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so today i’m going to give youthree sites and businesses inwhich you can earn a lot alot a lot of moneyif you are interested increating your own business you aresurely aware that there are a lotof opportunities in right now somaybe right now you havesome business ideas or you’ve already watched several videos likethis but the problem withmany businesses is that they do*12you want to make a lotof money so today3d data of business in which you will earn alot of money these are businessesthat are not difficult to setup so you can start ityourself or with a team if you want toshare the earnings is located like methat you don’t like to share the profitsand of course the world and you will start it onyour own and keep all the moneyfor yourself one last c hose beforeit starts if you are not subscribed to the*12know that when you are waiting there I alreadyhave a big blue thumb because on thischannel we love blue thumbs andnow we can start the video thefirst business idea on ourlist will be computer maintenancewith all the peoplewho use technology thesedays cell phonescomputers and well all these peoplethere they very often have problemswith their device so it’s wherecomputer maintenance comes to play a*12business that you can start onyour own at the beginning and graduallyif you want you can hirepeople to work with you foryour d1 obviously if you have employeesyou have less profit but you grumble theadvantage of being able to serve manymore customers there are surely peoplewatching this video who have theskills these to do computer maintenancebut they surely do notrealize that when yourcomputer has a problem with the person*12to solve problems with yourmobile phone is located like meyou are surely the person we callwhen there is a problem with adevice at home you see so there aresurely computer maintenance skillsthat you have at themoment so do not neglect them andfor other skills that you do not wouldn’tyou have you can always train on the interneton youtube I always say that youtubeis the school of life right now onyoutube*12everything and anything for example mewhat I do every timesomeone asks me ibrahim jean problemswith my computer or ibrahim jeanproblems with straw you see even ifI know very well that I don’t know how tosolve this problemtell the person ok I know howdo it you see and before the personrealizes me i have already hadtime to go on youtube and dothe research to find out how tofix this problem now there are a*12that you can learn how to fix ityourself just by watching videoson youtube there are problems withmobile phones that you canlearn to fix on you tube yourselffor example how to change the screen of amobile phone you see that without worrywhich is very recurrentmobile phone screens that settle it isa concern that is very recurrent and tomany people who thinkit is difficult but on youtube there are alot of videos on all*12the screen of an iphone the camps of asamsung to videos on all this so you goto his computer maintenance skillsyou can learn themon youtube and you can create amaintenance business computing andyou can make a lot of moneybusiness idea number 2 it’sapplication developmentsurely when you hearapplication development it’s going to be scary you’re going tothink it’s difficult stuffbut don’t don’t worry about the development*12can take it with free resourceson the internet on youtube you canalso buy courses andtraining which are not very expensiveonline but if you really haveno money to spend on the courses thetrainings there is youtube and everything isfree on youtube and nowadays thedevelopment of applications is ahuge business opportunity andwhy because every day there areentrepreneurs there are people whohave business ideas applications but they*12they don’t have the skills todo so and so you will have the opportunityto train yourself and offer their developmentservices development of applications for thisperson and his entrepreneurs andyou will be able to find clients onfreelancer sites like pfizerI made a video over five hours toexplain a little whatfreelancing is you can go see thisvideo there so it’s a hugeopportunity and the developmentof applications frankly there is a*12speak to you knowinglylately there is an application thatI wanted to develop personallyfor one of my projects is the minimumfreelancers offered me$1000 to develop my application for youand frankly it was nota very complicated application but heasked me $1000 for thisapplication athousand dollars at around 500 million 600thousand CFA francs is that enough for onesimple application only so say*12applicationdevelopment web development all that you willdo a lotincredibly money soit’s a business idea not to beoverlooked these days and if in additionto havingapplication development skills you are a guy who iscreative and there are very good ideasyou can even develop your ownapplications is to make moneywith I take a banal example of amobile application that we have all*12don’t have we will do bieber there know that Idon’t know where you live your flash rebirth isan application that made the buzz in Ibelieve 2014 or 2015 it was a simplemobile game but this game there it was veryaddictive you see that is to say thatwhen you start playing it youcan’t stop at the time it was ayoung student who developed thisapplication and I don’t really rememberhow much money theymade but I will surely put itin school but he*12application that developed him all t alonein his room but it’s to tell youthe power of the internet uva this gala henever knows said that i’m going to developan application gel published i like tomake millions of dollars he justdid it when he had fun he developed anapplication that he liked hesaid to himself maybe there are otherpeople who will like it and hemade a lot of money hemade millions of dollars with it so it’spossible -be an option to consider for*12application development and you are creativeand you have application ideasyourself you can make a lotof money with the third idea ofss maintenance andss maintenance andsocial network management and believe me it’s oneof the biggest right now becausesocial networks have reached a pointwhere everyone sees themarketing importance of networks you see it’s notjust particles is like you and mewho are on the social networks of*12social networks and most of thetime this business where they don’t have thetime or they don’t have reliable peopleto whom they entrust theirsocial networks you see because it’s not easyit’s not it’s not easy to know how tomanage social networks how tomaintain an instagram page how tomaintain a facebook page togrow an audience it’s noteasy to have your skills there yousee so there are a lot of peopleand businesses that are involved looking*12social networks you are going andagain it’s a skill that you canlearn on the internet you can learnthis skill on youtubeyou are going and you are going to make a lotof money know that to you all this youare competent you could manage dozensand twenty social networks ofpeople you see and when twentyobviously you will surely have ateam you will not be able to manage 20social networks you alone but it is torealize the opportunity that it is*12I take an example surely forexample I have almost forty thousandsubscribers on youtube and know that Ireceive hundreds and hundreds ofmessages on social networks and Ican’t answer everyoneand several people who feelbad because I can’t answer themyou see and it’s not my fault yousee I can’t me aloneanswer all messages publishvideos on youtube publish contenton instagram publish content on*12my own so I work very hardto be able to delegate this task tosomeone who will manage mysocial networks you see and frankly believe meit’s not easy to trustthe first comer and to entrustmy social networks directly to them sothat’s why it takes time onmy side to be able to entrust mysocial networks to a person youtrust, especially to tell you thatit’s a big opportunity, even asmall youtuber like me needs*12in knowing that all the companiesand small businesses that are startingtoday they also needsomeone to manage theirsocial networks and this person there itmight be you you never know thatfrankly I just gaveaway three business ideas for freesuva to make a lot ofmoney suddenly to thank me n’ don’t hesitatefrom the bedroom to the thumb blah the videodrops a very very nice commentdown there and don’t hesitate from your good and if*12notification bell to support me and tobe the first informed when there will bea next video and we say see younext Friday for the nextvideo at the ear of sand[Music]we go back up

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