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for those who don’t know instagramisn’t just for doing good you canmake money with instagramso today i’m sharing you andthree different ways tomake money withinstagram don’t worry you don’tyou don’t need to be popularor have millions of followers withyour account to use these methodsthere it is not it has nothing todo with your personal accountso if you are new will be the one hd in*12and activate the notification bell we won’t miss any of the next videoscase on this channel I type we mademoney on the internet for real andwe left for life so thefirst method to make moneywith the internet and I think it’s theeasiest because you don’tneed a lot of experience on instagrambefore starting this one so thisfirst method is good it’s to createa niche page to grow it andsell dedications on instagram and*12of promoting, that is to say thatpeople will pay you to publishtheir post on your instagram page onpeople can pay themselves fordifferent reasons there are peoplewho can pay themselves to promotetheir products on your instagram page andto other senior people whocan pay themselves to promote their owninstagram pages to get a lotmore exposure and get a lotmore followers so most peoplewill contact you by dm instagram*12discuss the different prices and thenyou will plan the posts and youwill also be able to find potentialcustomers by posting your instagram accounton sites such as child carprograms and people will be able tocontact directly on these sites thereand to propose to publish on yourinstagram account and to pay youI will put the links of these twosites one in the description sellautographs on instagram honestlyin my opinion it’s the easiest*12instagram because you don’tneed a lot of experience to startit so you create uproar instagramyou made it grow contact peoplewho tell them the price theysend you the money you put their posta tram and it’s over you see and Ithink the most difficult part itwill be to make tapas instagram growbecause you’re going to have to post regularlyand maintain a certain communitywith subscribers I think it will be themost difficult to do in my experience*12when tapas instagram reaches tenthousand subscribers but that’s also possiblethat you can sell autographsbelow ten thousand subscribers itwill all depend on the engagement that you have onyour instagram pageand the engagement that you are madlyrising consulted different posts inthis This video I’m not going to explain to youexactly how to create apage nor will it be installed but enlarge itto be able to sell dedicationsif you want a more detailed video*12in the comments if enoughcomments asking me if Iwill make a much more detailed videoon how to create an instagram page andhow to make it grow to be able tosell autographs on instagram butknow that it is not at allcomplicated like that it looks because ofnowadays there is software thatallows you to automate everything, that is tosay that you will not have youpost every day and the different posts oninstagram*12to plan everything in advance you caneven planned two to three months ofinstagram post and it willautomatically post if there are enoughcomments about this techniquethere I will make you a detailed videoon how to create a page instagramcomments automated and how tostart selling dedications on instagramnow the second way tomake money on instagram isto resell instagram accountwholesale i.


you will*12and you will resell them for more is thedifference between the two prices and well thatwill be the profit you will make isthe reason why thismethod works very well is thatmost people do not know thevalue of an instagram page i.


there are people who will be readybefore their instagram page has learned to thesebins just because they don’t know the value is also there are peoplewho will be ready to buy aninstagram page at quite high prices because*12n’t know the value of an instagram page isalso to several people who want toget rid of their instagram pagesjust because it’s going to take b a lotof time to be able to manage everything suddenlythese people have most of the time theyare ready to sell their pages to sarahmay a relatively low price andrecently I saw in theyoutube video american hours that he boughtan instagram range it was aniche page that was about carsthat magic ni that had five hundred*12niche page there three miles away and heresold the page a chaotic dollar to 1rich arabs in saudi arabia and thisArab there he wanted to buy thisinstagram page just because he was looking foran instagram page where he could showhis different cars so you see ina single resale this guy there hemade thirty-five thousand dollars to tell youthat this it’s a big market there are alot of people who don’t realize the value of aninstagram page suddenly you can*12method there but obviously forthis method which will have b they need alot more knowledgeabout instagram blades so you’re goingto train a lot to be able todistinguish good instagram pagesfrom badinstagram pages and know which one has verygood potential is there it’s justa waste of time and also in thismethod when you are going to buy theinstagram pages you are not going to resell themautomatically that is to say that when*12maintain it for a good while that is tosay that you are going to grow fora good while and then you’re going toresell it so for example if youbought the instagram page at 10,000 subscribersyou’ll either grow it to 15,000 to20,000 or maybe 50 thousand andthen resell it to be able toresell it much more expensive and as Itell you to a lot of software thatallows you to automate so you are not going to postyourself every day tosoftware that can do it for you*12careful with this method the callas alot of scams on instagramso to avoid being scammedwhen you make all thetransactions I advise you todo them with a park with paypal you have thepossibility of sending or receivingpayments and his payments there will besecure so what to say that if aperson tries to tarnac and you canblock the payment and you canwithdraw without problem now thethird and last technique of*12a bit a combination of the twoprevious ones that is to say that you are going tocreate an instagram break a niche pageyou are going to make it grow and thenwhen you reach a certainlevel you are going to sell the page you seeso this technique washespersonally it is my favorite becauseall you have to do iscreate an instagram range in a nichesuch as sports or travelor food is thenut use automation software*12publications of your posts, even the likes, takeover our comments, all of this youcan automate with your softwareand then when the noise reaches acertain number of subscribers and then youwill resell it and you will make aprofit most of the time you won’t even have to goget the customers of thecontact people at ronces and instagram toask you to buy tapage but ifpeople don’t contact you directlyyou can always publish tapageon sites such as that it is a thirst and its*12I would still send the links in thedescription on these sites there you will be able topost uproar and you will be able to put theprice and people will contact youif they are interested in buyinginstagram uproar so there it was threeways to make money with yourinstagram buddydon’t hesitate to tell me in thecomments which techniquesyou have well imée and also if youwant me to makemore detailed videos on some of these*12in the comments and I’ll try tomake these videos, don’t forget tolet go of your big blue thumbs up and seeyou at the next video atthe episode[Music]

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