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affiliation scam so the termscam may be a bit strong butI explained to you in this videowhy I chose thisterm voluntarily why I have grievancesabout this concept of affiliation andwhy I created this video whichis called affiliation scam sobefore starting I introduce myselfquickly my name is olivier forthose who do not know me yet Itherefore offer videos on youtube andI tell you right away I have*12products before service before I do notask for any paypal contribution youknow the othercontribution services everything is 100% free 100% tutorial 100% in France is accessiblefor beginners or those who have alittle more experience what isfiliation then for those who donot know the principle of levait is something very simple andit is not new the conceptof affiliation in fact already existedbefore the internet av Before what was*12representatives in fact theyoften work in multi because whoworks for several companies andhe made their brochures according toyour needs and them according to thecontracts which brought back touch therebeautiful commissions filiation eitherinternet it’s pretty much bassemquite the same principle it means thatalmost anyone can become arepresentative and say here nowI’m going to promote yourproduct is in exchange the company will*12sale made then a leader one orless acquired is very well knownin the affiliate business that’s amazonyou go to amazon you create anaffiliate account and then youtry to sell their products in factyou do advertising on your blogor advertising on youtube andthen people if click on the link youraffiliate link it means you havethe name of the if you internet next you haveyour affiliate nickname youraffiliate code and when people click*12you will receive asleeve commission and amazon it’s really minimalit’s ridiculous but on the other hand there aresome there are some peoplewe find it a lot in the conceptof trainers at the crb people whotry to sell training that’s the great pleasure on the internetthe hand the way of earning a living forsome or who try to make a livingas a jouffre and soon a video I thinkon the larnack formations of theformations because there too there are*12comment if you are interested in this typeof video game but there I thinkwe have to do very careful I’m not going todevelop it here but pay attentionto all these miracle training coursessold online like what peoplewho started as simpleemployees became millionaires in less than oneyear and who lives on an island ofparadise in short we are not going to dwell onit so here is one of the concepts ofpeople who sell training but theysay here there is a small link*12do the promo if you talked to sellme training if someone buys fromyou with the affiliate link but youget a commission is theresometimes there are commissions that canbe quite high it can be 30 4050 to 75% I’ve already seen I’ve seentalking about a guy who was sellingtrainingI wasn’t talking about the content but itseemed totally hollow to me he was sellinghis 3000 euros and he was offering acommission of 1000 euros for the*12promote his product, it’s true,it’s relaxing, in a way, makes you feela little bit like that, bysaying that’s me, I’ve got training,he dangles commissions thatare enormous and then the cases they willunravel in.

ur sell your productby all means and there generallythose of the products which are of poorquality or products whichabsolutely do not go the price which it asked forbut you will have people enticedby the commissions which go which go*12all they will see is the moneythat will be able to pick up so thereare a lot of people whonow offer affiliate links there areevenplatforms of affiliate platformsit means that you go to itsaffiliate platforms introduces you tothe sellers here is such sellersthey go she produces and you will receivesuch commissions and at the same time theygive you any description of the productwhen j the description of the product is*12these there are all the details of thesealmost none what is called atunnel in front of all the arguments are therethe photos are there if there are videosthere has videos there are numberstestimonials all and more than justcopy paste and post on your blogor post on your youtube channelexpect metal affiliatesand then no one will clickeventually and you canpossibly receiving a commissionit’s not sure every time either the*12in the end I refuse to doextras on montceau myyoutube channel or on my spaces because wecould question my ethicswhy am I talking about such a productwhat I earn a commission on thisproduct and I am talking about thisproduct precisely because I am I will becommissioned and at the expense of aproduct that might be moreefficient or more suitable for people whofollow my videos so here itallows me to keep a tone of speech to be*12about a product I talk about a service thatI use but if I am happy andI promote it because it canbe useful to the genre most of the timeyou’ve seen on my chair I offerwhen possible stuff that’sfree or cheap well that’s the point of thegame it’s not to earn money isreally about transferring,transmitting a passion and at the sametime transmitting elements thatcould be useful for all thosewho are launching, for example, on youtube*12who want to rework photos orwho want to create a professional websiteso you have understood myrants about the filiation butfirst of all it is indeed it isthe sale at all costs we make linksin a row to try to earnmoney so we is ready to sell anything andeverything and also the fact thatpeople hide the concept of filiationhe does not put the banner that this thisvideo containsadvertisements he does not put it at all*12bothers me at the level of blogs for examplewe find it a lot on noton youtube channels because it’sdifficult to hide theaffiliate link there is affiliate Itell you remember it’s the name of the site inquestion with behind on the name of theperson who sells the so the identity ofthe fignon and a code which remainsundoubtedly corresponds to the products whichwill be sold but there are also people whoare on blocks that don’t say thatthey do parentage that hides the*12photo there was a photo you clickon it and in fact that photo willtake you to the site that sells the productsbut via an affiliate link or sothey just put a tab at the bottomit makes a tab click here formore info of which you click ona tab is actually behind thattab is hidden the affiliate linkso that’s stuff who are nothonest who s have hidden you haveparentage tell you clearly Ihave parentage you say you wo*12more and me it allows me for example toearn my living or to do this to dothat and then also what ‘theygo another way by saying herewe are suppose that on a hosting on atraining he receives 30% commissionthey agree with the personwho sells products by saying listen there is30% commission you give me 25% forme and 5% for the customer in fact in theform of discount coupons or discountsso the guys do their bit and he’ll tell you here’s a great product I*12about game affiliation test them it’sfast it’s functional you don’t theusual spiel and even better if youclick from my link you will get5% discount or 10% the speech butdon’t tell you that they will touch hisside 20 or 25% commission and nottell you that the pro product that you are going tobuy may not correspond atall to your needs or that doesnot correspond to what is said inthe title all that has shown in thephotos everything that is said in the*12on the internet is not always thetruth it may even be rather theopposite I think that those whodo best on the internet are thosewho have the ability to discern the falsefrom the true and I would say now ourtime is what they manage tofind the bits of truthwithin this heap of lies that we findfor example solar social networks andwhy not also on youtube withthe concept of affiliate links that’s why why I put this title*12there are abuses and unfortunately itis the abuse thatpredominates on the web here I havegone around if you have any questionsdo not hesitate to comment in the lifebelow L a video and will soonhave other videos I promise you I will beat least two videos per weekmaybe more probably more but atleast two videos per week so ifall this interests you video editingphotos creation of websitesdevelopment of a youtube channel and*12do not hesitate to subscribe if youput a like and you put acomment go to this I’ll tell youvery soon bye bye[Music]

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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