberI stay and that we call it back at oneo’clock and well here it was reallyexcellent I had found it so thank youonce again and then the spurs andothers so first question that you are*12the audience oninstagram what are the tips theadvice you could give tobuild an audience on instagramok so the first thing is really going to beto define who you want toaddress simply because ifyou shoot in the void you don’t know if you’regoing to hit the target so youreally have to know how to target in fact itstheme targeting the community wewant to reachis a bit like the principle of the*12you are talking to quite simply becauseif you are going to trainsomeone on instagram content it can -not being the interested party so it is veryimportant to take into account reallywell targeted its themethe second thing it will be tobring value to thanks to the differentcontents that we will to be able to post oninstagram and suddenly to be able topromote its contents it will also be necessary to bewell targeted it is hashtag sohashtags a little bit the gateway*12different people who go tosearch on different hashtags will beable to finding you discovering its contentis perhaps following you on instagramto receive more posts simplyso that’s the first thing reallywell identified to whom we want to addressreally well identify our nichealso be very regular that c isimportant especially in the hour ofpublication it is even more importantI find that on youtube because wellit is a bit like on facebook*12instagram on their mobile phoneand suddenly in the people expect toreceive perhaps on their lunch breakor after 4 p.


to receive tapas content that issimply out of the ordinary interms of schedules vis-à-vispublications and on skis one already you have topublish once twice threetimes four or more times a day andvis-à-vis the schedules at which area little bit the trends that tab 5 Mayok so after that it will also depend on thetheme it will also depend on whether it’s*12bing staff or if it’s a brand tale ingeneral I have an instagram account, one ofwhich is the watch own account and alsoanother account to target on the musicthat is more in a brand spiritand suddenly it will depend here if forexample you are targeting an audience that willbe French-speaking bay will have toadapt to the French-speaking schedule monthsthe trends that I have noticed theschedules that work pretty wellit’s going to be around noon andalso around 4 p.


that’s the*12main point is that yeahafter at the level of the frequency ofpublicationI find that 1 per day it is indeeda post by day is already not badafterwards obviously it will depend oneach theme I think the bestthing is to do a little bit of testing atthis level to see if peopleengage with the publications on mypost too much is sure that if we pose tentimes a day it may seem alittle too much because quite simply*12now it is likely that theaggressive cream installment for the audience andthen even that is likely that the qualityof the content is not too high so youhave to really pay attention to thequality on instagram because mars ismainly based on aesthetics and suddenlyyou really have to take that into account ifyou want to engage the audience and to haveok results and so suddenly we understood wellso how to have an audience reallythe importance also of hashtagsvis-à-vis so vis-à-vis instagram do you*12hashed to the end things that allow mea little to automate or tofind specific keywordsor else it’s not yet well developed10th life of instagram hockey at thehashtag level already there is a way to seethe audience by hashtag simply seea search on instagram so that ‘wesee that we are typing a hashtag we can seethat there have been so many publications sothat can be a good factor I findthat we should not take hashtags that are toogeneral because well it’s as if that’s*12silver minesis a little too loose so you have totry to find the attackers I’mmore targeted is also targeted in thelanguage in which we want to reachthe audience that interests us that’s isthat it’s a tool-level thingthere are tools that exist forscheduled publicationbecause my instagram happens onmobile so there isn’t really anyprogramming as well as on youtube oron facebook*12that allow try to plan publication in advance,we can reallyautomate itand suddenly we can afford tospend 20 or maybe three hours overa weekend to publish for severalweeksand then we are calm and at thatlevel and is growing little by littlewithout us needing elsewhere toput in the time and theextraeffort announces like on facebook and youtube the*12publications in advance and suddenly we takethe thing a little more passive than hereanother platform also in termsof audience development which is going to beinteresting with instagram it’s going tobe collaborations and partnershipsit’s a good way to getpromoted on instagram it’s going to be quitesimply a bit like onyoutube as we is in the processof crossing audiences with anotherperson who has the same interests that theyactually reach the audience we want to*12so it’s going to be done by it’scalled shocks its out so the person who is goingto make me a post will put in thedescription @ and drop usersand suddenly people will be able to clickand go to your page to discover andhere balls will subscribe to yournews feed okay so thank youvis-à-vis web advice tobuild a community and suddenlyhow we proceed afterwards tomonetize them in euros and whatcan we sell vis-à-vis instagram is*12n’t have a form like the blog youtubefacebook are there any trendsspecify how did you proceedwith this and what were you able toobserve vis-à-vis instagram ok soto monetize and there will be severalways so the first way tomorrowit will be to sell your ownproducts quite simply well infact thanks to the different posts that wewill be able to put on instagramwe will also be able to educate the audienceand inform them of different things and*12our own products,whether information products or physical products,there are a lot of shops, forexample small businesses thatpromote themselves on Instagramsimply because thatinterests people and then if he finds that thephotos are beautiful of the product it willmake you want to buyit’s a bit like a showcase infact it’s a bit like ashowcase here so we really see the beautiful*12to buyso that’s the first thing to sellour own products whether it’s information productsphysical products or reports ofcoachingconsulting services and things like that thesecond thing is going to be filiationso it’s going to be promotingsomeone else’s products and that’s something that’s quite ahit on instagram because you have to knowthat there is certainly an influencer who has*12several million people whofollow them who will be paid there arecertain brands who will pay themfor a single post for example who willtell them well here it is if you show myobject in its publication and that yourefer to our site open ourour instagram accountwe will pay you as much for thequalified traffic that you will send usso it will also depend on the type oftheme we will choose it is surethat the brands will be ready to*12audience in aparticular theme it is sure and certain thatfor example a theme like footballor travel may have been of interest topeople Irene with a wider audience thanwell maybe something veryqualified like here I don’t know aboutgames failure or couture or Idon’t know exactlyso depending on the type of audience thebrands will be ready to pay you ifobviously you bring themvalue and you us to allow them to*12I wanted to come back to thewin-win strategy that youmust have and above all to pay for theresults what you must always havein mind for it to be win-winwhen you get recommended forexample by someone who is reallya big influence telling you here is xeuros for example from 0 to 500 followers xadditional euros from 500 to 1000 xadditional euros again from 1000 to1500 and so on like that wellhere is if the nobody brings you back we’re going to*12pay x normal much more and if itbrings you much less low thecheck is less important for whatreasons it is also for that areminimal for everyone and not apackage because it will skew thecampaign and above all it’s not thewin-win strategy it’sabove all low the value that we will bringthat will determine the money we will bepaid to do this collaboration ration thisbarça partnershipquite simply from sponsorship and suddenly there is no*12audience if the theme is very targetedthe people will be veryclose-knit the town the community will be veryclose-knit and suddenly well that’s it will have the sameimpactan audience that will be more dilutedand that will have less commitment thatwill perhaps be less interested in thesubject ok thank you in relation to everything isdifferent advise just to finish ona last question perhaps saythank you alex I understood the basicsto create my community I*12am on the sail the tennis the paintingthe drawing the meditation the beauty in shorta little bit all the themes andme it is a question that I amgenerally asked in my privatebusiness club or even in seminars orwhen we talk about a platform thatinterests youtube facebook snapshot theblog and so onis what all the themes aregood for instagramor someone who can be atheme on the flight the gulf sorry*12market forex or whatever poker iswhat it’s also useful for him there israther niches special themesinstagram who knows we reallyvital bankruptcy on instagram andthen others not if you are for exampleon wine it’s not necessarily butwhat do you know a little abouttea trends now I thinkthat there are certain themes which gomore hardcover which are perhaps basedon aesthetics and which will perhaps gomore*12there would be photos really totransmitwe can then be cars sports orthere it’s magic in fact I thinkyeah that’s it there are certainthemes that are better to walk butyou have to know that regardless of thetheme there is always a way tomake the thing interestingso what we see to do to postcontent it will simply be todocument a person in a in aparticular theme so even if*12put photos of a poker playerwith a very nice photo of a level abeautiful casino you see somethingvery aesthetic similar for the stock market wherethe forex or something like that Iam precisely people who arein this field there and it shows a littlebit their lifestyle their way of lifeand suddenly well it’s as if we weredocumenting the lives of people inthis theme so even ifthe theme is not very aesthetic at the base or thatthey don’t really make*12in a slightly aesthetic waylike the showcase where we will document youa person who works in thisfieldthey always have that’s what’s goodis that depending on your themeyou can put onewith his style or neat photos erfor example if you are in the winebeautiful bottles of wine and go thereto drink it is really to strengthen therelationship of good audiencesditto if you are for example on the*12for example the food traveling isquite a hit but there is alsoless to do other thingsif it is the same inwindsurfing there must surely bemagnificent landscapes have even a niceboat showed is not exactlyok thank you for having followed this video ifyou enjoyed it click on thelittle button like the little bit justbelow thank you in advance and alex hasreserved a frame of sweat for us here isreally a complement to this video*12in general the crisisexplains us a little bit about aubeterreisagri so here I have prepared atraining that I offer you in fact tohelp you create a business thanks tosocial networks so it’s t what I wasable to do in the past is what I willdo two in the past and whichallowed me to gain myfinancial independence and to travel all over theworld suddenly it is a training or agood together how to create your businessthanks to different social networks*12social networks but maybe only afew and I’ll teach youas well here’s how tomake money on these social networksmonetize themand also be free and be able to travelall over the world so we will see thatin the training that I offer you thelink is just below theyoutube video you can click youknow how it works so you enteryour email I send it to you training forfree so here I tell you*12in the video that I offer you and Itell you very soon for ournext video with maxence clic andof course the link to the description andeverything d e continuation for the sending of thewelcome gift and the bonus so take advantage of itand above all you will lovework immediately[Music]

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