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wait if you are here it isbecause you want to make moneyonline quickly stay well because I am goingto offer you an exceptional tipto ensure you acomfortable additional incomeimagine what you would do with afew hundred euros in more thanevery month you are surely tiredof ending the month with an empty walletand you are fed up with people stealingyour money for things that are not veryinteresting*12yourself and your loved ones more oftenin short you would like to be more freein the expenses you do youare in the right place in this tutorial Iwill explain to you dad how toquickly earn 80 euros and then almost300 euros each monthdo not leave and stay well until theend of the videoall you have to do isclick on the first link in thedescription right now and followthe video step by step to validate your*12don’t worry.

as there is nocatch in fact i benefited from secondplan and it ishuge suddenly i am just sharing itwith you today but maybeyou are asking the following questionwhy banks such money fora registrationvery good question and well in facta customer can bring them a lotin the medium term so ratherthan spending it all on marketing budget andexpensive advertising some banks*12smart welcome bonus not by cons due to theeconomic crisis and the current contextthis offer could soon disappeardefinitivelyso a piece of advice don’t delay it willsurely not lastdon’t let a goodplan slip through your fingers again tostart click in the first linkin the descriptionafter clicking on the link in thedescription you arrive on this pageand therefore you can open a*12have two possibilities to open anindividual account or a joint account so Iadvise you to open anindividual account if you are two byopening individual accounts you willthus be able to benefit from anadditional sponsorship bonus youfill in your dataand you validateyou arrive therefore on this page so ifyou go back you will see that this isthe information you entered onthe page just before you still have to*12make sure you complete eachstep carefully so that youraccount opening is effective otherwiseyou will not be able to receiveyour bonus of 80 eurosso you put your situationyou follow so there youchoose what concerns youthen know that you haveno obligation to declare a certainfigure to be able to open an accountit is just to knowwhich offer will be the most suitable so we*12s situation but obviously youchoose the situation thatconcerns you you choose thesocio-professional category that concerns youfor example here then you arefree to choose you can do yesI am thinking about it or not I am still thinking wewant to make a name I am still thinkingno I thought again we validate sothere he will specify the different offersthat are available for you so Iadvise you to take the free offerno I am not interested for that*12so you have a small summarythat summarizes all theinformation you have filled in you do Ivalidateand therefore you will proceed to theelectronic signature of your contractyou do I receive – sms and I goto the next step so you willreceive the summit on the number youhave filled in on the first page thatappears hereso you have the contract with thesongs completed concerning your different the*12is automatically minister youcan notice here that youalso have the card corresponding tothe offer you selectedso if you want another offer youcan you can go backto change your offer is therefore youtick here you will therefore check onyour telephone number the code thatyou have received and you click on Isignnow all you have to do issend the supporting documents*12your accountso you can do here I consultthe listso here is what we propose proofof identity so you simply senda front and back of your identity cardyou have other possibilities cartevitale passport note that the cartevitale is in the event that you donot have the others at your disposal aproof of residence, therefore atax notice or a telephonebill a mobile bill internet bill*12proof of incometherefore tax notices a rib,that is to say the rib of thecurrent bank or of a bank that youuse to be able to in fact activateyour account opening and then asignature handwritten you will do iton a white sheet and you willtransmit it once it is good yougo back here and you click on closeand I transmit my supporting documentsnowso you have the various*12provide what it must by clicking andhave selected a photo that youmay have previously savedor that you can do whenyou registerso for example you can enter youridentity papers so onceyou have inserted the front and backcan click here so you see thatit’s validated and you go to the next oneso now for your secondproof of identity you can byexample give your carte vitale whose*12once it’s done you click hereso you see it’s validated you goto the nextonce all your documents arevalidated so everything puts glass andyou click here on send myfile when you have finished yourregistration so you arrive on thispage and you just have to waituntil your file is validated sothey will ask you to makea small transfer to activate youraccount so not of panic could*12in the hours and in the days tocomeyour welcome bonus on yourboursorama account which you cantransfer suddenly to the bank account youuse and here you have your 80 eurosso as a reminder click below in thedescription to start yourregistrationnow the video tape ifyou liked it and if you want me todo another tutorial to win quicklyt money*12comment see you soon

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