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hello I hope you’re doing welltoday we’re going to see how to increase yourincome with parentage sostay well until the end[Music]so parentage what isit is to touch a commissionon a sale by recommending a productor service and there are quite a fewpossibilities,for example it is possible with amazonby registering with its partner clubyou type amazon affiliation you*12you go down to the bottom and youregister it will allow you toshare a wholesale affiliate link yourlink returns a product on amazon as soonas a person buys through thislink amazon pays you a commissionfor example if you want topromote weeding or type arpelsin the search bar makes youget the link and you share it andso there if I share this linkwith you and you buy through the linkI will receive a commission it is also*12however, since the percentage is notsuper high, you have to reach afairly large audience, so for amazon it’s goodto create content, not necessarily onyoutube, it can be on othernetworks or even create a blog, youcan by example make summaries ofbooks or you can make alist of the best books on such andsuch a subject and share a link foreach book but as the percentageof the commission is not very high andthat a book is because there’s more*12of money with amazon but it’s alwayswinningif not after it was because you likebut for example if you liketechnology you can doproduct tests and there the prices are quitehigh so it can really beinteresting but the disadvantage isthat these are expensive to buy so todo tests it will be expensive for you soyou really have to be passionateif you want to do that but don’t or Don’t forget returns are possible up to*12good look at the conditions becauseit’s not for all products,especially if the product you buy isbulky and otherwise if you likeDIY you can do it tutorialson how to repair if or how to dothat and share the link and the toolsyou used but with amazon there areplenty of possibilitiesyou can for example testmake-up clippers householdappliances etc you have to be creative andlike janadi l imagination is more*12creative go to amazon and look atthe best selling products and look atwhat you might recommendbecause the products yourecommend have to be interesting for people tobe attracted to your content and don’t share your link everywhere it doesn’t work bring value showwhat the product will bring it’snot just in my area and againmany other waysto apply there are online bankswhich often have a*12boursorama and you can have up to130 euros per sponsorship in additiononline banks are often not expensiveor even free boursorama it’stotally free if you make atleast one transaction per month if you’re interested you’ll find my codein the description of the video and you’ll have at least 80 euros offered andof course you can by enea vulturesso you will earn between 80 and 130 eurosper sponsorship you can alsomake filiation with brokers to*12you can have a free actionworth up to 200 euros it is for theparent and the sponsor so take advantage of itif you are interested you can gothrough the link in the description of the videosame channel + offers a sponsorship offerif you have a subscription so youcan d become parentsso look at the applications andservices you use and seeif it offers asponsorship program so you cansponsor your entourage and you will*12want to reach more peoplecreate content on the internet and moreincome means that you caninvest more and the more you invest the morepowerful the compound interest isit does not matter if these small at the beginningeverything starts small and cumulated lots ofsmall incomes brings a big incomethank you for watching until the end Itell you next week for anew video and don’t forget the futureis yours so believe inyourself and above all realize yourself*12

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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