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for a facebook account created you canearn up to 5 dollars when youhave facebook account credit youwill earn 50 dollarsthe method that I will present to youtoday is one of the most effectiveto earn money on the internetjust by creating facebook accountsyou won’t need to invest asingle penny to get started plusno skills or qualifications arerequired you just need asmartphone laptop or*12good internet connection news is that thismethod is available all over theworld without any geographical limitso whatever your country you will beable to earn money with themethod that I am going to present to youtodaythis method comes in threesimple steps first stepgo to the facebook sites oropen facebook on your phonesecond step fill out the formto create an account third step*12let’s start with the first step which isthe creation of the facebook accountjust go to the facebook siteor you open thefacebook application directly on your phoneand then you will click on thecreate button accountyou will be prompted to complete thisform with your first name lastname phone number oremail address you choose a date ofbirth once you are doneyou click register in*12a facebook account you cancustomize the profile you can forexample add a profile photofind friends oradd other information about younow i will show you howyou will earn money with hisaccounts for that you will goto the site web player obs.

comonce you arrive on this site if thehome page is in English no worriesyou can you can translate it intoany language with google translate*12facebook as you see indeed itis possible to sell and buyfacebook accounts easilyseveral people offer to selltheir facebook account as you seethis person sells his account at 20dollars and other accounts go up to100 dollars you can notice herethat some accounts are a littlelower indeed the price of yourfacebook account will depend on severalparametersif for example you have already verified it*12have an account that dates back more thanfive years you will be able to sell it alittle more expensivein summary the price of yourfacebook account will depend on the informationyou have put in your profile thenumber of friends that you have and itsseniority we will register forfree on play europe in order tosell facebook accounts andearn money for this click on theregister button here and you will be redirectedto this page you can*12email address and a passwordyou can also register withyour facebook or google accountonce you are logged intoyour account you will be able to sellyour accounts on theplatform just click on create anad to get to this page youwill fill in the information aboutyour adto start put an address withwhich people will contact you andclick on next then choose*12you can for example mfacebook account verify or whatever youwant one more time clicknext now enter the price andclick submityou have just created a sale adnow you must follow theinstructions displayed here to putyour ad on anydiscussion forum it’s really simp theright click and copy the linkgo to your threadright click and paste your*12created thread and submit your threadester the link to make sure itlinks to a shopping carts pageintermediary play europe the buyer isbut the payment europe providesinstructions on how to completeyour transactionif all the steps seem long don’t panic just come on thisform is searched facebookthen click on adiscussion topic and you arrive on thispage or several people selling*12is where you will add the linkof your ad for this click onpublish a new ad and puta nameI recommend that you put a text inEnglish to sell easily thenpaste your link and click on createanother ad is live now you canwait for potential buyersonce that a person is going to buy yourfacebook accounts you canimmediately withdraw your money viapaypal or bitcoin bank transfer and*12are available for all countriesand that brings us to the end of thisvideo before you go subscribe tothis channel activatenotification bell like and video sharewith your friends and family andcomment below or how much moneyyou would like to earn usingthis strategy as always i willsee you in the next video

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Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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