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this online business launched in 2022to make money on the internetthis is what we discovered together inthis video hello and welcome to you500 I hope you are well and inthis video I will introduce youdifferent activities launched from yourhome with a simple computer togenerate income on the internet sothe objective of this video is topresent to you the different business modelsbut also the advantages anddisadvantages of each one so I*12end of this video to have all theinformationand to find out if this or that businessis made for you and it will allowyou to get started in the best conditions,we will discover together the firstbusiness launched in 2022 that will help youallow you to generate stableand predictable income from month to month, in otherwords passive income, but just beforeI invite you to your maid and activatenotifications to receive all thenext videos about*12making money on the internet and if you want toencourage this youtube channel andespecially this video don’t forget thelittle thumbs up it’s free it’sfast and for me it’s ahuge encouragement so thank you to youthat being said we go immediately to thefirst online business launched in2022 which is simply boksby subscription boks by subscriptionis a form of e-commerce which isin fashion at the moment because it isvery popular with customers, it’s*12a box every month with surpriseproducts inside that’s for the mail customer,advantage for the e -merchant isto have recurring income thathappens every month because theperson will subscribe and every monthshe will pay for a box that she willreceive and that is just exceptionalcompared to e- classic trade wherewe are always looking fornew customers here the boks bysubscription we will obviously be looking for newcustomers but above all*12customers so that they can payour box every month because they aresatisfied with it so what I propose it’sthat we go straight to my screenand we’re going to study together a box thatI personally appreciate because Iappreciate the theme and you’ll seethe power of boks by subscription andabove all the enormous potential thatrepresents this business in 2022 to whichwe are here on the site my daughter whichis a monthly box specializing incrossfit and fitness so you see*12that the person will receive thisbox there and on the inside there aresurprise products so the person doesnot know in advance what they willreceive and that is what is interestingand you see the price is 29 90 it iswithout commitment but above all thesurprises have a value eurtwice that of the subscription sothat means that the customer will pay 2990 per month and every month he willreceive you products with aminimum value of 60 euros so*12it’s personalizing to yourfitness profile so intermediate beginnersconfirmed and that’s reallyinteresting and it allows you topersonalize the customer experience a little bitso we have two possibilities either tosubscribe or to offer a subscriptionChristmas time theend of year celebrations birthdaysetc and you see here a crossfit so wellhow does it work ourcharitable commitment and settat I haven’t necessarily goneinto detail but what I*12previous boks so there for example we’re going totake this box to it’s boxing whichwas in October 2020 and in this box thereare three products so there are manichere in fact it’s ready is used to protect thehands during Pull-ups during movements on the ecsta pull-upbars to practiceLemanic crossfit it’s an essential elementwhen you practice crossfit otherwiseyou smash your hands so it’s worth asmall ticket you also havecrossfit socks*12for rope climbs forthe weightlifter and it is to avoiddamaging your shins and we have aprotein boat and you see just below we areGerman-speaking so worth 35 euroswe have the socks worth 13euros and the protein bar and avalue of 2 euros 50 so in total weare at 15 we are at 50 euros well we arenot twice the price of the subscriptionbut here we are at 50 euros and theperson receives their surprise products andthey only pay 29.

90 so that’s*12club so 29 90 withoutexternal commitments and we haveanother another box here by examplehere we are going to have boxing so August 2, 2020we have two nutritions so it’sbull protein basically it’s enough tomake gaulle protein so it’s small balls it’s a small cakethat gives maximumprotein energy we also has a t-shirtthat I think no there it’s yes soit’s as soon as she illustrated bad thatit actually allows you to recover*12I don’t have any but it can be quite aneckband and ball proteins sohere we are at 24 20 44 and yeah we areat around 50 euros also so that’s super interesting and you see theconcept it’s very simple a box dofor you what I’m going to receive and wellit’s surprise productsclothes accessories training adviceand food and it allows youto receive this box there at homeevery month with surprise products butespecially for the company for the*12allows him to receive recurring incomerents because the person whenhe recruits a new client to thisclient will remain a client for three months sixmonths a year or more and suddenly forthree months six months a year this personwill pay a subscription will pay 30 eurosper month so in fact the average basketof a customer it is just colossalcompared to classic e-commerce forexample you see a product at 30euros albania means it is at 30 euros herewe see a box at 30 euros and if the*12months walk on average a customer pays 90euros so once again itallows you to optimize the average basketit allows you to have recurring incomeand it allows you to better value yourbusiness compared to a classic e-commercebecause that the valuation of asubscription business is much higherthan that of a one shot business where wellwe sell a product to a customer and that’sall ok so to summarize the advantagesof boks by subscription is thatfirstly you go is creating a bees*12create a real brand and you will generaterecurring revenue so we are noton a one shot business where you finda client and then you will have tofind new clients there we are going tofind a customer and we are going to keep thiscustomer over the long term since thiscustomer will pay us every month sothere are recurring revenues that will beput in place and in the medium to longterm it is extremely interestingsince well you have income everymonth in a stable and predictable way and*12be valued in a much moreinteresting way than a classic e-commerce storewhere we are constantlylooking for new customerssecond advantage that you don’tneed a huge starting capital you canstart with little capital because theseare the products of the brands tap createdthe product developed the productdeveloped packaging and its stars thisare the products of existing brandsof brands also recognized on themarket in question and this will allow*12because you will be able to get started either bybuying theproducts of the brands at very low prices or are thebrands go all the data because thereis also a communication partfor the brand to be included in abox by subscription because thisbrand there will use your box as ameans of communication so as anadvertisement so either it is ready tocharge less expensive to sell you itsproducts or either it is ready togive you these products for free so there*12third big advantage is that it isstill a very young market there aremany opportunities with Danishstill virgin so earlier Itook the example and many of thebodybuilding niche so necessarily to itssomething where there are already boks bysubscription but there are e still nicheswhere there is no subscription box andyou just have to find them to knowexactly where to find them to launch yourselfto launch a box and to conquer thisnew market so those are the three*12subscription so as you can see thebusiness of boks by subscription issuper interesting and if you want toknow more for free well Iinvite you to check out theyoutube channel of the co-founders of johan andgabriel they are friends they makeexcellent work and in fact they havea youtube channel with lots offree full advice accessibledirectly on youtube concerningboks by subscription so it is with themthat I learned the concept of this*12a little behind the scenes of this business soif you’re interested I’ll put the linkin the description of this videothen the second business in lens in2022 it’s a business that I love that’sall simply the filiation is there herewe are on my dashboard affiliatesof poyaud systems foyot system it isa marketing software that I use andtherefore I am very satisfied with it andI promote it and you see the totalof commissions and well 46 thousand sixhundred thirty eight years so I earned*12single affiliate program and it’ssuper interesting because the objectiveis to sell the products of othersso in fact t you don’t need to createa product you don’t need to create twowebsites you don’t need to managecustomer support marketing etc etc soyou just have an affiliate linkand redirected qualified traffic to thislink and when a person will clickon your read buy the offer that ishidden behind you will receive acommission on bio system it is 40%*12so in fact when a customer will pay asubscription at system u beat willtouch comm We’re going every monthon this subscription so that’s superinteresting so you see the totalcommissions it’s right here 46000 eurostoday well it’s the morning it’snot even 10 am so there I havenot still made commissions over thelast seven days I have earned 476 eurosover the last 30 days I have earned2191 euros and you see every day Iearn money yesterday 100 euros the day*1233 euros and it’s the lowest it’sthe one where I won 19 euros anddollars so here it is superinteresting because every day itgives me passive income andfiliation is a business that I love itfor all these reasons because itallows you to generate automatic incomeit allows you to generateincome without creating products andanchoring websites and you don’t needto manage customer support marketing etc.

axa has just need to bring*12t u want to know more aboutfiliation I put the link in thedescription of this video of theapplication plan 28 it’s athirty-day action plan that will help you isaccompanied to create your businesswith affiliation in starting from scratch andthe goal is that you can generatepassive income if you’re interested youhave the link to find out more 3rdonline business launched in 2022 toearn money on the internet it’sbecome a freelance, that is to say,*12services on the internet the mainadvantage of becoming a freelanceris that you are 100% independent killed yourown boss you can work fromanywhere in the world you youjust need a computer and aninternet connection and you workwhen you are so you choose the schedulesif you don’t want to work on Tuesday you don’t work on Tuesday if you want towork on Saturday evening you workon Saturday evening so it’s is that the gr you have theadvantage of being a freelancer and above all you*12any field you can sellgraphic designer servicesvideo editor community manageri.


manage social networks for yourclients you can also offerfinal belder copywriter servicesso the construction of sales tunnelsyou can create websites etc etc andtoday well there are millionsof people who have startedas freelancers in recent months for thesimple and good reason that with thehealth crisis that we have experienced there are*12change their lives who wanted to becomeindependent or who did not necessarilyhave once, that is to say that they were maderedundant who sought tobe independent to be their ownboss so there was a boom to hearthat years ago and especially companiesunderstood that recruiting a freelancerhad enormous advantages and it isfor this reason that Personally, Ionly work as freelancers becausealready I don’t necessarily wantemployees of people, I also*12freelance souls and service providers becausethey are their own boss, heworks for me but also forother clients and also, well, itallows you to be much more flexibleand companies have understood this,particularly with teleworking and insteadof recruiting an employee on a fixed-term contract.

much more flexiblebecause here is for a giventask an ephemeral task it is simpler todelegate a freelancer who isspecialized in this field rather*12who does not necessarily knowmuch about it so it allows recruitingexperts to be much more flexibleis also to encourage teleworkingfor the simple and good reason that theywork freelance with a simplecomputer so we go back to myscreen and I’m going to share with you differentsites that you can use to become afreelance so the first site these fivehours to the point as it is thereference site for micro services andit is here that you will be able to propose*12insist on starting because you cansell services from 5 euros to 500euros or even more according to its 500 eurosfrancs maximum and in fact 5 eurospoint as it is a marketplace thatgoes put you in touch withclients and that’s what’s veryinteresting is that for example here,I don’t want to create a logo, I goto logo design and graphics and there I’m going to have freelancers who willpropose their logo and here there arethere are hundreds and hundreds*12person she made almost 2000sales 1929 sale for 1617 5star reviews and the person so she has abasic service at 5 euros and herrecom service mended it’s 75 euros so it’ssuper interesting because the personyou see and can offer additional optionsa silver gold &company pack is so then shecertainly has an average basket thatis between 30 and 50 euros so here you go wehave all the information here but theadvantage of this person is that he*12thanks to the colossal traffic represented by5 euros dot com so if you want tobecome a beaten seller click on become aseller you t register there is afree version so you can earn moneywithout spending money and that’s what isextremely interesting also it’s thatyou don’t need to spend moneyto become a freelancer and you canoffer services and you can bein any field so you canbecome a graphic designer you canbecome a writer so resume writers*12video editor sound effects voiceover youcan create sit are web tunnels infront you can manage social networksalso carrez business etc there isa second website to useto become freelance and hop works anda marketplace this timeinternational and here you will be able towork with customers from allover the world so it’s great and it willactually allow you toonce again have a continuous flow of customers and aweight that it’s more on*12point as it’s really a oneshot it’s short-term power that itcan allow you to find customerswho will work formonths, for example the person who editsthis youtube video I found them onthe doorstep and I’ve been working with herfor several months for more than ayear I think and that’s it’s really acontinuous flow and this person hasfound other clients on a quark etc soit’s a great choice to become afreelancer and finally third and last ier*12malta dot fr it’s a French site andit’s here we’re going to see in quotes thecrème de la crème of freelancers soif you have very specific expertise in a veryspecific area well I’ll tell you invite you toregister on Malta because you willbe able to be better paid is also youwill be able to find customers who arelooking for a very specific servicewith a very specific expertise thenfourth online business launched in2022 it is to become closer then theclosing what is it quite simply*12enlarge the thing is to makesales by telephone on offers betweenquotes haiti kate that is to sayon offers at 1000 2000 3000 euros and youwill be paid by commission sofor example as soon as you sellthe offer which at 2000 euros you will receive400 euros 500 euros in commission andit’s super interesting because you don’t need to have a lot of e customersto live very comfortably from youractivity if you receive commissions at400 euros well you need to make 10*12what is also extremely interestingis that you do not need to look forcustomers you don’t need to createcontent on the internet don’t need tocreate an audience to have an audienceto have a community oranything in fact be closer you’re going towork with a company or witha entrepreneur an info takeralso and you will be able to offerhim services is in fact assoon as the person as soon asthe entrepreneur has an appointment with a*12take your phone and who willargue with this prospect tosell the product so for example ifsomeone sells a training course for 2000 eurosthis person has a youtube channel phewpays advertising to havecontacts she pays advertising shehas contacts at t phone sopeople register on aregistration form to have someone on thephone and it’s you who has theprospect on the phone so in fact you don’t need to look for an audience do*12traffic communities you don’t need to payadvertising you don’t need to create ayoutube video of instagram posts andcompany you just need to makethe appointments that the company wherethe entrepreneur does for you takes foryou and you close on the phone you sell on thephone for example an offer at 2000euros you can easily havecommissions at 300 400 500 euros or evenmore is once again you don’tneed klose and a lot of customers don’t need make a lot of sales*12substantial income every month on the internetis also the objective is that youcan work from anywhere inthe world so pay attention to timezones of course but justneed your phone andthe taalé app, youcall them and that’s it and you can make 20003000 4000 euros per month with the closingof course it requiresregularity it requires you to havesales skills andmainly on the phone and it*12whom you are going to work so do not hesitateto canvass companiescompanies entrepreneurs who sellproducts at 1000 2000 3000 euros oreven more and all you need is a partnerto have a continuous flow ofprospects called on the phone and thensimply to make sales so ifyou have a good offer and you have agood pitch you can makesales and you can generate asubstantial income with the closing 5thonline business a launched in 2022 to*12simply to create a youtubechannel a youtube channel can be extremelyinteresting to create a business inline to create an audience acommunity but also to generateautomatic income on the internetso here we are on theanalytical data of my main youtube channelis right after I willalso show you the results of mysecondary youtube channel so here youhave always seen since the creationto today my youtube channel totals*12140 thousand subscribers and above all it hasgenerated more than 41000 euros inadvertising revenue that’s only withthe ads on my youtube videosso more of 40,000 euros and to that wemust add theaffiliate commissions the sales on myvarious products and it is thereforeclearly youtube it is in my opinion oneof the best businesses launched it is inany case the one I prefer becauseit allows you to provide advice itallows you to bring value to your*12this video and that’s what I lovebecause you can live from your passionme my passion is online businessit’s creating sources ofincome it’s investment and Ishare my journey I share mypassion in my youtube videos and I’m rewarded for it I’m paidfor that so it’s still adengue fever opportunity to seize and youcan launch a youtube channel inany theme whether it’s online business real estate*12nutrition sport personal developmentmeditation etc you canstart a youtube channel on anything andeverything and get paid for itso you see that here we are on mymain channel well I can go for itI’ve been on youtube for almost three yearswith this channel so you seethat these results aresubstantial but aulas it took time it tookwork and here we are on mysecondary youtube channel on whichI talk about stock market investments*12was launched more recently so here yousee August 30, 2021 today isJanuary 31, 2022 it’s been five monthsSeptember to January it’s been five months andin five months well the total isalmost 2000 subscribers so 1966 subscribers55000 views it generated 65 euros withadvertising so I don’t know muchbut it was and monetizedonly a few days ago so in aboutten days it generated 65 eurosit’s not much but it allowsto have an additional passive income*12this youtube channel brought menearly 2000 euros in affiliate commissionand also brought me sales emailsetc.

so it’s super interestingand you see that ‘in the space of just fivemonths well I’ve had tensof thousands of views I have two thousandsubscribers I’ve monetized the youtube channelso it can go veryquickly provided you have the rightstrategies and if you s wish to launchon youtube I have a little gift foryou in the description of this video*12simply an exclusive video inwhich I will explain to you from a to zhow to get started on youtube so ifyou’re interested well it’s happening in thedescription of this video it’s freeand it will allow you both to get startedin the best conditions onyoutube and to discover how I was able topropel this youtube channelonline in 5 months to almost 2000 subscribersand more than 50 thousandthen seen 6th and penultimateonline business launched in 2022 to*12influencers so be careful I’m not saying tobecome an reality TV influenceron instagram to sell productsmade in china at 3 euros here I’m talkingabout real influencers in avery specific theme for examplecrypto influencers tonutrition influencers bodybuilding influencers etcin fact you you will create an audiencearound a very specific theme,whether on youtube, instagram, tik tok,twitter, etc.

, and you will bringmaximum value, maximum advice,*12achieving this or that objective in terms ofaudience and As and when allaudience will grow and especially asand when beaten will have more and morerequests for partnerships so becareful not to accept everything becausepersonally I receive requestsfor partnerships almost every dayand I refuse 99 % for the simple and goodreason that either 6 of the scam either it isof poor quality or it doesnot work at all and hearing demons or itdoes not make me want at all and blows*12everything and n anything to respect yourcommunity respect your audience and ifyou ever have a partnership requestthat matches your audience thatmatches your content thatmatches values why not and suddenly youcan be paid to talk about such andsuch an offer such and such a company orquite simply you will be able to do extras you will be able tosell productsof services and its texts so when youhave a community you have in fact youfederate a group of people*12can propose offers solves aproblem of this community if youbring a solution to a problem if youhelpthis community to go from point a topoint b external surpluses becominginfluencers is super interestingtoday in 2022 but also inthe next few years becauseinfluence marketing will growfrom year to year will increase in valuewill also have an impact will bemore and more impactful and that will*12course so super interesting tocome influencers be carefulonce again it’s nottwo-ball influencers on instagram it’s really ta real influence and finally seventhand last online business launched in2022 it’s to become a false buyerbut it’s above all to sellonline training so sell yourknowledge sell your expertisethrough videos through audioto help its customers to solve aproblem to go from point a to point*12personally sell trainingit is simply to help myaudience to go further and solvea problem, for example, I have atraining course on low parentage, myobjective is to help support thestudents of this training course, created areal business in affiliation and togenerate passive income after it is tolike it or not there is people whowill hate training salespeoplewhy I don’t know they may havehad a bad experience with a*12everything and anything you reallyhave to be careful about what t u buy butwhen you sell good quality whenyou sell good knowledge andespecially when you really help yourcustomers and when you have positive feedbackfrom your customers it’s justmagic because you helpedsomeone solve a problem to goto the next level and kanté customersmake a comeback it’s really thebest reward you canreceive as a*12so here it is to love it is loved cdstby other people but in any caseI think it’s a superinteresting business because you’re going to sell yourknowledge so you’re going to help yourcustomers and also we’re going because we’re not going to hide it’s that theprofit is super interesting because infact once you have created thetraining you can sell it once or athousand times you it doesn’t cost you moreand it doesn’t take you more timeso that’s why it’s super*12business data no need to managestorage, deliveries etc.

so it canbe interesting afterwards for you to see ifyou really have expertise in aspecific field if it is not onlymatch invites you to create this expertisebefore selling anything on theinternet you are not going to invent andexpertise or are not going to inventknowledge it is super interesting to beinterested in a subject of mastery andexpertise and then in front of thisexpertise but only afterwards*12a lifetime didn’t know each other aboutmint thyme and an expertise it’s going to be seen andyou’re going to burn yourself out as you go but that’sif you really have an expertisesite has a experience if you haveknowledge in a specific area thatcan help customers that canhelp people well you can go for it andyou can sellknowledge training etc then there is asite called eu des miss et unema online training rketplace soin fact you will be able to sell*12just have to click on find out about afriend you will put her training onlineand you will potentially receivecustomers from idea mebecause misses and tens of thousands ofpeople every day and so it canbe interesting because the personcan go in the category if theperson wants to learn marketingbranding brandingpersonal marketing but here they cango there and there will be trainingthe problem is that you don’t*12behind it so what I advise youis to create content on the internetyoutube instagram facebook twitter andcompany and then to sell yourtraining with sales tunnels andthat’s whypersonally I use pointyou system the only tool you needto start your business onlinebecause it allows you to createsales tunnels to capture e-mailsto send e-mails to tea shepherdstraining of invoices were*12interesting thing is that there is an offerfree so that gives you the right to twothousand contacts so 2000 email addressand unlimited sending of email so that’s super interesting you have the rightto create three sales tunnelsalso so create training andblog articles you have the right tounlimited students and soit’s super interesting to start withorganic system and with the free versionand afterwards if you makesales if you want to boost your business*1227 euros per month honestly 27 eurosto start an online business it’snothing at all if I have to compare to abakery or a physical business whereyou pay for the warehouse the premises alsothe lease the business the employeeand its 27 euros it’s really apeanut let’s say so if you everwant to test organic system with thebeaten free offer is the link in thedescription of this video it’s afree offer for life finally it’s not afree offer for 14 days or 30*12super interesting is also well ifyou want to know more about the system u orI put you a complete tutorial in thedescription of this video this videois coming to an end soon don’t forgettell me in the comments of thisvideo what are thebusinesses that you would like to launch in 2022and that you will launch in 2022 toearn money on the internet if you want toencourage me in my work forfree there don’t forget the littlethumbs up it’s always a pleasure*12n’t hesitate to share this video aroundyou here is a friend a work colleagueand family so that they canthey too find out how to winmoney on the internet how to createa profitable business again youhave lots of links in the descriptionincluding the youtube channel decofounders of johan and gabriel to createa box by subscription you have lots ofcontent full of tips full ofvideos for free so don’t hesitate thelink is in the description and I*12ask you and you right away in anext video it was alexandre chacha

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