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[Music]togood[Applause][Music][Applause]hi and welcome to invest withus – if jani cacouna founder toinvest with us and this sienna andwrite to give you business ideaslaunched in africathen we want see several peoplereally start businesses and also*12today we are going to talk about the sixsuper businesses created onlinefrom your home at sugar houseand its online businesses and you don’t go out from home and you madeleaps and bounds answer for me stayed until theend to learn about his business becauseeveryone they were going to numbertoday is devoured real businessand you can make good incomethen without delay to start butbefore startingI ask you to be subscribed click*12really beautiful videos that I willpublish soonand also how to decide between seven channels esand 2 is not missing mayors and set-ups on this video is quitedifferent ok you will see on this channelinvest with us wealso wrote an ebook on the 5 good reasonswhy you should invest in africa andlook at that go to the descriptions wehave a link which you can download thisis the app is also we have agroup watcha invest in us which*12who are destroyed all over africa andwe share ideas andtechniques of investment in africawho you want to join us then sendus in our anthem box number attackwe will add you to thegroups invest in our states sowithout further delay in advice ourfirst business here is the creationof telephone applications and thecreation of web sai therefore here the twobusinesses sold near the sea of which here thatbusinesses sold near the sea of which here that*12to see the tastes and that is why te web this i because nowthe tower and digitized especially withthe event of guests 19 everything existstrade winds in everyone must have hisbusiness in the presence onthen and business lacombe in the present on theinternet because that’s whereit’s from the green growth and thedescents of its business to go forexample from what are its services whatare the products so that it ispossible to see that all the business men*12websiteit is now the trend and you ifyou position yourself as someone who createsthe website you really want to do alot of reunica you see a lot ofcustomers who want to have webzen andit’s not really difficult tocreate widgets you’re not even atechnician it there are sites that head tocreate web series like videos xthere are many sites thatshe created on May 27 here I tell you if youweren’t you are not as capable*12you can create these businesses withsomeone who can criticize connectedand websense is here I gave you mysecret at least I did in thisbusiness and it’s because when Iask you to come to my house youwill go to orient yourself how to createbusinesses that we created thephone application to deliver them I have anapplication called à pointe there youwill find web designers in my headthe people who develop theapplications the website*12world there are not in by philippine inindia in indonesia and you speak with andfrom online if there are otherexamplesme i can be and the emir hommen inthe cup years old who in the middle betweencustomers and developers whose byexample me I come to your place I tell youI’m going to do everything in europe thisweb test is very good a thousand dollarsand when I put in the 1000 dollarsI take the 1000 dollars g p 500dollars from the person who made the web*12really gives there is a lot of technique alot of telecoms thursday in thisvideo there are a lot of techniques ofpd fabre or online income seemsimportant passes and determiningin staying until the near endtake advantage of all this idea soreally here that’s what I’m not going to be given developingphone applicationshere too so business that followsit’s business developmentof phone applications*12application of his businessnow so that people laternotice accustomed to coming into his businessso like not there if you develop thebusiness of the web development ifyou really are going to make leapscame creature has many customersand here you are need to be in hislane to find the people who make thewebsitehere i will add some spice and even todo the logo design businessdobson logo the logos for the*12add that too it’s easy Ieven go to you on ww points when I’m going tomake logos for free of which hetakes the money and you make new ones forfree and you send to the personfor me these are faces very easyespecially for the young people who follow menow they are skis and theindebted to order techniqueswhich you can learn quicklyme I farted to learn these techniquesthe comments the logos how to makethe sites*12for ten years it’s true that todo a phone attack it takes alot of time that’s difficult ifyou’re not gentle and I can’tdo it so be very gentle and so thatbut you can find people who cando that and you ask the customersa little bit of money and you pay themarrow and comments and 80% drum studies and that’s howpeople make moneyso you really have to nt and that’s what wedid to take advantage of our second*12it’s creating a really past youtube channelwhy not create ayoutube channel because at all it’sin the anthem platform that will beonline so online social networksthat will help youor they leave and thereforepay small swords for the work youdo even if it’s still a small salarybut still it’s a principle tothomas other social networks that don’t pay you post but we don’t pay you my eyes all when you post*12for youtube to finally be inthe youtube list of people who areapproved to havead and sponsor payments 1 must haveat least 1000 subscribers before astudy year have 400 hours before a yearworry ascione total him yearsand without both conditionsso here i always tell people hereif he is tall time of silence yesterday onyoutube why because it’s theseregulations have changed I believe thatafter 3.

2 in such a hard year even*12before you can be certified someonewho will start seeyoutube payments must see 5000 subscribersstudy have millions of eur views beforea year so it still becomesdifficult first the 100 subscribers thethousand and thousand subscribers and theisr actions it’s not easy it’s reallya great job you have to do it’sreally a great job I repeat itagain it’s a great jobbut here I give it to you adviseyou to start now because I*12always continue together mash withthe times so it’s never too latelaunch yourself on youtube and you’ll see thatwhy you’re going to make incomewhy because people tell me okwho never touch I don’t havemany topics ideas I’m going tomiss ideas to talk about businessonly subscribers will start togive you ideas for example on thecomments nipples subscribers can tell youbut for me you talk about thatbut can you explain that to me*12also do before a lot ofyoutube videos that on youtube ensure on googleor other videos and then you will givesomeone who inspired is also youhave to talk about the topics youreally are how woman or you are youare talented he’s not talented but quality youlike to do for free by atopic you lose you can talk about it forfree without being able towithout being thick but if youneed coaching on how to create ayoutube channel from zeros to 100 to 1000 subscribers*12right there is also our seat our inboxtwins in gangeswe will guide you how to do it isthis youtube channel easily I willguide you personally andadmit that it won’t be thatcomplicated so we’regoing to move on to our third business herehere it’s always online businessand that’s where it’s being coached onlineretains a good coaching tastethere is a lot of the platformsnow you’re not at peace you’re good*12the guitar very well well you’re good atin other stories chantal entirein our story but you startnext to other people supporting andthat’s is in these platforms there and youstarted to provide services on theseplatforms and this platform is going tostart atpreally very well it’s coaching thereare a lot of platforms asI judged animated ray a tray of hisTV naked or well almost good that’sreally it so started giving*12consulting people on cable networks notjust online very good business forme if you need to know more aboutthese stupid rats touch me on waza bros onmy email so our 4th business andit’s very very important again it’stiti turnover and thereforeonline teaching in for example you are good atmathematics in physics in English inFrench others there are a lot ofattentive and very gentle care and you can createan application well a websitewhere you want you to start*12teacher or even if you are not mustassume create an application or awebsite that will startreconnecting teachers and students who havestarted to study online there aremany ideas like that on line here Itell you the seals the orders thesecrets of working online is that youare not you don’t you are you and unlimitedthirty years because he would consult anapplication well if you love me when yousleep people come abound andlook at what you have done like for*12here there is people who go see myvideos and youtube continue to payso you are naples and was not limited tothe products or the website wellthe device which is sacred and continues towork in the field when you dance andthat even begs them let create soit is for that lately in2021 in this century if you have to rushto something that is said if you havesomething that online because ittasks you with your time you can bethere for example you do other*12kitsch video made on youtube this videostill continues apt to lead a lotof framing revenue cnse itsstory not to be overlooked really totake actionour latest latest online businesshere it is the expenses comfortable butbefore I can talk about the fire launched the hostof the elysée is really hammered on thesmall Chinese and formerly linewe saw that with the guests alot of students a lot of studentsno longer went to art at school*12we created directly or everywherealso elsewhere they clearly created anonline study system in thechildren they stayed at home myonline studies so know if youalready had a good system like that we made anAfrican climb somewhere so killedand you bring his government Icould even brandao government and thesteering wheel of your for been paid a lotof money but I told you it’s nottoo late very this system create thissystem these are the ideas that don’t*12to be a technician well acoordinating engineer you can find someonewho is good at creating applicationswell a system like thatonline lessons and this way shewill create these systems you cantake this system and resell themto africaso we also want to talk aboutour last business and sicily itwas the freelancers so will offerso what is it s oit m you will you aregifted in several areas of discomfort*12that we will give one of the managers youcan you know how to dothe hockey business plan very well and youneed a work but you don’t needto go to work physicallyso do you goregistered in sites like forexample the favors of sites like forexample the app world and sites likefor example est out sauce tri outsourcersi you need to know is if youcan contact me directly on thetable I’ll tell you our*12’re talking about recording like for examplea hope in business do somebusiness consultations 1 hope forexample in a bisel business planningsuite then register me aslike someone or how customerswho are looking for a business but thethings someone who will help me tomake a business plan that passes on thissite la capelle app world gets click to I’mlooking for someone who can help memake a business plan sowhen I explain the names of people*12’ll click on your name and I’ll go to youkill communicate with you toask you for your service and choice of media forexample I can you are paid 20 dollarsper hourto finish this project occurred bysix hours of which I took 22 hours todo so really it is a goodbusinessits launched in africa or else it’s agood business enough to invest in africabecause the years and its beau coup becomeaware as you*12like projects it will start to give youdreams of flights concerned decomodel magazines two more pointsyou will have five stars three stars 4 andstarbucks be more stars a lot ofpeople are starting to be askedreally c business I can be trainedon that contact me if you are good atsomething really contact meI’m going to help you get started inthis business month has never cacounainvest with us I ask toshare this video of the stools this winter*12so you don’t miss our nextvideosthank you and to the next[Music]1

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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