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in this video i will show youhow to earn paypal money byjust watching youtube videos thisis a new strategy to earn30 dollars a day for free sohow to do it well we areabout to find out and a number 1you go to youtube and youpick a video step number 2make sure you watch at least 30seconds of the video andstep three earn you money it’sthat simple now here is exactly*12if you watch only oneyoutube video you can earn 3 dollarswhen you watch youtube videosyou earn 30 dollars and when youwatch 5 videos a day you canearn 150 dollars and guess what youcan just repeat that as muchas you want it and keepmaking money and it’s 100%legit and free allyou need is just a smartphoneor computer to co start goto Youtube and you will see the best*12sport i film news exeterashow on the left panelin the games category there areliterally millions ofpeople watching his videos on YouTube and donot know how he could make alot of moneybut i will show you the secret andespecially watch this video until theend because i have reserved a surprisefor you for the end so i don’twant you to rat this out at allnow i will give you the*12you to focus on the video games categoriesof course use other videosthat suit you better but for thistutorial we are going to usegaming videos and especially streaming videosso to start you are going to chooseone video that gets a lot of views andyou will copy the link next sothat we can turn hisYouTube videos into money we haveLet’s go to the second websiteon this website you have the optionto shorten the links and*12n’t worry i’m going to makeit easy for you it’s actually a lot easier thanyou think so the concept here isreally simple you have to register forfree on 7:06 and from thereyou have to shorten different linksof different youtube videosi’ll show you exactly howto do it in a moment and you canearn money every timeyou shortcut is a linknow returning to the 7:06 site.

Just to reassure you that it*12the payment proofs by clicking onthis link in the menuyou will see on this page that severalpeople all over the worldreceive payments from this site every dayso you will receive as manynow come back on the menu andclick on the registration button andthe form below you just haveto fill in a username orpseudonym put your email address andof course provide a passwordthen I have 7 boxes and click on*12account will be created and you will receive anemailnow you can log in andstart earning money whenyou go to log in you will see thislittle form you just have topaste the link of the video that youcopied in this little boxthis site will automatically help youconvert and shorten the longyoutube link to a brand new single linknow every time peopleclick on that link you will*12that is exactly howpeople fail to earn a lotof money on this site every dayonce you earn moneyyou can cash out your winnings toyour paypal account or money money andso on there are somany different payment optionsnow youtube income and repeatthe same process with otherdifferent videos plus your copyyoutube videos and shorten and linksthe more money you make*12just copy the link andshorten it with 7:06.

Com now let’s moveon to the last step which isto share your link that ireserved for you will spend a lot you spenttype you so stay focused friends iwant you to go to steamcommunity.

This is agames platform where a lot of people are discussingdifferent strategies to playdifferent games right now on theleft hand game there are so manydifferent discussions going on you*12talking about this game ISO holdsmillions and millions of views everyday so this is going to be your biggestopportunity to captureSeptember using 7:06.

Com and make a lotof money with his YouTube videosnow what you can dois register for free onsteam community.

Com andpost about kid or any othertrending game and share yourshortened link in that community andfrom there you are going to get*12many peoplethey will see your link click on it andyou will watch the video and for everyclick you will earn money andfrom just one video you canmake hundreds of dollars for thoseof you still watching the videoi can give you a special bitthat will help you earn 3 timesmore money compared to otherpeople this is a special forumwhere you could find differentpeople to chat about*12your link on this forum and getmore clicks you can also shareyour link in severalFacebook groups or telegramremember what I told youdon’t just choose gaming videosbecause if everyone makes thesame choices it will has be difficultto get a lot of click toearn money so you canchoose funny videos tutorialsor tips and you will shareyour reads a shortcut in*12where the super bonus comes in i havefound for you several websitesforum facebook group and telegram thatwill help you share your linkthis way you can chooseseveral empty categories and youwill have several ways to shareyour link you candownload this file for free by clicking onthe second link in the description ofthis video enjoy it and makemaximum profit and by the waytell me how much money you*12description this way I will behow much you are motivated and ambitiousand that brings us to the end of the videobefore you go subscribe to thischannel turn on the notificationbell like the video share ger with your friends andfamily and then on the corner ofyour screen to find me in thenext video

Alain Xavier

Alain Xavier est un marketeur Internet passionné au grand cœur qui recherche toujours des solutions innovantes pour aider ses semblables. Par ce que selon lui, le partage est la seule chose qui donne un VRAI sens à la vie.

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