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earning money on the internet autopia for some a veryconcrete reality for others thousands ofpeople are looking for this every monthon youtube and yet very fewpeople know the way that Iam going to explain to you today is surethat in 2021 2022 and but after thinkingthat it is not possible to have grainsof money on the internet in my truthit is still very very good and atthe present time when one is employedone wants to earn a little more money*12his family it is not necessarilyeasy because we have a limited number of hoursper day as employeesexchange their time for moneyafter it’s difficult for a while it’salso difficult to move up thehierarchy and so many peoplewill try to set up anactivity to have additionalincomethere are plenty of things to do as youcan see on youtube we talk alot elements but very s little of*12is that you have alreadypromoted a product or service to someonein your family a friend or youroffice colleagues at I leave you a few secondsto think you hope you’re going to sayno I don’t really see what you’ve everrecommended a restaurant a movie at thecinema a store a product on theinternet there’s a good chance thatyes is what I’m inviting you to do c isto comment it to me whenwas the last time yourecommended a product or service to*12to do if you really want to improve yourlife your daily life subscribed to theyoutube channel like that you will receivevideos every week so for thatput the little modification on the belland every week the videos that willallow me to deepen yourknowledge to see newthings and that’s the key to improving yourlife whether on the financial side andeven from a personal point of view theknowledge never really to do thatright now let’s get back to our sheep has*12products services and someone it’smandatory you won’t commentyou should know that normally you don’t havewas paid for his shame saidmaybe a thank you and still it’snot even sure but otherwise youdidn’t you didn’t give any money we type saidhey there’s not that your claudette yourecommended him a physio whohurt his hip a little you their commandertilted that you knew tazawon’t know begin to go out weary oftickets from 10 to 15,500 euros because*12evening of okay, whereas in fact theconcept of bizeneuille that I am explaining to youtoday is exactly that, that is tosay that in fact you are going to promoteproducts and services on the internet viadifferent methods that I explainedin a few moments and acounterpart of that you touch you have commissionswhen people buy them and thepower of the thing is that ofcourse, unlike the salaryonce you have made your content solet’s take the example of a video on*12video in one year in two years inthree years in four years in five yearsand will still be there and therefore my remarksin 5 years will still be availableon the video but me the video after 10minutes to do we reduce work forfive years potentially by gains thereit’s the same in fact on the businessmodel of affiliation marketing whatis it that I am explaining to you todaythe filiation marketing the filiationis quite simply word ofmouth remunerated nothing simpler*12means of war money but thebusiness even if 1 1 which fascinatesit is this one because there are plenty ofmethod well I really invite you tokeep until the end of the videobecause i will make you u n small gift that willreally help to understand that it isvery very simple to earncommissions and fia this marketingis a business model that is withineveryone’s reach attentionall determined people invited tocome back in a few instants there are plenty*12of products etc how does it happen you aregoing to choose a product a niche will saywhen what we call a niche is aset of products that pays let’s imagineyou are you in high-tech likes high-tech products and you want topromote products like forexample this little mouse a bit at81.

3 that these four years I willcomment how it’s worth but Ithink it’s at less than 95 fans he’s a fan of the style and of the ipad andthe ipod ok you’re going to make videos*12articles take photos you canmake short videos on on titeuf which hasno way to prom o and you’re going togive your opinion for example and you’re going tosay here if you’re interested I’veput the link 12 buy them in thedescription the person who will clickon the link will be sent to aspecific page because obviously I call fnacamazon but only a specific code thatbelongs to you because we registeredon a site to have this famous code that’s thesame it’s very simple I’ll*12fnac affiliation if you do not believe youwill go and see and you register on thefiliation of fnac that you will receiveabout 10% commissions after soyou will choose your product you will have acode which will be specific therefore aspecific url link that you will putcontent so there let’s imagine touch 10%or 80 euros 6.

2 you want to make a greatcat video and with the mouse Iwanted to buy it you convinced me I clickon it I landed on the page of thefnac which is coded for you the person*12touch he following the sale except that thevideo you did it once butpotentially you can sell viavideo for 5 years 10 years so theproduct available and that’s what ishuge because it took anhour against the video let’s imagine you sell50 mice over a year one per week whichaffects 4,100 to 400 euros by a hordeof taf a you will put in order and thusreceive more than 400 euros per hourput that in 99 99% it will be long soit’s still very powerful there you*12who it’s good it’s not that they fellto pato the youtube channel which will still go and seea package of kisses we call300 videos on the youtube channel and we’vehelped thousands of people so you’ll go see it directly but you tell meyeah but if it’s that easywhy everyone doesn’t doit that’s a very good point I’lltell you is here best solution isto go outside, go see outside a littlebit the type of population ation we have infrance ah i’m going to be a bit mean*12it is that a time passes and it’s a nestit’s a puppet there aren’t even anytranslations what’s the point ‘in factmost people already don’t believe inthe existence ofextraterrestrials but of the possibilityof making money on them intact Ihad a part of the population that I don’t understand that’ he says it’s not possible toearn money 200 heads and I’msure people who watched this videotell you it’s not possible so they’llnever do it for fear of the unknown*12in the end their life is quitecomfortable and who are not going to break theirass simply putting something in placeand therefore in the end people whoare really motivated on their clio iiimuc it’s everyone can do itbut we don’t fall for it will not go bankruptis determined not that but that it dependson you you did not depend on me me Iam p enough of the massive action at stakeno problem I can understandthat you are a little reluctant externallydespite the ease of this business and that’s*12something for you all this video I tell you I made anexample with therefore a methodof affiliation which the simplest in theworld even a 4 year old child isable everyone even thebasic dapper is able to do it you just have towant to do it which is verydifferent from agree but caneveryone from paul because it is a method away to make filiation thesimplest I offer it to you adjusts toregister studies receives directly bymail kate and spams to chaos but it is*12see for yourself that the filiation thereare methods which are ultrasimple others which are obviously morecomplex depending on the resultsyou want to obtain but touched a fewtens of hundreds of euros incommissions c is within everyone’sreach e you just have to bedetermined take action so already you gosee them the link that has under the video youhope you subscribe to the jam channel isa comment and it will already be not badfor this video count on you go to*12happen and it will not be surprisingnow you know what to do wefind ourselves in a video lease is notthese reactions damn it

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