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he found a wool sheep then his heart drops when he looks under my uncle david was living in a nice isolated village the people in that village used to depend on sheep in order to make a living but he didn’t keep a huge flock of them because unlike everybody else in his village he didn’t breed on the sheep one day someone gave him two live lambs as a gift soon he found out that they were a male and female when they grew older they could deliver their own lambs uncle david was very fond of animals besides the sheep he had several dogs and rabbits and chickens in his yard all the time he also used to have some wild animals that he carried from the woods after he found them injured and he kept them in his yard after he treated them among other things he had rabbits but uncle david didn’t keep them in cages he let them run around the town by their own the most interesting thing in the uncle’s kingdom of animals was that he never killed any of them as he was only taking the eggs of the chicken that he had and he loved them and considered a part of his family we’re going to uncle david’s farm in the fall was pure pleasure for us no one else could beat this kind of vacation that we used to spend almost every vacation when we were going there we realized that our family was like a flock of wolves as they say in a family there is every flock that should always be at least one old wolf there was one little female sheep she was very naughty when everyone was eating she was playing and when everyone was playing she was eating one day she decided to be a bird so for all the days she was running between the hailstones wanting seeds and in the evening she tried to squeeze she was severely punished with a bite on the butt which cast a loud noise uncle david said that it was a good thing that she did not try to bite back because he knew clearly how naughty this sheep was and the dog was the only one that our uncle had after he sold the other dogs a long time ago but nobody wanted to buy this one because from birth she was double the size of the others uncle david thought that the dog was sick so he took her to a few different vets but all of them said the same thing they said that she was perfectly healthy but just like humans some are two meters tall and some are barely a foot or a half tall and that fall i was riding a horse i saw this naughty sheep try to follow us we called her lulu so i decided to name our naughty young sheep after this unforgettable tour when lulu grew up she started running away from home she was the only animal that was unsuccessfully attracted to the will of humans lulu can breed a very rare species she represented the revolution of the animal or the version that we can see for smart animals like this smart devices that we had today she was dreaming of wandering around in the neighborhood forest exploring the fields around the hills and maybe even the river lulu was caught and brought home several times but that never stopped her she continued to pursue her dream of becoming a human traveler and managed to escape once again finally my uncle david waved goodbye to lulu and he never looked for her again a few months later we already started to believe that lulu had left this world or became a prey in wolf’s dinner but soon a miracle happened a hunter told uncle dave that he saw a sheep standing at the edge of our field and asked him if it was one of ours uncle david told him that we missed one of our sheep but there wasn’t nothing there but bones besides we lost the hope of getting her back the hunter told uncle david that he was sure that he saw a huge sheep and uncle david asked him where he was so sure so the hunter told him that he was the only one in the area who would keep a sheep until this age without slaughtering it and then we went to the place that the man told us about nevertheless none of us expected to see this huge sheep ever at the edge of the near field near the forest stood a strange ball-like creature with great difficulty one could guess that it was a sheep this sheep was brought back home again and this time we needed to make sure that she would not escape again but it wasn’t our lulu we already scratched the wall using various sticks some grass and even special bushes we knew how naughty she was but this time it was impossible for her to go away from my end i suggested using fire to keep her home wishes made grandpa laughing but tried it later with no lock uncle david brought a special machine and began to peel off the layers of hair a little at a time suddenly we came upon a hollow on the fur no one expected such a miracle there were two cute little babies inside how could they have gotten their uncle david said and they had gotten into this strange sheep’s fur at night when it was cold and she must have gone to sleep near them we knew that it was a troublemaker anyway uncle david said that they must come looking for her for warmth it was hard to think of any other reasonable explanation for such an occurrence we believe that this sheep reminded us with our beloved lulu it might be her offspring everyone agreed with uncle david’s words after all he was the wisest and the head of the family he wasn’t sheep in our flock the little baby’s eyes were open when we found them after a couple of days we realized that we were about to discover a second miracle suddenly this sheep gave birth to two lambs while we didn’t know from whom or when she managed to get pregnant they were so small so we did our best in order to help them this sheep suddenly became a mother of two little lambs and two babies it was a huge responsibility for such a careless sheep however the sheep we called her lulu too she didn’t despair she began to twist these babies to be like sheep we searched everywhere in the forest with family and friends for baby’s family we filed a complaint to police but there was no response about the baby’s fate my uncle david made a great decision that day that will change our life we thought that most likely they were the offspring of a woman that gave birth in the forest and left them there but it turned out that not only to be basically could we find out the origin of those babies or how they could manage to get inside the sheep it turned out that this sheep couldn’t teach the babies to be sheep in fact she was acting like them for getting her baby lambs they were running around the house during the day together with all the other young lambs we realize that this sheep seemed to have decided that she was a mom of her own and she ignored the lambs without paying any attention to them one day this hunter know that this sheep wasn’t our missing lulu so he was interested in her offspring he can made a fortune by buying them so uncle david told him the story of course he didn’t believe us but that was the truth and we didn’t have anything else to tell him he wasn’t interested about these poor babies and he never searched with us cops was suspected about him but he had no relation with these babies the hunter asked my uncle if he would take to give him a baby’s lambs but uncle david told them that we never thought of that and the man insisted dad knew how much that the sheep will miss them and love them so there is no way that he would do that to her the hunter didn’t like what we told him he couldn’t understand why we would care that much about the feelings of this stray sheep and he never came to visit us again one day we woke up in the morning on a strange sound soon we realized that it was my sister laura she was screaming and the sound was coming from sheep’s small house when we went there we found out that sheep’s little lambs were gone we tried to look for them but we could not find them anywhere soon we found out that the board in the fence was broken if the fence had been in its place we would have thought that her lambs escaped into the wild wood but that that situation we knew for sure that someone stole her lambs when we were there this wild sheep jumped suddenly who from the same big hole in the fence i ran after her but after all i had only two legs and she had four we returned back home sadly this night we were thinking about this sheep who most likely wouldn’t have thought of running away if she still had her babies now she will be going back and wandering through the woods for a few months again and there’s no guarantee that this time she will survive for a few days my uncle and i were thinking about those who would steal her babies probably this hunter told someone that we had a rare lamb and the intruder decided to take the chance and took them for himself to sell them later the neighbor was a contented baker dealing with most everyone in the village everyone and every day if anyone wanted to spread a word around the village he just needed to tell him the summer’s vacation was about to end and all of our staff was all in the bags the mood was below average because of what happened but suddenly we saw the sheep and her lambs in our backyard again and we did not know how she found them or how she could manage to come back to us again but we were all happy a few days later the same hunter came back to visit us again and he was surprised when he saw that we got our lambs back again meanwhile the sheep has sneaked up behind him and with all her might she bit him in his soft spot she never behaved so aggressively like that before but we shouldn’t forget that recently she considered herself a human the neighbor ran home screaming and the uncle and i also understood the whole situation she was able to save these babies life for days or months and she was a great sheep to get her own back animals represent the real maternity after the investigation it turned out the two babies were abandoned by the dad who had arrested for killing their mom my uncle decided to keep this strange sheep in his pack and gain a lot of money uncle david became a dad finally he adopted josh and jess these sheep were a blessing from god to him his kind heart win a big farm and with high quality animals and a new family that everyone need each other we always visited him and played with his kids and animals we missed lulu so we called this sheep lulu the great thanks for watching please like and share the video in social networks we’ll be right back to you as fast as we can

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