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hello here olivier rolland and welcometo this new video so whati would like to share with youtoday is how to approachpotential partners who aremore successfulthan understanding the problem ofthat actually leave me to share with youa story that happened to me recentlyit was an event here so I waschatting with people there issomeone who came to see you he said to meah hello olivier cost precisely I*12soon be releasing a book indigital format then here I am, maybe you could promote it some when he told me that I didyes maybeI was a little surprised in fact bythe pump his approach then well herewe were talking a little bit thentold me here I give you my cardcontact me to be able to promotemy book it would be great I took theeffect card to ok we’ll see here andhow when vs this person left*12really the worst wayto approach a potential partnerwhy because i neverseen this person before and if athenspresent and she just talk to me about herand her project and basically sheasked me to give you a hugeboost seems to talk about possiblecounterparties and uses it without tryingto but from before the problem is thatif you ever approach someone one who ismore successful than you is in yourfield in another they*12able to give a helping hand likethat each time who each time I amasked but it is impossible becauseit is enormously enormouslyenormously solicited and the cruelreality also that when yougo to see this person isunfortunately well you are if you havethis approach where you are just afew among the hundredsof others are you who at one time or another aregoing to make the exact same requestfor their super project of death that*12it’s normal but which for him is justone of the hundreds of projects that are beingsent to him? talks all the time so whyshould they devote thetime energy and resources to helpingyou rather than the 100 other peoplewho have made the same request to me and whenhe already has a busy schedulelike all the world has billionsof things to do and in addition it also hasits own promotions to do andso it’s not the right approach at allso I don’t want to talk here about*12potential partners who will be moreor less of the same level but here arepeople who are very much in demand youhave to know how to distinguish yourself from the othersand precisely not for not for notthat the potential partner willmerge with the mass of allpeople q ui will eventually begfor things without bringing anything and whatis the best way to do thatwell just to bringvalue first a muchsmarter way for this breakthrough to*12saying to myself is olivier lights up andexpensive here I was happy tomeet you well here you see there monthswith a young entrepreneur I’m startingI’m coming from elsewhere soon I’m I’llsoon be releasing a book I waswondering is what there is somethingthat I can do for you for exampleand there you can give aspecific example so here goes to see thepartner and offer him to helphim in a concrete way and as Iwanted to say in previous videos*12your heroes who can begreat partners depending on thefield in which they are well thesedates to follow their advice toapply them concretely and to havesuccess because there’s nothing thatholds the attention of someone better,especially who is in the business ofselling information, training books,that kind of thing thansomeone who actually applies thisadvice who has had a successbecause so many people are content*12to read the articles without everdoing anything that well immediatelysomeone who applies that he standsout from the others is someone whoapply and who persevereenough to be successful thereyou are really at the top of thepyramid but even if you do not have thatif you adopt this approachto bring value first his girlimmediately distinguishes from 95 4 99 % ofpeople and just that it’s going to make younotice appearing on the radar of the*12to have already studied a little bit whathe does it can be you are youcan watch having seen his blog heryoutube channel that her am I stilland maybe I already have suggestionsfor improvement you said rabah hereI noticed for example that youwrite articles regularly on the subjecttomorrow how to be thrown away andprecisely me I am vegetariansince ten years since I said to myselfthat there is a very interesting subject whichseems to your readers that would be healthy and*12help you to make a video on the subjectbecause blah blah here try topropose something that canbring concrete value to thisperson and it’s not at all hypocriticalto do that because behind you for amoment you want to ask him forsomething it’s just being smart todistinguish yourself from others and bringvalue first behind if you’re lookingfor something it’s not that it’s notbad in fact and you canalso tell him at one time or another*12to bring some l help after here you knowI have this book project socan I maybe give myself someadvice then so if you couldpromote that would be great that would begreat I will thank you completely and that’sit so here I want to know how to besmart use human psychologyto your advantage anywayevery time you use youfight against human psychologyyou’re fighting against an enemy that’s mined that’s really formidable*12you and just be smart andbringing value issomething that will take you further thanbegging like that without asking yourself thequestion of and me what doI bring if you just alwaysask to gain value withoutbringing anything in return youinevitably wander far in life that if youalways think a how tobring value how tobring value how to bringvalue here thank you for avo ir watched this*12by offering you or say long live and the lifeof your dreams thanks to your blog toreceive it for free by email thereclick on the link the hague leaveyour first name your email so Il you send immediately for free byemail and then as usual I comeyour feedback if you liked thisvideo click on I like justbelow and then share it you didnot like the questions I do not like andthen do not shared it by thank you forsaving this video see you tomorrow for the*12

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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