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hello to all thank you for joining ustoday for this new videoon taxation today weremain in the theme ofincome tax declaration for the income tax campaignand the question for peoplewho have never yet declared theirincome taxhow to declare do you have todeclare online or do youhave to file a paper declaration sothat’s what we’ll see in thevideo having started it of course invites*12share the videos with as many people as possibleah lay people and so that we can makethe channel grow, bring us morecontent in terms of taxation andassist you with all thesetechnical and practical formalities of income tax declarationso since 2019 in principle it is anobligation to declare online forall people except for exceptionsso to declare online of course you willhave to create your party space particularso we made a specific video onthe creation of a particular space so we*12through yourparticular space that you declare for thefirst time you to create yourparticular space to summarizewithout repeating by compared to the othervideo you will have the choice eitherto use franceconnect identifiers or if you have already received aletter from the tax authorities youwill be able to use all theinformation indicated on thisletter to make youronline declaration created precisely this*12a password you will be able toidentify yourself create yourparticular space with this tax number thisonline access numbermasters as zero reference tax incomebecause previously you didnot have income tax payable, thisis particularly the case if this is yourfirst declaration because youwere previously ratt attached toyour parents’ tax household but if youhave not received any mailfrom the tax authorities or have hardly*12you obtained on other tax documents,for example on tax notices,you will find this tax number anduse the same methodology thatindicated in our other video creationof the particular space since there youwill also have to connect toimpots.


fr particular spacecreate your master password of theidentifiers near indicated and follow theprocedure could also do thisby the applicationdirectly on the phone or tablet*12and you do not have an identifierso no tax number youhave not received a letter fromthe administration taxthere you have no identifying numberfor precisely creating this particular account youhave to contactyour tax office so we have alsodetailed the steps on our othervideo creation of the private spacethere is a specificcontact form on the site impots.


frinformation in particular of marital status to*12all the personal information whichwill allow you to create yourself aprofile on a beautiful government point to seeyour own particular space thenyou can choose to go directly tothe tax center or send aletter by post or fill out acontact form on the internetyou must fill out thiscontact formon tax center which is competentfor your taxation will be determinedyou will have an email to send them*12later and you give identifiers inorder to declare your income online ifnone of these possibilities is offeredyou can always declared to yourincome in paper format and in particularif you have the most traditional incomesuch as simple salaries,pensions, etc.

you will use form 2042you will send it to yourcompetent tax office, including the one that will bedetermined as previously when wesaid when we fill in the contact section*12it is your first declaration if you aregoing to fill in your marital status allthe telephone information but it isgiven to your address on January 1, 2020so there is severalcomplete information and who you changed youraddress in 2019 then if you havea television or not because that it willdetermine whether or not you are subject tothe contribution to public broadcastingwhich is 138 eurosso you will also have to sign thisdocument you will fill in the situation*12if you are single married in a civil partnership ifyou have children dependenthow many dependent children if anywhat ages if you are a single parent ifyou benefit from an additional half sharefor certain other situationsif you have adult childrenattached to your household you canalso provide all theadditional informationthere your situation you will alsohave to attach a rib forthe income tax deductions*12at the same time ci c is wages if you aregoing to receive pensions or othertypes of income if you have receivedincome from movable capital receiveproperty incomeif you canbenefit from tax reductions also animportant box to fill in its if you havealready received income last yearand as such you were subjectto a withholding tax so youwill have to calculate the amount ofthe withholding tax you were*12to indicate according to your situation inthe boxes 8:20 to 8:00 a.


x is thusindicated tax authorities thatyou have already paid income taxon his r evenusthey benefit and if necessary from anincome tax refund ifthe type of withholding taxI have already paid you too much income taxso it is an important box tofill in in order to do well assert yourrights in terms of payment ofincome taxes also you will have*12particular a proof of identity willprovide an identity card or apassport and 25000 residence permitalso proof of ready-made accommodation to have if you aretenant owner orhosted free of charge which has different formalitiesespecially if you aretenant co-tenants you will have to givea copy of your lease contract onDecember 31 there it will be for 2020 if youare hosted free of charge will have togive copy it from the last notice of*12lease contract of the person who is hosting youas well as fill in theaccommodation certificate of which who is alsolinked to declaration 2042you see you have anaccommodation certificate to be completed with theundersigned who are domiciled at suchaddress with the duration of accommodation withthe signature of the person who is hosting youor if you are in a hotel it will bethe certificate of occupation if you arein a household it is the certificate of thehousehold which will also be valid if you*12parents the previous year you will have toindicate the surname and first names of yourparents and their address it is clearlyindicated that these elements will beessential for the consideration ofyour request and you cantherefore obtain the tax notice if you aretaxable or the life of whose positionit is your income is such that youare not subject to income taxand of course allow you toreceive this notice which will then allow you tocreate your private space*12impots.


fr then you will receive your betax notice on which you will havethis time your identifiers yourtax number and thanks to that you canthen create online yourparticular space is declared the following yearyour income so it is very importantto know that if it is your firstdeclaration on the formalism and on theincome declared to have declared itlaunching income from the members of yourtax household which were perceivedduring the previous year your declaration*12the income tax 2021 you willhave to declare all your income fromyour tax household for the year2020 all income received from aself-employed salaried activity bc bncagricultural profits if you haveallowances bonuses alsoif you can benefit of certaincharges or tax reductionstax credits offered all declared indicatedthe administration precisely allthe income of the members of your householdfis cal*12problem accessing the internet you willalso be able to download all theseforms directly from the impots.


fr site tofill in and send them onpaper and we are also at yourdisposal to assist you withthese formalities for the bailiffbe in order with yourtax obligations in France in terms ofincome tax in the end on thistutorial on how to declareyour income tax for the first timewe have made other explanatory videos in*12income under the income tax campaignso we send you allour videos which are on ouryoutube channel so that for eachspecific case you can have anexplanatory video on your situation

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