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hello to all I hopeyou are well in this video willcome back to the platform bein how toopen your account how to secure butabove all how to go a little furtheron the features ofthe platform most people knowhow to deposit andtrade cryptocurrency cametoday one of the biggesttrading platform in the world but offersdifferent featuressuch as trading with leverage*12how to set up a stop loss anda take profit which are thesafety belts of trading with leveragebut also how theLaunchpads of the platform work the henswhich are the advantages which are given toall users of amazing BNBthe cryptocurrency of the platformhow does it work how to getinterest with the cryptocurrency that sleepson the platform and basically how tofully exploit the differentsolution offers the platform at*12to be a cryptocurrency exchangerby depositing Bitcoin there to transforminto other quotes today the worldof cryptocurrency develop thedecentralized finance and all theother possibilities that the blockchainoffers diversify its offer andtoday offers different solutionsmany of you ask questionsand it even happens to me when I talk aboutBayonne on an opportunity that there ison the time on social networks toreceive a lot of private messages*12the saving works what is itflexible deposits blocked depositshow do you receive your bonushow do you what we can consultexetera exetera exetera it was therefore necessary tomake a complete video on thefunctionalities of this platform andfor him and no one there will be asummary in this video that is to sayq ue if you pass the mouse over theprogress bar of the videoyou will realize that we havesegmented it into different summaries*12experienced among you to jump directly to thechapter of the video which interests youbecause indeed if you already knowvery well it is if you already have anaccount the first 56 minutesmay be a little boring on the other handif you are a beginner it is this one thatwill allow us to startyour account well is to secure your accessbefore embarking on the adventure ofthe cryptocurrency exchange Ioften talk about this but at the end ofthis video we will do a short minute of*12collaboration with I have a goodcollaboration after more than 2 years ofdiscussion and various subjects treatedon balance moreover I will quotethem throughout this video a videoto optimize its costs a video onthe decentralized exchange of B ayonneexetera exetera this video is myfirst collaboration with vine and I’ll tell you about it at the end of the videoso we’ll start if you haven’t even madea mistake I invite you to go to thedescription of the video is to take the*12reference link so it’s anaffiliate link there is a bonus beinallows the parents who you have torecover a small part of thecommissions instead of it beinglevied but it also allows the sponsorto retrocede a part of hiscommission to his godchild which meansif you use the link in thedescription you will have 20%reduction on all the costs of thediners platform in the same way youhave different reductions according to*12obviously offer you create an account anemail a secure password okayyou don’t put your name and your dateof birth you put a certainpassword with specialcharacters numbers res and letters ifpossible capital letters let’s remember all the samethat it’s money it’scrypto-currency is so if westeal from you we can’t go backit’s not like in the banking system orjust make a phone call andmake a cancellation if someone*12you have no recourse to recover themfrom his so younecessarily connect and we’ll go right away rightaway everything immediately once youare connected you will go to thesmall icon up there and you will goto security immediately we will passthe basics and we will secure the accountI asked one of my colleagues youdon’t use his account too much sohe hasn’t already fully configuredto entrust him to me for this littleguided tour so that I can*12useful despite everything but which has not beenfully configured so I willshow you like nt put your firstsecurity basics so first themost important in addition to asecure password has activated one you are therefore alittle erased when you go toconnect it is a second method inaddition to your password we’llsend you a text, for example, we’llask you for a code to be sure it’syou I don’t recommend it, you’re notby text I’m making a video on*12just now showing the screen you have one bySMS it’s not the most secure somy advice is Google Authenticatorit’s a small application you candownload on your mobile it willmake you scan a QR code whenyou scan QR code it will give youa number you enter the number andyou will be asked for a number on eachconnection which means that even if someonemanages to find your password oryour email address is fine without yourphone and without this code for me*12n’t be able to access your account if you haveand it’s even better a New Beetleso overall it’s about thesame level of security but it’s morepractical the life that you put it inyour computer and when youlog in after typing yourpassword, you were asked to put your fingeron it and the key to authenticate and provethat it is that it is the minimum level tohave in security that is to say tohave done its kawaii if that we are going toask you to ask you to validate*12and so on but you can alsoactivate the FAC rate the minimum afteryou can still increase a little morewith the anti-phishing code so theanti code -phishing in fact it is a codethat you will enteran example I putstupidity it is the 1st and well if Icreate what phishing in all theemails that bein will send me there will bethis code which means if one day Ireceive an email from bein and q ue I don’t see this code in it, maybe it’s*12note to try to steal my code,for example, it allows you to be alittle more, let’s say, on your guardand to to be sure and certain that it iswho is trying to contact you by emailthat I advise you to activate it thereI will not do it in this case it isnot my account but it is reallysomething interesting is themaximum level of security although veryrestrictive so it’s up to you to see ifyou put it in any case this is the caseon most of our company accounts for*12withdrawals that is to say that if you dothat it will ask you what is youraddress quickly like a what is youraddress and land full of address of yourswhich means that you cannotwithdraw from other addresses in general ifsomeone happens to get away seize youraccount he can withdraw your moneyyes but only on the addresses that you shave whitelist and as we say and thereforeinevitably if he is a thief he will be able tosend money with difficulty tohis addresses to him and at the limit he*12feed the addresses that you havelisted it can being interesting iscalled address management and itallows you to manage that’s it for thelittle one.

Security sorry it’s boringstart of video right away but it’simportant and we can never repeat enoughnow we focus on the veryheart of beinthe exchanges when we have tounderstand it’s that it’s aflat -form a cryptocurrency exchange1 essence custodian i.


you*12cryptocurrency for you and will allow youeasily and cheaply obviouslylike most cryptocurrency exchangesof exchanges and when webuy crypto currency we canpay between 01 and up to 5% in feessometimes when it is by credit card oreven more you should know that in theworld of exchange the standard is 0.

1%of fees when you trade bitcoinfor ether for othercryptocurrencies it became the leader in 2017they settled down and they were*12stop people from signing up because there weretoo many requests to tell youhow great it is today ur essential todayit is one of the platforms that generatesthe most volume exchange per day,that is to say that there are days whenyou manage about 10% of the volumeof exchange world of cryptocurrency inthe same way it buy the site whenit market cap that youmay knowit is really the reference toconsult the price of cryptocurrencies not*12days to consult the price ofcryptocurrency in real time in parallel with thatand also associate on the FTX exchangeas they bought back a littleless than half it seems to meDTX one of the biggest exchangesby leverage and future contract Itell you explained what it is Ilike to show you how to finishFTX so semi properties of alsoredeem an application thattracks his cryptocurrency in hisphone so to tell you how*12literally unknown rnable in theworld of cryptocurrency todayso now just a minuteto learn how to depositcryptocurrency into your account it’s going tochange to make a deposit you godirectly here to the walletyou go to the spot walletspot wallet that means withoutleverage without it’s reallythe basic and classic exchange yougo and if you have a list ofcrypto currency in this case and we*12type for example BTC or Bitcoin yousee the Bitcoin line and it allows youto make deposits indeed there I donot want to make a withdrawal since as you cansee I do not have anyexchanges and imagine that I haveBitcoin on a TV 2 hours and that Iwant to send I make pots and itgives me my address the address that I willhave to enter in the other site orthe other platform to sendBitcoin verbinnen as soon as the Bitcoinsurely arrive j I could*12’m going to show you somechain exchanges the little logo up there and I’m going tochange USBs so stable cryptocurrenciesfrom stable like a write = 1dollar against another currency justto show you let’s imagine I want tobuy ether so you have to know thatyou don’t work landmark Lapeyre isstupid allows you to exchange ethersfor bitcoins or bitcoinsfor ethers it’s always the sameto settle your father I’m going to gointo the ground I’m going to go to USB you*12SVT I have on the account there I have 326 andimagine I want I don’t know me DlinkI type Lyn case it’s cryptocurrencyshiningUSB this is called a pair andthere I will be able to buy or sellput yourself on the market if you want toknow how to optimize what is alimit order what is a limit orderplease I redirect you to anothervideo I show you re how to optimizethe orders the purchases and the sales thatyou will make to pay less*12will buy 5 of them at the market on buyit will use my balance of the SVT and Iwill recover limits insteadyou just made a trade inow have Dlink so i can goto my spot wallet likei showed you earlier go to mylink line and trades and hop hophop line i now have 5 icould withdraw them and send them toMac Ledger for example I willresell them right away not to knowalso if you do not have*12can get some for the first time hereyou go to buy cryptocurrency and you have different optionsthe bank deposit option you are going to makea transfer it is often the leastexpensive in general on allplatforms the deposit by transferalthough longer because we stillpass by bank dinosaurs tomake the transfer so it can take48 to 72 hours or even more if you are on theweekend but when the money arrives youhave less fees for example you*12credit card and there if you make abank transfer you arecharged 50 cents and nothing from a percentage point of viewyou will enter the amountthey will you will choose the methodof finding do you not want todo what you want by bank transfer andyou will be able to make the paymentso here it is to fund youraccount if you really had nocrypto currency and you are making yourdebut here now that we have seen asmall base in these first 10*12a little more complex and alittle more riskytherefore order to take a step backto think carefully and above all never toset foot in future tradingor training to effect the vier if youhaven’t fully understood whatyou are doing by the way if you come todiscover crypto-currency and youhave just created your bein accountfor the very first time I thinkit’s a little early for you justbefore entering the future is in*12very much asking me where doI communicate first as youknow when you add acryptocurrency to the list of cryptocurrenciesit offers this cryptocurrency hastendency to increase in value at the beginningwhen it comes to be becausemany investors nowhave easy access to this crypto currencythe planetis it ishuge andyou should know that*12that you are going to have all the announcementsso that you have the new cryptolistingand it is on this page that you haveall the news left for examplehe has just added a certain listingfrom a point of view of the future that we willhave m now there is very littletime in the last few days they havefor example added Tuesday 1 tradingfor the carnival in iso also highschool helium Le Touquet and so on and that’swhere you have to stay focused and that’s*12and the latest main activities toreally be up to date onwhat the platform is doing and on the differentopportunities it can leave younow we are going to the future so youclick up there on derivative and youclick on USB futurethe first league so already what isleveraged tradingwith leveraged effect it allows you totrade with an amount greater than whatyou have I’m giving you avery simple example j I have 10 € with his 10 € I*12means that if he takes cents andI had put everything I will earn 10%of 10 € that is to say 1 € of profit andI would have 11 € at the end imaginednow I am sure and c surethat Bitcoin will go up and I would like touse this information is thiscertainty in a way to earnmore than 1 € because I only have 10 €I don’t know more liquidity theleverage effect will allow me to be exposed moreon the market because imagine that Itake a leverage of 20 x 20 if I if*12me to be exposed to the market as if I had200 € that is to say 20 times more and thereforeif I leverage 20 on my€10 and the market takes 10% atthat time it is not therefore 10 percentof €10 that I will have won butit is 10 percent of 200 € I would havewon because thanks to my leverage effect Ihad not said but I had 200 €in play leverage effect x Vans and therefore ifthe market took 10 percent it isnot a but well 20 € 10% of 200 € thatI would have won attention despite all it*12potentially earn more it walks andshows but it means to i reverse thatif the market loses value and Ihad bet on the rise when themarket to lose value is good atthat time I will lose muchfaster we are there because casuallywith or without leverage effectI still only have 10 € which therefore meansthat I cannot lose more than whatI have does it therefore mean thatwith a leverage effect x 20 it isenough that the market goes down 5% and*12all I have and well my position is going tobe liquid and instantly and I’m going to lose everything and even the market continuesto go down a little little if I get toless than 5% with my Paris there Irisk liquid is my position tolose everything and even if after the Bitcoinfly away takes 40% I will no longer bepart of the game it’s a little bitcomplex to understand I grant youand I’m going to show you in practicehow it worksso we’re going we’re going to take a*12up to 125 on bein okay it offersbitcoin usd te it is one of thebest known fathers so bitcoin dollarsomehowdollar ether plastic ether litecoinripple EOSon the platform is whoalso offers so it’s crypto currencyagainst the dollar but you canalso make crypto currency on thetrail it allows you on the body afuture to make lots of differentpositions on other crypto currency*12future summer and let’s imagine that we very much wantBitcoin ether then the advantage alreadywith fire if you can speak asdownside on the spot market that Ishowed you earlier the spot market himyou simply allows you to be able tobuy crypto currency hopingthat it will increase in value and to beable to sell it if you think itwill go down in this case if you aresure that the market will go down you canvery well here on the futurebetting platform on the fall of the*12what is called a short in bets on thedownside if you think thatthe cryptocurrency will increase in valueyou will do what is called along you’re not going to be linked to the upsidethat’s where it starts to getinteresting let’s imagine that already there I don’t have any dollars you have to know that thesetwo different accounts it’s the sameaccount but it’s twodifferent platforms so there I don’t have 2 dollarsI will first load my account byclicking here it will tell me here is on the*12dollars how much I want to loadI will put 200 dollars for exampleyou should know that you can’tlose more than you put inyour future account i.


therei loaded 200€ so in mynormal account there was 326 more than 6now i sent 200 herewhatever be the position i take whateveri do i can’t lose more q uewhat I put in this account is thefirst safety barrier to have inmind now I’m going to take a*12and half of what I have so I’m going torisk 100 dollars but i would like toexpose myself 10 times more i.


i would like to take a risk of 1000 dollars we were only talking at this time i will set aleverage of 10i will set a leverage from hereso if I bet 1000 € in reality itwill only take me 100 €and there staying crossed at the start it’smuch betterhere I have adjusted my leveragein Bitcoin usdt we haveBitcoin price in dollars and we are going to make*12I am not going to give you atechnical analysis and even lesstell you if he will go up or down Ijust want to show you how to do it ifyou want to take this position sothere we are going to imagine that on shorthairbut it can lose valuethat is really going to be what we are going to dothe level of Parison the decline of Bitcoin because it isgenerally we bet on that too we are going totalk on the basis of Bitcoin and we are going torisk 100 dollars with a leverage effect of*12as if we had exposed ourselves and that wehad bet on the fall of Bitcoinwith 1000 dollars here I will settle whatis called the volume of thetransaction I pass in marketorder which I recommend especially if youdo not fully understand and you canalso understand what alimit order is by watching the video that isdisplayed in the notehere I put a market order forwhat passes everything immediately I will thereforesell and I will put the equivalent of*12approximately the Bitcoin is at 10000dollars here it is about 1000dollars except that there as you can seeit does not not cost 1000 dollars the cost ofthe position on the rise like in the masscosts me a cent groin of dollars in 10times less because it depends on myleverage effect indeed if I had puta leverage effect x 100it would have cost me only 10 dollars soI exploded to 100 times morewe will go back to 10 and Ifrankly advise you not to exceed*12crypto currencies are very volatile itmoves very quickly a leverage effect itmakes it possible to accelerate the movement soyou want to accelerate an environmentwhich is already going very quickly so it’s good ifyou’re sure of yourself italso allows Paris to be washed away can’t wedo on the market of friends that’s interesting even without puttingleverage on the other hand that with us if youare a beginner it’s a good way toburn your wings because it’s alreadygoing very fast and in addition we are indeed*12so now I put I put 0.

1years around 1000 dollars and it willcost me 103 dollars in 10 times me Imake fri dre so i bet downSam open my position here you haveNLP profits i.


your gains andlosses since i opened i amslightly negative whilebitcoin price has not moved because thereare toddler opening fees ifyou have to understand it’s who has the priceof entry it’s the most important it’sthe price at which you bet in*12- 0.

1 bitcoins that I spoke on thedecline and on this entry price thereso the objective is going to be when I closemy position the Bitcoin is lower inany case c it’s my bet if it goes upI lose them money Sylvie that adrop I’ll win it that you have tounderstand is that now it’sthe market that will play it’s the marketthat will evolve through time and ifyou see i close my position bypressing market now iwon indeed because when i*12dollars and there it is already at10370 dollars so 4 dollars from me that’swhy if I can do itnow I have won 1 dollar 21 inreality if I had played with my 100dollars I would have won only 12 cents andI have actually won the in euros 66 so Iclose 10 times more because Iput a leverage effect but be careful itcan go both ways indeedI bet on the fall of Bitcoinobviously at the right time I bet onthis decline by putting 100 dollars*12106 the bitcoin a pair a thoroughbred Ishould as I spoke on the declinewon 1 € 1 percent of 100 € exceptI put an effect of leverage x 10 sowhen the market makes a thoroughbred it’sas if I had won not €1but 10 times more €10 which means thatif the market is not going in the right directionI have spoken at mass imaginethat Bitcoin takes off and takes off on therise when Bitcoin will take 1percent its value where I should havelost 1 € I will lose 10 € which*12percent and indeed 10 percent with aleverage effect of 10 months I willlose my 100 € that is to say everythingwhat I agreed to putthe that we could arrive at what iscalled a liquidation effect twosolutions either add moneyto your future trading account so thatyou can lose more than the 100dollars that you you put that’swhy I recommend never puttingall the ground you have to keep areserve so as not to have your position liquidated*12€100 when I haven’t that 100 € onmy account will cut my position therisk with that is that it’s aBitcoin after it flies away asI had planned and well I’m no longerpart of the game indeed if it happens toless 100 € you will see that I have nomore liquidity they will at the beginning send mean email at Margin Call it’s called endisan t listen you have taken aposition you will soon have more moneyto hold it the you have spoken onthe rise the market is sinking it has lost*12leverage effect x 10 so you are at minus 50% half of what you puteither add more money to you or whenwe get closer go down for a while willdelete your position and the riskis that it will go belowwhat you were ready to lose thatit’s a liquid your position thatit deletes it and then it fliesin the right direction in the direction that youhad planned but that you are no longerin the game because you no longer havethe liquidity to assume the drop*12let’s imagine beach at the fences I hadsuddenly put 100 € with a leverage effect ifI close now I willsuddenly win it’s 4 dollarsand suddenly I go back up with my 200dollars and i’m at 203 dollarsso that means you can v Youexpose with more than the money you haveand don’t make big profits butalso accept bigger lossesin the short term before you letgo so you have tolearn what a stop loss is and what it is.

*12belt already than the world and it’s goingfast trading with the leverage effectit’s really a sprint so Ireally advise you if you’re doing thisrace to put your seat belt onand to always put stoplosses we take an example this timein the opposite direction I take1002 the art of position I will onlypay his because I put aleverage effect sometimes say always I buyso I bet at the pose of the Bitcointhis time*1210341 okay I can settle whatyou see if the tps she the tps MC LeTeil profit on the spot wholesale youcan already settle so that we are youabsent in front of your screen you canadjust and say when the bitcoinwait did it take i win orlose i don’t want to lose more where idon’t want to win more there i couldput a stop loss and tell me good hereI am overall take a calculatortell me the objective it will be toget a pure blood of capital gain*1210341 dollars1 percent of capital gain it will be top0.

01 that is to say theBitcoin world 200 dollars for him totake a thoroughbred roughly and thereforewith my leverage x 10 months Iwill not earn 1% if he wins if he wins700 € I don’t want to win 1 percent Iwill win 10% of Grandma initial soI’m going to put a profit text and sayhere I am, I came in at a price ofBitcoin10341 and well I would like k DIN 440 and 1*12I will have won about 10% of myposition and there it reminds you youare well when it’s green it meansyou spoke on the rise when it’sred on the downside your entry price theprice at which you bought the bitcointhe spot price this is the price at whichyou discovered the wholesale fee even ifyou bet yourself that the bitcoin wouldgo up when it was at 10341dollars and well it mustreach 10341 dollars and 49 cents tocover the vaginal position stops*12I know that I will have won about10% of my bet with the configurationI did that will automatically closemy position the same way converselyI don’t want to lose more than 10% of mycapital and so I’m going to tell him at10241 dollars you get me out I put100 € I want as a maximum I canlose 10 € not in euros more Iconfirm and here I have settled mysteak profits and my stop loss whichmeans that whatever happens even so quicklywhen they fly away I would have won’t earn*12on and it will have recorded only so i also wantto say that if it touches it andafter that it collapses but me ivalidated i got my guys back from a glassif bitcoin goes into a free falland it happens i don’t won’t lose morethan 10 dollars because I have set athoroughbred in the price of Bitcoin inmaximum decline with a leverage effect x 10 whichare a bit barbaric because light thedeer because we don’t have the vocabularybut overall when you get alittle used to using this*12it’s not rocket science although risking butnot rocket science to close the position Irely on a fence closeall positions at the market know a littleone little thing when youbuy cryptocurrency thetraditional way when you think it’sgoing to go up you keep it when youthink it’s going to go down yousell it there you have to understandhow opening orders worksif I bet Bitcoin go up I’mgoing take a positive position to*12position I want to say more than himwhen he goes up for the cash and Iwill have to make the opposite betimagine I bet on the eurowith leverage x 10 that you are going to go up if Iam going to cancel what I have doneI have to bet 100 € with leverage x10 that the Bitcoin will fallthis is how you cancel your position by takinga reverse position c is a bitcomplicated but again it’sonly a matter of habit here we havejust gone through future trading in*12further not already because it’s alreadycomplex enough and it’s reallythe leverage effect which is a concept tounderstand it’s simply anamplifier everything you’re going todo behind it will be amplified ingood and bad ways notknowing if you don’t feel theshoulders to be able to deal directlyon this kind of plate -form there aretraining professionals thatallows you to connect trading boots thatthey will do on your*12and access to your account to thiscompany it will drag for youobviously that the company wins everythingearned in company father you lose thatfor once it’s up to you tochoose the person you are going tocopy how to copy but there arecompanies that offer this i madea full video on napoleonics thevideo s post and I explain to youhow to connect your balance accountand subscribe to Napoleonic to doexactly the same ready as*12when they will play importantcapital you will they will takeimportant of yours to play in the sameway the interesting thing isthat you will use what is calledan API key you do not give access toyour account you just give the right tothe company in question to makeorders up or down foryou to give them, for example, noright to withdraw cryptocurrencyand simply seize the right tocontrol your account to hang around within*12defined this that I advisecompared to very many yourself when you’re abeginner that’s what I do myselfpersonally generally I dofundamental analyzes of the next Quentin projectI like I buy it and Iconcert it over the long term as soon as I’m going to do a little bit of trading eitherit’s because I feel there’s atrend or I’ve done a littleanalysis and I reallythink I need to hedge or I stayconnected and I connect my funds to a*12will make madders before butalso when it goes down surprised thatthanks to its little ones we can betin both directions I will return myfunctions the traditional talein the other way I send 202 dollars backto my traditional accountnew features andcryptocurrency Monday so already the differencebetween these two terms stacking isthe chain block if it givesyou rewards block youcryptocurrency you get*12blocking because you have secured andparticipate in the work of securingthe blockchain on Monday it’s loanlend you to a cryptocurrency platformand it gives youinterest in depending on the amount ofcrypto currency you had lent and theduration of this loan, of course itwill give this crypto currency topeople who will borrow cryptocurrency and who will pay theplatform even more interest otherwiseit’s not interesting for her the*12directly to finance you clickon statins and you arrive here there youhave details the stacking lock soblocked starting flexible the log isblocked for a period for example here isthe dash I have 7 percent interest Ican choose to block accept me whichday I click on state now I do not have adate on my account so I can’t do it but you can say I’mblocking your time of day you haveinterests that obviously move if youwatch more the longer you block the*12of course and you cando ok to know that it are notreally blocked you canrecover them at any time except that if youhave for example asked I leave IIimagine if I blockfor 30 days I have 5.

69%annualized interest it’s not for 30 days it’s is5.

69 percent parental interest ifI blocked it for 30 days so you have to dividethat by 12 because 12 months in the year willexetera and well what you have to understandis that let’s imagine that after 20 days*12cryptocurrency right away and bie n if I recover itwhile I was in ablocked stacking I would not have my interest Ilose the interest for the period becauseI had to go all the wayto be paid conversely theflexible stacking allows you to blockcryptocurrency and recover it at anytime since you receive yourinterest every day you have theinterest slices it only works forcertain cryptocurrencies once again it’s upto you to see if the one that*12your cryptocurrency and to haveinterest over a given period and atany time to go and recover your tokensnow we’re going to move on to blending andthat’s where it’s more interestingbecause Paris has created a lot morefor its users who do Mondayslock see it there for exampleannualizedII14 days 6.

6 days 3 months I have 7percent there I can transfer thereis well well there you have to block minimum*12only 3 lots that I only have 300 dollars onmy account I will say for examplemaximum 3 Laux and I will be able toclick on I have read and I acceptmy crypto currency is blocked in this caseI also have BNB so how doesflexible stacking workalready the normal infected bag so without thelittle flame I will explain thedifference after the normal infected bagI go to the currency that interests meI click on transfer Saturday hereI have 328 dollars on my account I can*12and I accept and I see that I have 4.

11percent interest by which meansthat imagine this this percentagedoes not evolve but generally ittends to go up 4 percent that’spretty low in the cryptocurrency worldand well saturday that for$150 at the end of the year at the endof a 12 month period I would have had 4percent up interest that is to say 6dollars of interest for 750 dollarsI transfer I you will show laterhow to unlock them now*12others and it works the sameway even lying on autotransfair if istick on that kdkd usdt or dollars lying aroundin my account it willput them in automatically mysavings account to generate interest that’s the bonuses you have to understand thatwell and that’s just what we’re going to seenext at different bonuses for itsLaunchpad users and the chickensyou can understand it’s that when youhave peace tickets and youput them in stacking on the*12the BnB is Bali’s cryptocurrencyyou no longer keep them the less yousell them and the more you leave themblocked like curves the more youwill have advantages and bonusesI’ll give you an example here’swhat we call a Launchpad it’s theproject launch let’s talk about elronde sowell known on my youtube channel thep project it round at the time eachtime you had 50 Bienne be blockedon your account it still makes alittle bit of money it makes 1000 dollars*12Launchpadimagine you have five senses well saidyou have ticketsand well she round tac11 percent of winning ticket solet’s imagine you had blocked at the timeyou were going to have tickets and thereforegiven that each ticket has a 10%chance of winning a chance in 10of having a winning ticket inthis case my colleague hadtwo and we get to zero who was awinner imagine you had a*12and glad REMANS to give you theright to buy 300 dollars sousually it’s taken from youraccount so that you will have taken on meit feels good said about twenty bandbat the time maybe 300 dollarsfrom Elrond which was461 miles per des to give youan idea a minute or so wegot listed on bein these are takendid x 17 and so instantly worth300 dollars you were going to be able toresell them for almost 5000 dollars in*12basically gives you the right to buyreally cheap when of its launchthat’s why it’s interesting it’s one of the reasons why it’sinteresting to have life assets onyour account the same way in the videowhere we optimize the costs I show youthat paying the transaction fees beinon BNB it further reduces what youpay if in addition you created youraccount with a referral linkyou already had a reduction so you havea double reduction of around 40% on*12do you have 0.

1% fees butwell at 0.

06% fees and it’s starting tomake interesting optimizationsthat’s thetwo often new projects launchon bein it’s if you’re luckyyou have a ticket and that you allows youto getthis new one cheaper and resell themat a better price now it’schickens how it works let’s takethe example by returning stackingtake the example of BNB I have 50 on*12other hand we give 35% interest byhow it is done and well basic youhave to understand that there is theBasic interest of the BNB when you pass yourmouse over the cam that explainsflexible savings you have 0 .

12percent interest that is to say thatbasic when you place tickets onthe platform you have 0.

12 percentthat made you lower and every yearthereafter you have two to theproject the beautiful project Bella protocol it seemedthe wing project well if you were*12special offer and right now you are beinggiven 35% interest per hour in factthat is all the interest that you willaccumulate thanks to your investment 0.

2percent is the basic investmentbut you will have 5% of thetotal amount in wing so it’s a bonus thatwill last for a certain period of time if youlook you see here you have thedate on which the wing bonus will lastso let’s imagine that you have Iknow not me 1000 € of BNB and we imaginethat it lasts for 12 months and well you*12350 dollars of interest to pay a partin wing and a good part benthat is to say that the fact of this which Iam going to do right away moreovergives me the right to receivesmall pieces every day so myinterests in different crypto currencieswhich means that as I know BNB it willgive me interests in beautiful andwing which are the crypto currencies thatwill fall directly into my balancewhen I go to the spot walletmy colleague so here he got some he*126.

44 beautiful know I got this beautifulit’s beautiful the protocol simplybecause I don’t I have done nothing elsewhich allows me to exchange and Tacand as I had 50 good of life for afew weeks on the account itgives me today if I want to sell everythingto the most beautiful and at 2 € I have some if itgives me 13 € of interest here is how itworks and that’s how bananagives advantages to all the people whoit was who blocked them well saidon the platform but advantages there*12how to save and start tahitiwhat is cryptocurrency directlyon bein and you know that you canhave higher interest if youwere on the long term but that there arealso bonuses in it is when onthe short term for examplegives you 73% interest if youwheeling pay in wing if youblock OMTs that is to say that if I had 1000dollars unlocked 1 year at the end ofthe year I would have had 730 dollars of Wingagain times if it is necessary to*12varies according to the number of peoplewho o nt lent to the platform if youare all alone you have all therewards 6 to 3 times more peopleit’s the rewards in / 3that’s why it’s percentage evolvesover time to recover your share youcan go flash dancing lamp speaking40 and when you go to your accountif if you have the list of everythingyou have blocked and as I had put myselfin flexible so in flexible I believe thatyou have nothing else locked on this*12on quick repayment that meansI want standard repayment right awaythat means I want them tomorrowjust after receiving my interest forthe day because the interest iswell paid every day I withdraw everythingto leave safe it’s good good Iseem to me that my colleague the AVC IKEAbefore I recover his POP accountnow we will talk about the new suits youif we start to get closer to the endthis tutorial which competes was goodbut has pretty full i find the*12i talked a lot about it betweentwo there is an arm wrestling and for methe two are having arace and trying to show that theyare the better and so he was very wellknown in the world of credit cardsand he offered me his card witha headset like I’venever seen beforefor his cashback so onceagain it’s up to but for that’sbecause it’s going to depend and there it’s going tosurprise you not at all in the name of good*12that if you have 50 you have 3percent cashback when youstart having two without you go to fourand you start going up to themaximum it’s 2000 BNB 2018 it’s alot of money then 40000 € of headI believe the BIM bim in the 20sdollars 40000 dollars to have 8%the advantage it’s all purchases thatyou are going to make your allows you topay by credit card because it auses the cryptocurrency that you haveon your account*12life it’s a Visa card itworks everywhere, especially on Amazonon all websites and it willallow you to spend yourcryptocurrency in all places thataccept Visa so in all placesthat accept credit card inthis case 8% I wishyou directly on your accountsecond advantage mostcrypto credit cards ask you to makethe change in German for example youwant the card to work for*12exchange you exchange €100 of Bitcoinfor euros and you know that onyour €100 card and there it workseverywhere and of course you don’t you don’thave to on the change will be done at thelast minute when you are going topay if you have to pay 13.

40 € it willtake you 13 € 42 43 counting thecosts of course it will change them intoeuros to allow you to make thepayment if it allows you to only changethe crypto currency to euros at the time ofpayment you can order it*12laly you digital format as youcan see on the screen in fact it allows youto choose which cryptocurrency youhave on the account it allows you tosee the numbers of the exeteraexetera card until youfinally end up sending it to you inphysical because there will be aphysical card behind this whole system it’sjust that you haven’t yet given thedate of delivery of the physical cards inFrance in any case.

Take acomplete tour, which therefore makes it possible to deal*12secure lending of it.

There are reallyall the features or atleast most of them I wanted to make anhonorable mention again on two otherfeatures while ‘she has quite a fewothers the mail it’s reallyto test it if you want to buyvery large amounts of Bitcoin know thereare solutions to install itseems to me your own exchange imagineyou have a website yourcrypto customers you can put bein onwhite label to allow your*12liquidity of thisis the development they doproject development find toilet thisis the veil is you ended upbuying back so it’s a veil is usedby ball it’s who recommended by beinmobile in this case in the same waythere is not an ex I put you alittle girl because I made afull video on it it’s thedecentralized exchange ofyour crypto currency asit is you who have your own*12asked to suddenly load eitheryour mobile toilet or aLedger key or a 13h for example whichare toilets that allow you tosecure cryptocurrency eitheroutright the file or therecovery phrase of your wallet soyour private key to connectdirectly to the chain blockthat was the Aix lease and for finishwhat i like a lot because itis for beginners academyacademy these are tutorials past*12some things in hand like for examplelet’s look at metamask metamask you seei go to my computer at the topright metamask it’s a web expansionthat lets you manage all yourerc20 address so and land and cryptocurrency based on do it rightin your browser and it lets youmanage the balances you have andwhen you go to connect to adecentralized exchange to connectdirectly with metamask hefirst explains to you*12so that’s interesting because youwill find a lot of basics andobviously tutorials on beinhow a Launchpadworks how saving works so basically whatwe have just seen the par n’y exeteraexetera a story in yourspoke not long ago with the famous AirDropfor a story not given between 2 and4000 € to all its users exeteraexetera and on top of that it tells youhow long tutorial hard andmost of the time it is accompanied*12understand as simply as possible hop howit works for example how to do awithdrawal on bein videos of 3 minutes andit explains how it works witha small tutorial and obviously the videothat goes with the translationautomatic in French toshow you how it works if you everdon’t understand English here it was around to complete I think it wasnecessary they are giants I finallymanaged to work with them so I’mhappy to be able to collaborate I will*12marketing the first was to do acomplete review of their platform andI hope to be able to providefeedback and try to improvethis platform even more for once itbecomes complicatedin the world of cryptocurrency and toreally practice in the differentareas without having an account with myniece so there are a few other giants,on the other hand, a giant also present whosay as much cryptocurrencyallows both to spend it to use*12in all directions with the differenttraining because for onceI only spoke to you about future trading but itis also Tuesday 1 training andthere are plenty of other platforms there iseven peer-to-peer exchange soyou really have different solutions thatthey will initially allow youto take your first stepsand therefore your start but very quicklyto use different featuresof the channel block and to gofar enough since it’s*12small minute of transparency beforeclosing this video indeed thisvideo was produced in collaborationwith bein as you know I discusswith them and I tried to negotiate thebudget to be able to create contentfor a long time finally several failuresseveral interlocutors severalpeople who felt that you didnot need that and it was onlyafter finding a newinterlocutor and after having received thissmall gift from bein the*12if it has been a few months since I was able tooffer them to will be afull review of the platform I findthe tool really very interesting andas you know I love Baïnem I’m really a fan of what they’ve doneso just leave the products thatoffer and how theplatform works -form but rather from theirentrepreneurial history you know that’sreally what Ilike entrepreneurship is starting todevelop and seeing what you did*12out in 2017 they arrived veryfew time later they had to cutregistrations because there were toomany requests and since then they havediversified their offer by always beingand always trying to be thefirst to offer a completesecure offer allowing people tocarry out all the different needsthat we can have on the chain and onthe chances of active crypto I foundit really interesting to collaborate withthem the objective being to be able to push*12France but also to make thevoice of the French Community heard or atleast of my community ah bah therewill therefore probably be at leastI hope so others in the casesI will try to have advantages andbonuses for all my subscribers if you haveany ideas don’t hesitate to say in thecomments it’s super important and itallows me to get back the informationand I hope to make the platform evolve little bylittle as we would like that’sall for this video I*12you to subscribe leave a commenttell me what you thought of it in thesame way I put in descriptionthe link of my website on whichyou found a concentrated allmy information my social networks mylatest communication and even anewsletter which allows you toreceive news on the channel block forfree or an email as soon asI release a new video even makes asmall means contact me and ask meyour questions if you have any for the*12crypto currency nut who has developed a blockchain with the aim of ensuringthe completeness and respect of dataon the Internet we hear a lot aboutrgpd how doesit work what is it really importantand well in this video you willreally understand the importance ofrespecting data but alsohow the chain block was able for thefirst time to create a real datacontrol traceability solutionI really think you’ll*12the chain blocking applications that I’ve found which isreally effective relevant and Idon’t see how we could have withanother technology to guarantee this samelevel of security it was Ireally hope you enjoyed this video and seeyou very soon on myyoutube channel goodbye[Music]

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