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I’m off to make money with facebooklive you follow me[Music]welcome to this newlive video of the countryside from where Igrew up from 0 to 19 years old in a smallvillage of less than 85 inhabitants 20kilometers away from chalon sur saône in saôneet loirein this new video to seetogether how to make money withfacebook live so I willexplain to you the steps that personally*12generate cash with my facebook pages whenI make lives and it will allow youto implement them togenerate money but just before click on thesubscribe button to joinseveral tens of thousandsof successful entrepreneurs subscribed to theyoutube channelI will give you different processesthat you will be able to implement andcopy and it will be perfect foryou step and the number 1 point to havevis-à-vis facebook live is to*12an event f acebook I give you thetwo scenarios either you are atotal beginner you start from scratch yourfacebook event you willshare it with your friends and you willespecially tell your friends to share itto have the maximum number of peopleconnected to your live if on the other handyou already have a communitywhatever the size of this communityyou will share your live oninstagram on this match and on youremail list if you have a minimum budget*12explain to all your audience thatyou do a facebook live on such a day atsuch a time and it allows youto have the maximum number of peopleconnectedso that either you are a beginner andyou share all this with your friends or on theother hand you already have a communityand there you are going to share themthen process number two is vis-à-visthe material are poisoned maxencehow I could do a live it’svery simple you are going to use your*12’re like me or maybe asamsung or whatever, in short yoursmartphone is enough then you have twooptions either you have aprofessional page you go directlyto the pages applicationof your smartphone and you goclick on live video isimmediately in stride you are liveand if you are on a facebook personal profileditto you clicked on golive and you go directly livethen vis-à-vis the live so c is*12will think about the key promise ofyour live typically it might be ifwe take the example of runningthe three stages to save fiveminutes on your next 10 km Igive you a fictitious example but it willallow you to know what to have aspromises vis-à-vis the live eachtime you have to when you have peoplewho are connected to tell them thefollowing thing interactions interact let’s havesecular interactions and give mehearts share what the big magic*12is virality and to have this oldreality it’s the interaction and above allthe sharing that you must thereforeprioritize and above all to mention itmany times so thatpeople realize it then thefourth point it will be the structureof your facebook live generallywhat is how you are going tobuy a small whiteboard and on thiswhiteboard you will put thedifferent can promise of yourlive you will also add if there*12you will have a whiteboard and onthis whiteboard you willreally put the precise benefits of whatyou want to bring as as a valuereally enormously enormouslyenormously valuable and that’s what willlead to this relationship and peoplewill say yes the expert I like hispersonality I like his gm character hispedagogyI want to know morereally remember the live verysimple whiteboard and you put all*12process number 5is that you must have in mind thatyour live facebook maximum duration onehour whywe go beyond generallypeople drop out there is a lot ofdistraction everywhere soon the news feed there are also alot of notifications suddenly if wetry to do a live more than1h20 unfortunately there are a lot ofpeople who will get yourcommercial proposal must be done*12after an hour but you must bein your commercial pitch from themoment your live has already startedfor forty five minutes between 45minutes and an hour there you reallyhave to be in your commercial pitch yourvalue proposition so there it will bethe sale of your pro product or service andthen if the live say longeryou are going to do the answers to thequestions in short all that goes withlast point that is the sixth pointthat I wanted to mention in the*12hours you made yourcommercial pitch irresistible offer sothe offer where you can’t refusefor 48 hours why because ifyou only do 24 hours often the time frameis too short and 72hours people have already moved on thingfor 48 hours the replay is youboost them this replay with facebook advertisingso my recommendations when yousell a product it must begreater than 300 eurosso the famous 297 euros why*12principle how many people have toconvince to achieve theturnover that you have set as agoal so if you have 100 peopleconnected to your live for exampleyour goal is to have see ten buyers ifyou have a product at 300 euros boom3000 euros so the big big advantagefor me of a live and facebook number oneis all that is interactionunderstand because yourmarket really needs the relationship side andconnecting with your audience number*12benefit from virality thanks tosharing and calling you to action thatyou will do throughout yourlive and then the third point isthat as soon as you have need to havemore turnover to have anew income boom yourealize it will allow you tomultiply your results sothe disadvantage of a live is thatgenerally after 24 at 48hours it falls intofacebook limbo you have to invest a few*12of euros each time to have thereplay seen by the maximum number ofpeople and put a potential linkdirectly on your off re limited to 48hours always rememberthe urgency that is important toget people to take action thank you forfollowing this video andhave you already set up livefacebook tell me in thecomments just below wouldallow me a little bit to have yourfeedback*12were the results upto your experiencesso leave me your feedbackjust below if you enjoyedthe video click on thelittle like button so a thumbs up and share thevideo thank you in advance it will allow meto have your feedback if you like thistype of video format tothank you for watching this videoI will offer you a such welcomeso facebook links it’s cool butthe automatic sales*12even better so I’m going to offer youfree training to put allthis in place in your e activityto benefit from this training there isa link to the youtube video you willclick on this link you will beredirected to another page andjust leave your first name and youremail address you will be able to watch allthis directly in your mailboxgood facebook live good cash and if youwatch this video from anotherplatform*12immediately[Music]and[Music]

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