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today thanks to affiliate marketing you can sell devices like this and earn money on the internet you can sell books like this and earn money if internet you can also sell caps to earn money or a mobile phone to earn money you can also sell a camera for agent gain or just a glass like that and earn agent what i feel like doing to you understand that thanks to affiliate marketing you no longer have a limit to what you can sell on the internet to make money and thanks to internet sales you can even build yourself a real empire if you do them right things in this video I will explain to you how to use affiliate matching to gain internet following and especially how to build a real empire by selling products that you are not going to use you remember that the application is not a business but very few people manage to get real numbers doing affiliate marketing yet using affiliate marketing for a few years I have managed to build it several sources of income based solely on products that I don’t create if I don’t create his products it’s because a lot of entrepreneurs have already done it is that the only thing these people would have seat are people like you and me who don’t have products for sale who do not have a lot of money to invest in business but who have enough energy to put in place and above all who want to work for those shouted below income we will therefore go and get these entrepreneurs only products to sell we are going to help them sell the product is like that we are going to earn money on the side simply because these entrepreneurs would be happy when they see that we have helped them to make sales they will nt pay us commissions that we will use to invest in real estate in the mouth or in other levers in order to establish our financial freedom in this video I will explain to you step by step how to create a real business of affiliation it’s a video that can be a bit long so I invite you to watch it from start to finish because I’m going to show you how you set up your first affiliate business there for me we set it up what are the tools that we use what are the studies that we do it’s a mini-training honestly and I really invite you to the street of years until the end because you will learn and our modes thing many entrepreneurs who sell you training on how to create an affiliate business according to very jealous to see that I reveal its secrets in a video that you can find for free on youtube because many people will sell it for 1000 euros maybe 2000 euros or 200 euros is already a bit of money but you will discover these opportunities or these strategies in a video which is a bit long and therefore when I invite you to watch this video until the end sic so for the first time I am nathanel have not but I am an entrepreneur if internet since 2013 thanks to the magical powers of filiation I was able to create several sources of income if internet in this video I reveal to you step by step how I create my different affiliate business whatever affiliate platform I choose I’m going to show you how you can also set up my first business in one click so I was really quick to watch this video until the end in good faith to these youtube seats and activate the close not to miss any of our next publications talks about playing more and more revealing very powerful strategies to create your online business if you find this interesting video I invite you to share it on facebook to sites and social networks it will allow me to make myself a little more than honest but also to make known to anyone the power of parentage and how this opportunity pellet actually allow to create sources of income and to become financially independent so beware the filiation is not an easy business because I say like that a lot of people may think that well they have nothing to do for one of the money but filiation is a business a real business a real opportunity that will allow you to earn money if and only if you follow the steps that I am going to show you in this video and that you really work hard to earn money money if we listen and Léa to really launch I invite you to look in the description of this video to recover my training entitled from zero to 1000 euros per month with filiation picky systems it is an affiliate program that I have chosen and that juicy is sharing today in this training I invite you to discover how you can use this system for lio to earn money if internet then without later we will move on to the ten most important steps or create your first affiliate business the first step to the powders starts and on affiliate business it will be to choose a profitable niche as you know to earn money it you will have to sell products so it is important to choose a list in which people are ready to buy products which will actually allow you to earn commissions generally a lot of people want to get into affiliate marketing but forget this step which is however very important we will choose a product simply because we think that this product is good for us but we will not choose a product simply because q we think that there are a lot of people who already want to buy this product upstream very often if you don’t take this strategy it’s on sites chosen for products that you like rather than a product that many people want to buy on the internet well you are going to run into a difficulty you are going to sell very few products to make money generally I will personally choose a niche in which people are willing to spend money on other problems this is what will allow me to earn the agent by helping people solve the problem and to make useful markets I will use software that will give me approximately the number of people who are looking for the product on the internet the first software that many people usually think of is the google keyword planner on the google keyword planner you have no investments to make the only one thing you need is to have a gmail account and then will actually allow you two login to planners and do some market research the planner will actually give you the number of people looking for a product for example if you want to sell a soul phone oh yeah you’re just going to type cell phone or oh yeah and the planner will give you the number of people typing that information into the search engines personally i don’t like the planner keywords from google simply because it is not reliable in my eyes but if you do not have money to invest in software there has been software that you can also use for free at the beginning which will allow you to fact of starting by doing a market study on the internet this software is good it’s hubert sud is not to keep your legs quiet she is an american entrepreneur who has really made a living on the internet for several years and his software offers us a keyword planner so here what you can see we are on the site of niel patel and you can notice that I have carried out here for example invested in the stock market I am looking for the number of people by a center who are looking for solutions to invest in the stock market we will go back immediately that invested in the stock market she was not looking for fourteen thousand people so we will generally find four thousand people who every month will try to find information on pau not invested in the stock market by example which is searched by 3000 people and therefore we can notice here that it is very interesting for example to create a business in this theme simply because there are a lot of people who are looking for information around this subject but the information that I am going to analyze here it will be the difficulty co the difficulty is in fact it is the difficulty in positioning a site in the s google search engines I remind you that if we want to start a business on the internet and can be visible in fact to be able to earn money and therefore if it is very difficult to position ourselves in the search engines it will not be very difficult to make money so with tarantulas difficulty i will consider low that this keyword is really competitive and so i may be going to start this business but i knew from the beginning that in this business will not be profitable in the next six months just because it might take a little longer but I can also start this business if I’m patient and I really want one of the agent and I’m passionate about the subject if it is a business where I want to explain to people how personally I invested in the stock market in order to be able to sell it for training and I’m going to launch it but I’ll be from the start that well I’m going to be able to position myself but it’s going to take a little time it’s going to require some new referencing efforts from me the third software that I’m going to use to do market research to find out the number of people who are looking for a product on the internet it’s going to be Swiss magma pacifier while the Swiss mag marketing is a software or a platform that offers software called his girlfriends then and his girlfriends it’s software that I’ve been using since 2014 and that has allowed me to launch dozens and dozens of sites here for example I am looking for the number of people who are looking for an electric epilator we immediately notice that an epilator and the keywords who were looking for here by 6600 people but around this keyword there is a lot of research that turns on the internet others tests for example we can notice that electric hair removal a keyword searched by twenty-two thousand people laser hair removal a keyword searched by forty thousand people nnes and so on we have a lot of searches around this keyword here what we can notice here is that when we take the keyword hair removal it is rich and well we have twenty two thousand people who search but when ‘we put the cursor super example the difficulty of putting this keyword in the first results of google we notice that this difficulty is weepu are those who potentially give us a somewhat interesting image of the keyword simply because we can easily and leather for example a crate and position it in the first results of google we can also make a video this is placed quickly from the first results of youtube which is very interesting we put keywords and 6th business interested me I would have gone on business and days bring together a lot of keywords of this kind which will in fact allow me to position myself quickly so once my market research is complete and I have validated the market on which I want to get started I am moving on to the next step step number 2 it will be to choose a name for the business line up of the business cells, not one that visitors will identify with the theme of my business is this name that will allow my audience to understand what I’m talking about why should they follow me or for one should not follow me because in my business I don’t want to talk to everyone I want to attract an ultra-targeted audience who will buy products that I want recommended in order to allow me to earn commissions and therefore I will choose a business name that will in fact allow me to identify with the hands of identify with the theme of business but also this domain name must allow the audience that I wish to acquire simon business to identify with the problems that I had allows it to solve and therefore my domain name must be impactful but also do it speaks for itself within the framework of my market research we have for example seen that hair removal was a subject which was very interesting and people buy electric epilators I can for example speak in my domain name of two hair removal solutions by example how many electric epilator I can for example choose these two domain names because I know that it is powerful enough to allow people who want these hair removal devices to identify themselves quickly to understand what they will find in my business to understand what I am going to offer them in my strategy and above all to easily identify with the problems they have in their themes and therefore with the problems they encounter in their waxing so by choosing a good domain name you understands immediately that my audience understands immediately like me I can help them solve hair removal problem it is also the case in the theme of the stock market we saw for example there were fourteen thousand people who are looking for solutions to invest in foam so what I want to do to solve the problems with these people is to choose another field or in two businesses which allows me in fact to talk to these people to show them that I know a little about the subject or also to show them that they can trust it because I invested in the stock market and therefore I will choose for example to succeed in the stock market or how invest in the stock market or I invested in the stock market as being non-business to show it in fact that I am the example of a person that they must follow to invest in the stock market because personally I invest myself in the stock market blouse and I can share it my experience in the blues I can give them advice I can show him results and so he can follow it and above all because I put my agent to the test and I can show him how it works works and so if you want to choose the name of your business 11 to 7 tips that I will give but instead of strategies choose names that allow you to identify easily with the business you want to start or above all to allow to the audience that he wants to follow you to easily identify themselves when they will be in the presence of your business to understand what you offer so that they can identify themselves to follow you a little more easily that’s how you will be able to succeed in the affiliate business without really breaking your head now what can you use as a solution to find non-impactful domain names that will actually allow you to launch your business first you have to ask the right questions what is the business in which you want to start here when we saw ultra profitable markets we studied the market with software which in fact made it difficult for us to understand the number of pe rsons who are looking for information around these subjects and once we have validated our market well we can easily identify another that we like we can just take into account the fact that the keywords we have used or ekwalla identified will serve us as words on which we will base ourselves to choose a domain name so do not be afraid to make mistakes at the start because battée will be able to create a lot of business afterwards you will not just develop a single business If you make mistakes in your first business, there’s no problem, no fear, it’s completely normal for you to make mistakes at the start, but the more you apply yourself, the more domain names you’ll choose.

which works very well for the little story when I wanted to launch my business in the theme of internet business I put business 24 with a z so for many people it is a big mistake that I made in putting business with a z but all the same it allows me in fact to earn money with my business but also I was also able to correct the situation several times and therefore I change when I like but my domain name stay the same and it works so well you would make mistakes but that won’t prevent you from succeeding on the contrary it will actually allow you to better understand what you have done you have your business I invite moreover was going to do everything following by taking action then Christians the name of your business and that you have a niche status valet which means that you already have to complete the first two stages well we will go to stage number 3 now you know a little more about what you want to get started on which themes you want to get started you know a little more about what you want to sell and you know how many people are looking for this product on the internet it’s already good and you can congratulate yourself but today rd today to really earn money on the internet and especially to earn money for long months on the internet or even for a few years on the internet with your business you are going to have to invest in what is called a players’ nose l hosting is a solution that will actually allow you to host files on the internet to be able to communicate with people even when you’re sleeping and thanks to falling like you’ll actually be able to have possibilities to put online files but also tests videos that will actually allow you to chat with people all over the world it’s class besides the internet and its solutions that it offers that we can for example live in europe and earn money in africa where to live in africa and earn money in europe see live in africa and europe and earn money in the usa in asia all over the world and if you go we really live from take advantage of this opportunity to earn money and above all to build healthy finances and to put a lot of money aside that you will be able to invest in others live it like mobiles dung and other physical business you will have to put a little money in the sea or in your pocket or put your hand in your pocket to be able to buy a host that will actually allow you to start your first business to set up at we are players or else you have to having web hosting you will have to go to sites that actually offer you hosting first and I used three sites that actually allow me to have my commitment on the internet is to be able to develop but online business the first site that I used in 2014 when I wanted to launch my first business and the internet so it was in 2013, a little more precise and well it was ovh au viage is a company based in france which offers hosting solutions but also of our two given the domain name of your business and of course business time if you for example launched me in the theme of hair removal and you can choose electric epilator as domain name also fell beautiful mort can be called electric epilator then au viage is a solution that actually allows you to have this type I’m going on the internet and whatever country you live in well you’ll be able to buy your hosting on this site then I remind you of a very important thing when you want to buy web hosting on the internet and you live for example in africa take care not to use the point fr this information is very important because people who do not live in france cannot use dot fr to launch guinness you have to be a french resident before you can buy another domain with dot fr but you can already buy all the others s types of domain names you can choose the point like the info point the site point lepoint ovh everything about them you can buy them for the moment business the most important thing is to have your hosting and therefore as much name of domain which will allow you in fact to launch time if they follow you internet the second solution that I used in its time to launch my pinzi internet and well it is at the switch comes discovered or immediately in 2016 which expects me but in fact to launch other pins on the internet as I have several online businesses that bring me money through filiation but instead of switching to information to an opportunity to mine is an opportunity a little more interesting what you can do with July 2 is to have a single hosting but several of the test website are hosted with them, that is to say that you choose a feeling but you can put a dozen twenty one hundred websites is chosen are simply slightly different ip addresses it’s a bit technical it does not matter but what I remember or do you have to remember is that o2 switch allows you to have several sites hosted on him even hosting while for example at vh not simply allow you to have two or three sites knew himself well I’m killing myself trade winds if I had to choose only one today well I’ll leave a little more had at 2 switch but hey there is no problem I have a lot of slips on it ovh which runs very well there are not two solutions or there is no problem so there is no problem you can really start a business whether it’s at the next life switch os I simply invite you to look a little more at the budget level if you have money frankly not if a solution that is a little more adapted to finances is although they can also afford to launch several pipes is located at the ambition in the future to launch a used about twenty thirty businesses but do not forget launch a single business at the beginning it goes very quickly with being concentrated and for this reason I really invite you to maybe go on ovi age which is a solution adapted to your profile and you will also be able to migrate your business from ovh switch waters it is in the future you find that baho immediately a little more adapted profile expectations the third solution that I have used to start a business on the internet by buying accommodation clw slw s is a low cost solution that is to say that bell prices are really not and you can get started right away with a very small budget it had to s like omea hot like o2 switch to offers events at interesting prices and which can also launch your business quickly so I was also invited to go see this side if you don’t have a lot of money and you think that bar of finances is a f kidney to the development of its activityI remind you that I chose these threesolutions because I find that theyare the most suitable solutions forpeople who start with a smallbudget which means that with just 50euros in their pocket who can already startyour business just by watching thisvideo until the end and putting it intopractice he is a person who likes togo a little too fast to earnmoney quickly to have hisbusiness quickly I still have*12tip that I share with you tohelp you still lons and we do businessquickly today as you have seenyou have to buy a domain name youhave to launch your website that you have tobuild a dozen of yourwebsite and so on and so onbut it will take you a lot of timeif you don’t know how to do it yourself andespecially if you don’t have a lot of moneyto invest in your business tostart it will ask you too I’m downto call on more experienced people*12actually help so it’s up to the site the problemis that today you can alsostart for free or almostwith turnkey solutions you don’t wantthe jobs open a also take into account thelevel point systems which is asolution that allows you to have aweb address quickly and therefore tostart your business right awaywith it’s a Lyon point for example youhave advisers generally 27 eurosper month but that’s for you allows you to have awebsite website address in the name of your*12your business the second solution is infact click funnel cliclunel it isa solution like it is a bio pointbut a little more expensive but which also allows youto have an automated websitequickly so you even create an accountwith them and you can immediately havea website a web address which willin fact allow you to apply everythingwe see in this life deo is to goa little faster to have yourbusiness onlineso you can ask yourself between a blog*12what are you going to choose to launchyour businessfrankly I find that having your blogis always the opportunity room isthe most suitable solution for usentrepreneurs who did not want to havetheir business in the hands of anotherperson I take solutions asit is a high point to develop mybusinessbut besides my content is reallyhelped I knew the blogs which I know atall times that I simply have to do*12companies like site a point to capa they do not have the same bet on mybusinessand if a day I don’t want touse them I can leave and go and chooseanother solution others franklyyou should really think about yourbusiness in the long term is chosena solution that adapts really looking forwardto personalities at-on bean and whatyou want to buildpersonally I advise you tohave both to have a blog and to also have*12see how to put the two togetherso that your business is reallya business that holds up and thatreally allows you to earn moneyon the internetnow that you have abusiness idea that you have chosen anotherbusiness coach buy anotherdomain you now have the next stepwhich is a of the mostimportant steps to have a business manand who reports the agentthrough parentage*12so a wordpress blog why youinstall right away justbecause you know that a blog will youallow you to have traffic in the longterm and what does the long term say forexample within 1 year within two yearswithin three yearsyou have to work for six monthsto put in place strategies mustp Seeing yourself worked for ayear to do what is calledSEO and this SEOall you would have done during all this*12traffic free traffic is the traffic thatcomes from google rememberat the beginning we went to software andwe saw that several people werelooking for products andsolutions around the subjects that interest uswe saw for example that more than 22,000people were looking for solutionsaround hair removal electricitywe also saw that there were more than14,000 people who were looking forsolutions around how to invest in thestock market to attract these people to*12through parentagewe will have to produce the content on theinternet that answers all thequestions that this person is asking themselves,that’s how we’ll be ableto really put ourselves forward that we’ll prove to themthat we have information ion and sothat’s how they willfind us easily on the internetif you are a subscriber to thisyoutube channel who had to find one of myguests also internet and dance byproducing content for example that you*12it’s an old one from my 24 point business blogas you were also informed bygoogle or it was while doing asearch in google that you cameacross an article that brought you to me andso it’s like that you too will beable to help other people if theinternet has found answers to thequestions it is asking is theanswer you see the proposed 2will in fact allow it to sellproducts throughaffiliate marketing now to launch your*12problem I show you how it is done ina video me personally I have myblog business a catherine like whois hosted at ovh and we are going to dothe exercise with ovhI call back as well as whatever bethe beiges me that I will choose theinstallation service is almost thesame so the techniques new notchanged too much elseyou can watch this video untilthe end and apply the advice withthe friends which of the services I*12servicesonce you have chosen yourhost you will choose your nameto give the domain name and wellit is the name that people will typeto find your site for exampleat my place a month from 2007 where the deadlinefor a balance sheet of 24 points as it isthe site but the name of dominicis is24 points as the tip as itis called instance ion of yourdomain name including sabine and 24 points towhich can you choose a*12choose here your time does not reach your doyou have any to say that we are going to the six cantonsaxis and you will see here the roadwill tell us what are domain namesq ui are free what you canchoose easily ok there are two otherpieces of information which are very importantthe first is that you will seehere that you have differentpossibilities the first possibilitywhat you can choose a point asthey know how to listen 7.

49 eurosa point fr so that will cost you 4*12cost you around 31.

60 9 euros so there areseveral stages and expansion that youcan choose to create your siteok there are the second piece of information thatI advise you not to choose a pointfr if you are African if you arenot in africa bar you can if youare in france you choose them the pointfr but I remind you that the point fr isrecommended only if you are asubscriber who lives in europe and therefore infrance people who do not live infrance cannot therefore choose the*12name from your domain name which is there youdo I am looking for ais a domain of ô auviaage will navigate and will try to seeif which are the 2000 which areavailable and it will make youproposals once you have theproposals you will be able to choosethe domain which kills you please sowe waits for the old ones to finish so asyou are seeing it ovh hasafter rocket the domain he told me youhave to choose one or two rounds with anextension of the game increase a*12ovh will see now if the stationsare available so we redothe wealth again here bychoosing a year of data andextensions ovh we are offereddifferent domain names that areavailable to see kylie has a lotof domain names with extensionsinvariable hockey and you cannow just tick the box which isthere the panic is there to tell ovh thatyou wanted to choose for example the 2000tech points so I remind you that all*12available have been deleted that’swhy you will not see the dotcom and when it happens to you forexample to choose a domain namefor which you do not have theexpansion you wanted here in l ‘casewe do not have the poor asavailable you only have to chooseanother variablewe could have done by toto attract natlike that and we the mode note of intentwhich is points like time by the way tolure the search*12by putting the small drawn between tan tanand natyou will see that we immediately havethe dot com which is availableI did this little exercise tomake you understand that when youchoose your domain nameit’s not available and it’sjust other variables and you’ll comeacross an area that suits youtoo bad if I hide and a mic the box thelittle panic is there for ten at ovhI’ll take the time ps tomatoes for*12delete one of the poles like what is warso because otherwise it will talk about themdo not dominate and if you want to blockit is a domain name to avoidthat other peoplethe other your blog will have success fromcaen 5 2 2 1 to compete withthose you can also check thedifferent domain names youwant to reserve automaticallyhere I take the first one tomorrow whichis fired net.

com I continue theircollection continues opening will*12option that we can chooseannick dns is that is to say go breakthe rules on the operation ofdns servers and it will cost you 99 centsnot more then I advise not totake this option if you do not have alot of money invested tostart your blog to which pollutants onyour site and to check the box[Music]dns century to go there dn 1 sec which is notnot paying which is really ent free hereit’s totally free*12business blog 24 points as I chose adeadline which is totally free andyou have the option also here tochoose a profile that suits you byregarding the service youwant to pay for here the offer thatadvises individuals and very smallbusinesses like you and mewell it’s the abuse sogold pigs and you continueso as soon as you click continueyou will see that ovh will bring you backto your web hosting so you*12so your hosting is a bitlike the land when you want tobuild a houseyou will choose webhosting and web hosting will go to you allowin fact to host your fileswhen you publish imagesthey will land on yourweb hosting with here are the tests that you willproduce for your wordpress blog sotry ez you we have to choose ahosting and the happy baths that Iadvise you to take it*12to start a small blog to tryto earn money on the internet withyour blog so people who wantstart a more solid cjd businessstupidly pro for two people sothose who are big companieshere who can for example choosewas no accommodationI prefer to choose personal clothesbecause well that’s more than enough tooand remember you know it since 2013that I installed my blog business 24points like and I have not yet*12bought so you tickthe personal hockey hosting and weneed koffi that’s it we offers you tochoose cdn ovh so it’sthe cds caches thestatistical contents and distributes them inrecord time to any visitor s was themolepersonally I did not choosethat because it increases you 99 cents permonth on your bill so thought about theparcq tick this boxnow we are asking to secure your*12what does this mean ccg that youcan put a little http is like Ido here wanted to see here that wehave https which is there that’s what we’re going to doyou can for example check the dvletters in crypt make sure if it’stotally free that’s what Ialso advise you to do if you don’t have a lot of moneythose who have agents canchoose other services to secure the sitebut we have chosen but a service which*12a cheap blog so not to paytoo much money we cannow also be decided to increaseto develop ourlocal referencing I advise you not totake this option in any case Idid not take it and it works very wellto finish it is here that we canautomatically install our tre blogwordpress even if we are notexperts in fact we do not needcomputer skillswhat did you do to*12will simply check here wordpress andthere you that we can you check wordpressand once you go to make thepayment press will take careof installing your blog for life sorrywill install your wordpress blogand will send you the login credentialsto your websiteso if you want by example create aservice provider for you you checkprestashop taleo comes back to us to pressso your place is over and we’re done weclick on continue when we click*12lollipops page ok you see the pagethat previews yourworld here you will find early thesummary of what you recommend youwill see for example that you haveordered a domain that theysometimes call net.

com hockey a dns adrs zone which is there which will be free and youwill see that your tone tona dot comwill cost you euros 99 cents per yearok so a ah it costs you 9 euros 99cents ok she would like to seeboth services are free*12do and we’ll immediately go tothe subscription the subscription here iswhat concerns your web hostingok your web event one that willcost you 35 24 8 euros per year so this isthe accommodation offer that we havechosen this year the personal offer whichcosts 35 to 38 euros per year and at the endyou will see here that you are toldthat the offer here in promotion it says thatthe offer which basic costs 9 euros 99cents it is Monday that one of themdominates is indeed offered the proof*12because you buy web hosting fromthemif you buy web hosting froma service you will simplypay 9 euros 89 here as you acstay in accommodation with them they offer youa crush the no2 dominates thefirst year to finish you willsee that you had from 35 to 38 euros topay and a vat of 7.

18 euros to payso it’s a bit of the total that youwill pay after when youplace your order will be 40 3.

06*12can start your business ifinternet with less than 50 euroswhen you finish you click oncontinue you come across this page andif you help customers which is notthe case if you have not watched thisvideoif you are not yet a customeryou are going to come here you are going to createyour identifier at ovh ok you withyour first name your last name an address emailand you’re going to set your passwordonce it’s done you’re*12are there you’re going to click on create anaccountthen we can also add the fact thatif you don’t have time to throw allimmediately we blog or your press withthe solutions as it is a point thatoccupies a wing you can start byhaving a blog quickly so it is theblogs are automated at home there isjust applied to tick a box andclick and your blog is installed rightaway and you can start byproducing content that’s*12solutions from the start because Iknew that if you are stuck at thetechnical level to launch your blog you will beable to ask it is a point of viewto allow you to launch a blog rightaway in less than five minutes which willactually allow you to start yourbusiness without waiting so choose oneof the opportunities that I have just presented to youeither that they launch buy a blog in abarrel of domain rightaway at ovh right away where itwas supposed to be or either you start*12minutesI remind you that if you want to be100% independent of his platformsyou would have to have him mywordpress blog years do we have personal web hostingwhich actually allowsyou when you are no longer satisfied with hismusicians to leave home andleave by choosing a software thatsuits you wellpersonally I’m proud it’s ahigh point but I’m also athiding a low wing because I find*12to see but talking about sales is notcapture et cetera and that’s that’s howI like business that runsautomatically on the internetthat’s what you will also do sothrow quickly to really look at two sidesof 7.

1 points you or click funerealto start by choosing a solutionthat adapts to we needat the end of step 4 you must nowhave a wordpress blog which is a blogadapted to the theme of your businessand therefore now how to start*12coming days in the coming monthsthis is what we will see in the rest ofthis videoso now you have passed the 4thstep which has created your wordpress site ora youtube channelyou are free to do what you want itis that you create the wordpress site comI advise you but you can alsocreate a youtube channel to go alittle fast as they say but henow coach finished this stepwhat do you have to do what*12an affiliate business thatbrings you moneywhat I’m going to reveal to you from the restof this video is the mostimportant point of your success in affiliationbut I know that a lot of peopledon’t put that in place I i’ve seen alot of affiliates who don’t putin place from the start andeventually figure it out when they’vealready wasted a huge amount of time earning afew hundred internet receiptsthey end up understanding that they*12number 5av ant even to start by managing thefirst income on the internetwhat they understood is what Iwill reveal to you in the rest of this videowill makeyou one of the sons it is more profitable on theinternet and if you feel it l actionsaid if you put this in place and yousee your affiliate businessisn’t carrying it i thinki was just lost what i’m gonnasay what there’s no reason*12what I will advise you immediatelyin the rest of this videoso step 5 in the success of youraffiliate business will be the collection ofemailsI repeat step 5 in success ofyour affiliate business it will be theponette of emailsyou must collect 1 not ten aftertens hundreds to present athousand after thousands of a thousand ofpeople who are interested in theproduct you want to sell*12business finding a market issomething that everyonecan quickly choose the name of theirbusiness it’s good without it you can’t have a business find toolslike web hosting it’s goodbecause without it you can’t shoutyour site yours blog develop yourblog is good because it willbring you traffic on theinternet but what would you do if this trafficthat comes to your site disappearsevery day and to make you understand*12place that allow you to connectcivilians let me tell you thisstory imagine that you areimmediately an agent who works at the post officeyou know the post office generally peoplewalk around to deliver mailhere in europe in africa in corsica and that’s is still at the embryonic stagebecause in Africaeveryone goes to get their mail from thepost office but here by another for examplewe learn that the post office brings back themail and deposits it in our*12work at the post office and that you have themission of 10tribes and 10,000 messages to tenthousand households who said that we give you,for example, a letter which weassume is a letter from this telephoneeven if it’s not the case we supposethat’s what it was a mailso you have to dispose you have to distributeten thousand same crisis said that in themail to go running that you have togive to the familiesand well c it’s the same message you*12totally different familieswhat’s going to happen you’re going to getup and beat arras and the ten thousandhills of arzacq already imagine that theweight of what you support its 10000email that has to take you from house tohouse to deliver mail aftermail to each household and picture thecost say that you have twenty four hoursto do it do you thinkyou could manage to deliver tenthousand messages in 24 hours? istotally impossible even and if you have a*12distribute ten thousand times the same tolink ten thousand households between promoted peopleby going to their house butnow imagine that you have asolution when we give a smallmachine side say you have ten thousandmessages so this message from this mailyou have to give it to ten thousand messagesand trades 24 hours and you just have amachine on which you just haveto press the send buttonand the ten thousand mails godirectly and automatically in the*12in ten thousand houses and everyhousehold can startreading their mail right awayyou see this success it’s powerfuland at the same time it’s what you needto be successful and that’s what what are you going todo when you’re going to collectemails because by collecting emailsfrom people who are interested in youraffiliate business who are interestedin the subject you’re working on who areinterested in information tions ithas you’re actually going to be able to have a*12interested in the same product and you’re going to beable to send them a single message that’sgoing to reach them in a mine and evenminute which means you see somejust you just click on the send buttonand the peopleautomatically receive the college students say thateven if you have in town people whoare subscribed to we note the answering machinebecause we are going to kill him say what wecall like our answering machineyou will being able to actually contact them inno clicks and that’s what actually allows you*12affiliate marketingwe’re going to do a second imagination onSaturday that now what you have toharvest the 18,000 peoplewho interest apart from jobs agold device like this one let’s say likethis next one we will for exampleimagine that I have to collect the 10000desai of people who want to buya phone some time on TV phoneit is sold on the louvre internetthey will be present at 300 euros as soon asyou touch 10 inches so have broadcast*12account and you send a message toall those who are subscribers you write ithello how are you i hopeyou are doing well today i wouldlike to talk to you about this great phone inyou you need to be able tocommunicate better and which presents thecharacteristics of your phone andwhich sends the message with a linkof affiliate 10000 peoplejust imagine that 1% of tenthousand peoplebuy your phone which is*12well i think you win when x100 and we’re at 3000 eurosjust because when who startedyour affiliate business and well youchose to install what is called ahappiness railcar which typed or in factto collect the emails of peoplewho are interested in the product you want tosellso that’s one of the mostpowerful tools in affiliate marketing andthat if you put it in place as soon as youstart your affiliate business I*12percent of entrepreneurs who are launchingwhich reigns at digitimes which does notset upthis possibility of recoveringemails I am telling you about it because I knowthat is what you need to succeedand to create this database ofpeople who are are interested in yourproductwell you need two tools tolet’s say one toolit will be a lotto answering machine.

hello in thecontainer is the software that allows you*12who are interested in the product yousell so she does not answer you if yougo to my blog4 you will see that when you arrive Isuggest you to recover tekki to leave mean email address which will allow mein fact to be able to contact him whenI have information about theonline businessand that’s That’s how I was able tobuild a database ofpeople who are interested ininternet business marketing and jus can*12affiliate products so what Ireally recommend in this videois is something idid myself and it’s stuff istill do i know it takesa bit of investment but it’s nothingcompared to what you could gain ifyou put it in placesimply this possibility ofcollecting seniors now ratherthan going to choose an autoresponderso personally I advise youto use either hoeber which I have*12recover emails in my businessin the different businessesfrankly i don’t regret havingchosen open or active that shebathes that i use in one of ourbusiness that i createdonly a few months ago does he have a campaign also heis a reliable author who t ewill really allow something to recover thegiant contactors of the letters and thereturn the link in the description ofthis union now it is you have alreadytaken an assystem subscription point there*12for the world to take 16 eanswer you because just by usingyour against systems.

com locates at forexample x trio system status subscriptionwhich costs 120 $7 or 27 euros permonth you can recover up to 5000contact and locates at subscriptionis a point in the webinar which is morethan enough to allow you tobuild a database of tenthousand peoplewell you will be able to set up areal business so personally*12what do I find it interesting foryou in your business either you want toadmit being at 5 monsoon is dependent oncertain i/o ports and all othersyou just want to have your blog and thepossibility of collecting images on theinternet and therefore you do is choosehowever or active who reach if youchoose one of the two you cancontact me I will help you located indifficulties could so it’s eitheryou want to be 100% independent and I havechosen these two opportunities or either you*12you say to yourself will create a blog whenmonaco has an era where quentin activates itbecomes a bit too much and whowants a turnkey solution or anall-in-one solution -one that actually allows youto create your business toretrieve contacts to link your business tothis solution that is to say that to linkyour blog to this solution that I am going tooffer you nothing in this case incase you do not don’t want to have several smallinvestments and well you can takepuyo system with this stupid tax you have*12collect emails from peoplewho are interested in the product that you aregoing to me but at the same time you want to createsales pages capt pages ureof member space when youmay have products to sell and evenif you go the products to sell you canproduce pages for theaffiliate products that you want to sell sochoose one of these strategies one ofthese opportunitiesbut the most important thing is torecover the i’s*12the strategy to harvest the islandsI remind you that we don’t count themworthy and but in one day we start withone then we go to 2 then we go tothree then we go up to 30 50 cents andemails a day because the more you have workedon your business and the sooner your business willgrow this gig that you will have abusiness that really bringsin money on the internetso now that you have set upthe autoresponder which will allow you tostart by recovering contacts on the*12email database that you will beable to use to earn moneyon the internet quickly and easily slowlybecause yes when you have anemail database it’s at this moment that youstart making money on theinternet quickly you send an emailand you see width that falls tocalm m incredible and all that in placeit’s time to work on avirtual identity it’s time towork on your blogit’s time to think about your logo for*12when they start their activitieson the internetthe first thing that they want to createit’s a block plus a beautiful design beautifullogo we spend so much time on thislogo that we don’t think about themost important things the most important thingslet’s note businessit’s not a logo it’s not is not theadvertising banner that you are going to displayfor the affiliate product that you are going tochooseno it is first of all the market on*12when there is no market there isno of income and secondly wellit is the e site on which you canfreely promote theproducts you want recommended inaffiliationso that’s it the first fivesteps that we have seen are muchmore important than this step number6which simply consists of making alogo for your blog for example or tomake yourself a youtube banner for your*12few months or even a few years youwill see that it is worth I recentlychanged the logo and the banners of theyoutube channel and not even my blog it haswas the case spain started on theinternet i only had 50 euros inmy pocket i couldn’t actually affordto spend that money on afence or a logo to block meso i set up his blog Iset up everything we neededbut I didn’t have a nice designfrankly I preferred to*12than to have a very beautiful and verypretty logo and that is the same for youtubej I preferred to create my videos forvictims rather than concentrating onthe banners the banner and the logosand that’s those are theless important things for your successfrankly I don’t think they’rethe most important things onwhich you have to spend the time butonce you put in place the firstvery important things and with keyschosen thomas I had to create a site*12you set up the author answering machine evenif you’re on youtube that’s themost important thingeven before you’ve published the firstvideook it’s when you put all this inplace you can think of thebanner with the logo to redo thevirtual identity or visual of your businessand it’s you want to create a logo Iinvite you to look on thefive European site as I leave youthe apologies for this video or to*12which you can find peoplethat i can spend the time was makinga beautiful logo in a few minutesearlier than yourself you spend your timetrying to make yourself a logo and waste alot of time because in theend you are not an expert in the thingwell you’re going to spend more time thanif you pay someone to help youcreate a bolero for 6.

5 euros for likefor example you can find peopleyou have to go for 5 euros August 5not even expensive and so there’s no point*12how to create a logo and then forvictory in the euro so we’llsimply order a logo here it’sbig and it can tax on your blogand you can also order a banneron 5 euros and well and you canreplace the banner of youryoutube channel to have something morebeautifulso that was step 6 create a logoand a banner to improvethe identity or good virtual I will sayor the visual that people said*12the more you are going to improve it, the more there arecertain people who lovehaving beautiful things,but I think that 99% of the people who aregoing to follow you on it for the quality of thecontent that you offer and not for yourjob, it was a nice logo and yourcontent isn’t good wellpeople don’t follow you if you have a nicecar the engine isn’t good youwon’t be able to go very farand besides if you think you you havequality videos on my youtube channel*12to receive and nextnotification each time we have two newvideosif this youtube channel wow if you havereached this level in this videofrankly I Congratulations to you it’s thataffiliate marketing that interests meand you are really happy to discoverthis opportunity and believe me whenI started on the internet when Idiscovered that it was possible tosell products from of touch hercommissions*12succeed and Iwatched videos like this over and over again whichexplained at the time how you canstart your business and I don’t wantit’s really a lot of timecome on articles and so I can understandthat you are there until now and Istill situate you there but a guy and especiallybefore you are heading now weare at step number 7 of the success ofyour affiliate business onceyou have everything in place as soon as you puteverything in place to start by*12youtube channel because you arefinally ready for people to cometo your business so that peoplecome to find out what you have to dooffer them research in French thatthey themselves do on the internetwell you have to go to stepnumber 7 because it is this stepnow that will save youtwo moneythis step simply consists of all eron affiliate platforms tosearch for*12allow you to earn commissionsbecause your business in particularor your business in part is basedon affiliate marketing.

is ameasure that for what you are going to sell fromyour business, money booksare products that other people havecreated, so you simply have to live off thecommissions that you will generate in youraffiliate business nowonce you have set upyour blog or task n use that you haveprepared a software to collect the*12your contentnow you have to look forthe affiliate programs becauseit must be said that you know right awayhow you me going to start bymaking money I love you and so in aguy visited the affiliate platformsyou have lots of affiliate platformswe have the affiliate platform n de ntpfor example is anaffiliate platform of digital productswhich means that you will sell if thisplatform products related to the act and*12but they are pdf or video traininggenerally on this platformyou have we’re going to say you have I have the carin 30 and 70% commission on eachof the sales you’re going to make this is whatwill actually allow you toearn money so a tp is aplatform for people who want tosell information products tomanage conditions and commissionsworth being between by 70% I made avideo on the internet I leave the linkin the description of this video so*12through this video I explain to youwhat the platform was not happy aboutand how we use the secondplatform that you can go and visit ifyou want to sell digital productsincluding digital products and well that’s isthe mark and place point you systemsit’s a weight yocum I’m going to present lateris an all-in-one solution to allow you to launch yourbusiness you’ll be able to recovercontacts must be able to create sales pagesmust be able to create*12will sell on the internet must be able tooffer payment processes butalso you will be able to use the marketplace the polio systems market placethe space in which the majority ofjob site users deposittheir training, which allows you roof forexamplecity interactive matic of those whowant to invest in the stock market to go tothis model place to see if thereare trainings that talk about how tosucceed in the stock market and its trainings you*12touch conditions sowhatever the theme is in his headin his businesswell you can go to this brandand place to see if there are anyproducts for sale and there are productsfor sale you can put them forwardnow you have certainlywondered but didn’t she at the beginning youtalked to us about starting a business inthe theme of electric hair removalis here by examplecan we sell*12more inclined to say that in thisthemewe are going to sell devices and that is tosay we are going to find them where and of coursethe amazon platform if amazon you cansell physical products so byregistering on amazon if kate in atheme like electric hair removaland well you can go on thisplatform and find devices thatyou sell the only thing that the onlydifficulty or the only differencebetween amazon and the other platforms*12on each of the saleshere it’s physical devices andas you know to create thesedevices and well the entrepreneursinvest a lot of money so thecommission is low but be carefulin the theme of hair removal forexample and one of several themesin which we find products forsale at amazonwe can also find digital productswe can find guides that explainpeople how to succeed in hair removal*12all the platforms to be 100%sure that tintin thematicsyou don’t have information productsbecause if even you embark on atheme where we talk ofdigital products our physical product forexample at the dock located in atheme where we talk aboutphysical products which is the case ofthe electric epilator or electric hair removalon August 15 and in thistheme is what you can doto also go find digital products*12on which you can earn30 and 70% of the sale priceit is better to start by sellingdigital products before you startselling physical products simplybecause by selling digital productsand soon you will earn a lotmore money and when you will startselling physical products and you willhave additional income so I willrecap it a bit enough to findaffiliate programs I wasoffering affiliate platforms*12are only physical products and well youhave to go to amazon to seewhat’s going on and there too youcan register on anaffiliate program and earn moneyok so say that you create accountson affiliate programs if theaffiliate platform that you findaffiliate programs thatyou are interested step number 8 of yourbusiness consists in recovering andaffiliate links in relation to the productswhich interest*12a recover your affiliate link yougo for example to the point you system andyou get affiliate links or yougo to the amazon platform and youget affiliate links andonce you have your affiliate linksand you can start promotingthe products for make moneyaffiliate platforms likeamazon is no longer where it’s polio arevery easy to understand how tounderstand an affiliate link by theway I show*12easy and you can start just notpromoting the products toearn moneythen we are on a tpe so thisis one of the platforms that Iadvise you to be digital productshere to sell and earncommissions as I say you will findproducts here that willquietly pay you 70% of the sale price ofeach of the products that you will sellso it is one of the platformsthat I have used since the beginning*12I only recommendproducts that I have bought because thebusiness development pot I had tobuy some training and Iput them forward because I knowthe authors a little better I know that theyproduce quality informationeverything otherwise the boss easily aseptproductsso there is barely seven years no one whocan put soft products Iwould not say of very poor quality butof lower quality and therefore if you*12you can easily find peoplewho will subscribe to guinness who are alittle disappointed just because these areproducts that do not bring them anyvalue so it’s really to findgood products and you normallycan make money byputting them forward so here I am going toshow you how to recover such is thefiliation we are going to take a product isnot faked there to make the essayswhat happens there in the team does not guide stepby step to invest in real estate*12we have the mathematical income wesee it there we have a little of everything that ‘we are going todo it is for example of product themathematical view so the affiliate if hehad 33.

50 euros six months this product ofwhich we simply noted that you will beon the platformI only call the registration is 100 %free and you just prick here toopen this page is here for example youwill see andy rubin mathematics theonly French method to explainthe origin*12football and mathematics a modelfive minutes a day ok so here yousee the product and the letter sold bythree affiliates and that’s what’simportant is that you want topromote a product here so when youopen this page you go there if the mostread to do promoting productsso pause and perform t you havethe affiliate link which is there ok quitnot far from promoting thisproduct[Music]*12because I am there it is listened to andhidden after the normal affiliate linkwhich is the one there so it’sthree links to allow you to keepcommission progressive purchases is theproduct now this link which is thereit’s the link which hides your nicknamehere for example you will see my nickname thatthey had from lacq is visible herewith this link it hides the nickname like thatthe olives people don’t feel whois promoting the productok keep the positions tual took place*12that’s to support them a littlesmarter let’s say I’m going to makea video for you to explain a little howwe use the link how Idecided anyway and in imposition youhave the link for facebookin fact if you’re paused theproduct directly on facebook if youwant recommended to direct products ementon facebook with someone youtalk to on facebookyou just have to choose to link facebookotherwise all the other links can be*12ok so that’s it for thisplatform the second platform whatsees it is the model places awrist system or while heretoo registration is freeyou have a 30% commission knownon sales or well it differs we willleave here not 7 30% and located at 0 and6 7 50%so it’s between 30 and 70%anyway so here I remind youthat registration is free ua the linkin the description of this video and*12platform for 30 days withoutwake up the bear and presto you canstart right away nowonce you are on the platform where tofind the market place you put thecursor here and you put the button on macand there and you click you have your buton this page you see here you can typefor example the product cont ient the chiefis not that the talent of the tarn havethe products will appear nowthat we will take an affiliation thesesymptoms that I am there the type of the*12open the pageand when it opens the page you canhere for example you have you deny promotingthe straw in everything copy here theaffiliate link that is the only copysimply it had you want topromote but you click onpromote page one window opens and whocopy the link it’s as simple asthat ok now third manplatform it will be the amazon platformok so we are here on amazon com willtake a look in a row associated amazon*12show you here it’s too simplefirst you open apartner account only if you have anamazon website in this paste toapply to the point that we therefore decideaccording to location to encourage the userof quality contentamazon goes to this study iptions andonce you are registered rememberto put yourself in your partner spacefirst then go to theamazon platform received the market place sothe market place is amazon.

fr or*12whatever and spoon and tointone affiliation it’s simple you clickon the product like that so when Ifell on this big one for example andwhen the product will be displayed you will beable simply to pedestriansand affiliation so here you see nowget a link right away is ifyou want to go test it comes up soall the classics there is the link thatmixes copy of the good and you canmove to the images and you can have acode that you inspired of a tale is*12blogsand for the dogs the victims butthe image its much cooler cow andblog because if you can’tdisplay August is no longer the image sowhen you have the two like that with asmall b udget and you have the kodak at your feetand insert it in natureif your blog for example here is a bithow to get affiliate linksif these three platformsgo now we are at stepnumber 9 of affiliate tombs I’m*12money-making affiliate leadif you won back all this video and takeactionI’m 100% sure that youraffiliate business will have real success successin the next few months justbecause you would have put in place what 99%of people don’t put in placewhen they start in affiliate iswhat makes them never have realresults like the marketing aspectsof affiliation now at stepnumber 10 what do you have to*12to be sure of winnings from therim well everything has already been done from step1 to the step of a route 9everything has already been done the only thing thathas not been done t is to gofind people who are already interested inwhat you produce on your sitewhat I mean is that at the stepof a street say you must sendtraffic to content when youstart when brands youcreate your blog is a victim dogto do affiliate marketing and*12is traffic and this chart for the worldhas issues related to finding thetrafficthat it’s the cash of the net businesswhether it’s me who earns my living withthe affiliation or you who start bydiscovering the filiationwe will all have the same problem it’show to attract traffic who wants tobuy the products that we putforward so to find this trafficwell you have to highlight thecontent you have published on your blog a*12have to start with facebook tostart by chatting with peoplegive me linksyes it can allow you to winof the’ money from the start of the day 1 or 2euros passing one or two sales inpassing but that’s not howyou are going to live from youraffiliate business personally what Iprefer at this stage what I put setup a real real businessa real strategy thatin the long term will allow me to*12that I produce content on my blogfor example and I will publish laticsmy blog and onceI’m done I’m just gonna grab thedemocratic link and I’m gonna go shareis in the facebook hit in myfacebook group on my personal profilelike that I’m not justasking people were going to buy productsI told him I’m putting on create a newarticle around a productgo say it what’s round read ityour discover that there are*12click on this link and may be able tobuy the productsand it is also the c have for useful if youput me videos on youtubeafterwards you can just share theirvideos but always ask people totake action from dal and in thedescription to recover what youput forward for example and therefore thesepeople will go in the description isit forand possibly click on anaffiliate link and buy products*12absolutely must follow to have areal affiliate businessif you follow these steps I am 100%convinced that you you’re going to create a realempire with the lineage because fromthe start you put in place strategiesthat will allow you to collectemails around the products that you areselling and therefore you will be able toin fact use it’s innate forcashing in sales to china everytime you have products to sellthat’s how you can have a*12with, for example, a bank in the cityyou can set up what wecall campaigns the campaign is it’s teams at in automatic and whichgo in automatic and 7 let’s dedicate ourgenerating passive income withaffiliate marketingif you liked this video I am niceto know your opinion ten months in thecomments what you think of thisvideo is what you understoodwhat is affiliate marketingwhat are the ten steps you*12affiliation is what you took itall so you don’t forget itsmost important steps if you think thatfiliation is a business that willallow you to lead financiallyindependent before you to itsyoutube channel and artv the bell so you don’tmiss any of our nextpublicationsbecause that I will sendmore and more qualitative videos that willexplain how to have a realbusiness that allows you to earn a*12the affilia tion to the task of care tohave a very good day and seeyou in a next video andabove all don’t forget to be robbed toput a gym stroller video and above allto share with the people whodeserve to consbe the marketing affiliate weboth know a next video seeyou very soon for you well chatel

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